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Bipolar Life-Living Bipolar

You never expect to be a jumper. One day you wake up and have lost your sense of feeling up or down. But what you don’t know is there is a reason. 355 more words

Bipolar Life

The Poison Bed *

Wake up at 7.18am and do a card pull from my Morgan-Greer deck:

The Queen 👸 of Pentacles is a positive card of warm-heartedness, creativity, nurturing, wealth, comfort and intelligence. 115 more words

Emerging Blogger Series - Mental Health @ Home (Part 2)

I had the recent pleasure of being featured on the emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home. I talk about manic psychosis and my own experiences with it. 168 more words

Murders in the Zoo*

Have a lovely long sleep and wake up at 6.30am.

We have a fantastic breakfast and then I do weights in the gym:

We visit the Zoo. 134 more words

Bipolar Life- The Journal #47

I started attending a mental health support group a few weeks ago. What a breath of fresh air. I was apprehensive about participating, given past experiences. 347 more words

Bipolar Life

The Words I Never Wrote*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at 3am as usual as went to bed last night at about 7.30am. Am awake for an hour but then fall back asleep from 4am to 6am, which is good.
  2. 426 more words

Anxiety And The Dentist

If you read my blog regularly, then you already know about my fear of the dentist and the horrible shape my teeth are in from battling years of depression where I simply could not even get the energy to brush them. 1,084 more words