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I Am a Raw Nerve

And that’s why I don’t interact with anyone, even those with the best intentions.

It’s quite frustrating, fighting the manic urge to reach out and communicate, because the results are sure to either disappoint or enrage. 70 more words


The writer indulges in writing activity


What happens when you are wrongly diagnosed as bipolar or whatever: and what it means, if anything…

Bad Therapy

Have you ever been the patient of a really bad psychotherapist? 2,243 more words

Oran Ryan

I get it 

And that’s the thing about depression that you don’t realize till you get out of it. You become a selfish version of yourself. The focus no longer is as broad as it used to be when your days were bright and happy. 440 more words

Ten Things I Want to Share About My Invisible Illness

  1. I am one of many. Nearly 1 in 2 Americans has some sort of chronic condition, and about 1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.   
  2. 705 more words
Personal Essay

Brain Fog

Brain fog—it waxes and wanes, always lurking, drowning my brain in darkness. It is stultifying. White wisps of thought drift by, vanishing as I reach out to catch them, teasing me with an echo of what might be, ghosts gliding through the ether. 28 more words


How My 7-year-old Stops Me From Suicide

Over the last few months, my 7-year-old daughter has been asking a lot of questions about death, dying, the soul, and heaven.  The trigger was the opening scene in the movie UP, where Mr. 761 more words

Personal Essay

How to Create a Comprehensive Safety Plan

If you have ever been suicidal or had thoughts of self harm, you should have a Safety Plan.  Simply put, a Safety Plan is a personalized document designed to help you remain safe despite thoughts of self harm.   345 more words