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Living with Bipolar

When the storm comes, it’s devastating. But storms don’t last forever – sometimes the sun shines so bright, it’s blinding. Whether rain or shine, reality ceases to exist. 751 more words

Depressed And Well-Dressed ~ #2


Going from what I discussed with you last time I had the
idea that what I would like to be the outcome of writing Depressed And Well… 1,071 more words


Tigger, Eeyore, and Bipolar Disorder

I love this because it’s so true.

I have type 2 bipolar disorder with rapid cycling and mixed features. Due to the rapid cycling and, when I was first diagnosed, the raging teenage hormones that already make a teen moody, I could spend an hour in a manic state then go into a depressive one. 83 more words


I’d just like to start this off by saying this post talks about my religious beliefs and I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable. I would also like to make sure you’re aware that I won’t judge anyone for their beliefs, whether you’re Buddhist, Muslim, any form of atheism, and so on, because no matter what you’re still a person and entitled to your own belief system. 458 more words

Roles within the relationship

I wish I had known…

…that toilets are not self-cleaning.

When growing up the toilet was always clean. And then I picked it up as a chore when I got older. 269 more words

The Body In The Birches*

At the flat. Walk to and from the gym as well as lifting weights for an hour. Here I am at the gym:

Have discovered that “shortness of breath” is a side effect of one of my cancer drugs so have stopped worrying about it and decided to start walking again. 100 more words

Apollo 11*

It’s The Princess’s class at Spin and it’s Twenty Seven Intervals. Work hard. Here I am with The Boss:

See Dr Stein my psychiatrist and it’s good to see him but the panther is Still Here – lying at my feet in the consulting room. 112 more words