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'Madness' (A Reread) - Part One (II of IV)

This portion contains details on Marya’s eating disorder and may be triggering.

Madness: A Bipolar Life by Marya Hornbacher

Part One

(3) Depression – 1981… 854 more words


'Madness' (A Reread) - Part One (I of IV)

This book is divided into parts. I am going to try to finish part one in 4 posts, but that may change. All quotes are by Marya Hornbacher. 844 more words


Article: A Letter to my Depressed Self

My blog post ‘A Letter to my Depressed Self’ was published. You can read it here.


Reading Sari Solden's 'Women with ADD', and a Comorbid Bipolar/ADHD Diagnosis

The preface of this book included a “Pocket Guide to ADHD”, which has a lot of useful information about the disease. All quoted material is written by Sari Solden. 1,141 more words


SSRI's and Anti-Depressants

A lot of people take SSRI’s and see significant results from them, but for some reason they’ve never helped me. Meds that act on serotonin don’t seem to have much affect on me, if any. 612 more words


'Madness' (A Reread) - Prologue

NOTE: This chapter discusses cutting and suicide. Trigger warning.

Madness: A Bipolar Life

Prologue: The Cut November 5, 1994

“During manic episodes or mixed episodes – which are episodes where both the despair of depression and the insane agitation and impulsivity of mania are present at the same time, resulting in a state of rabid, uncontrollable energy coupled with racing, horrible thoughts – people are sometimes led to kill themselves just to still the thoughts.

573 more words

Bipolar Disorder and the Need for Speed

When you are manic, it can feel like you are moving too fast. That can manifest through thoughts and actions as there are several aspects of bipolar disorder that involve moving at an accelerated pace – in particular racing thoughts, restlessness, hyperactive behavior and pressured speech. 902 more words