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Death In The Clouds*

Waiting at Luton airport for our flight ✈️.

I can’t remember whether or not I mentioned that I’ve joined the Persia Lawson Get Your Soulmate… 68 more words

Writing is your safe place

Whenever you feel suppressed or controlled by the world, writing is your safe place. The art of putting feelings into words is a talent in itself. 129 more words

Rough Days Are OK.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to jump on here and write a quick post because I’m having a rough day today. I woke up feeling pretty good. 223 more words

Darker Than The Deepest Sea*

Go to bed last night at 8.30pm and sleep all the way through to 8.15am this morning which is good.

Give Fluffball his second breakfast and a cuddle. 105 more words

Winter Games*

Watch Roger pulverise Novak 6 – 2, 6 – 3 last night. Won’t be surprised if Novak is injured: he clutches his elbow at one point. 283 more words

A Whisker In The Dark*

Wake up at 4.50am and watch Domi and Novak’s match from last night which is a tight three set thriller containing two tiebreaks which Domi wins. 203 more words

A Darkness More Than Night*

Sleep all the way through till 6.30am this morning, probably because I stay up late last night, watching Rafa losing his match.

Walk Dolly and kiss and cuddle her. 102 more words