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Day 12/30 - Lessons


I’ve always believed that there was no such thing as failing, so I would continuously try over and over again. I’ve always felt that winning in different ways was the challenge, but was it really? 551 more words


Bipolar Life- Armies Marched In

On May 11, 2018, I shared an incredibly difficult and blessed moment on here (Journal #8). I had taken my granddaughter on vacation, and as we were at the airport to return home and with one phone call, life changed. 400 more words

Bipolar Life

Bipolar Life-Peace and Bipolar Disorder

I feel it, the flowing tranquility of peace. It washes
over every part of me like a fresh rain. This internal mechanism amazes me.
This world is still handing me a lashing, but here I sit, peaceful. 468 more words

Bipolar Life


she wanted to make a name for herself

so she decided to go to college

“i’ll learn how to do something” she said

she couldn’t pay… 140 more words


you start off with

a deafening shriek

pink, milky skin

excitement? in your mother’s tearful eyes

You’re small, minuscule, but

Powerful– if you were to leave, … 481 more words

Bipolar Life- The Journal #35

<unedited, authentic>

Today is July 13, 2019. I celebrated a birthday on Monday of this week. I had no feelings either way about gaining another year. 507 more words

Bipolar Life

Champion’s Choice*

It’s Leg Day at Personal Training. Here’s my leg press:

Haven’t done the Leg Press for a while but do a warm-up set on a light weight and then four sets of 100kg. 130 more words