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I Haven’t Been The Same.

Since the incident with my computer, I haven’t been the same.

I was doing fine before this fiasco.

Because of it, I renewed ties with an old companion from way back then called Anxiety. 486 more words


Side Effects That Affect Others

The majority of people do not like to take medicine, especially drugs that are prescribed. Their reluctance is understandable as most drugs are poisonous to our organs and the side effects are strong and intolerable. 452 more words


To be more egoistic

I’ve been told again and again that I should “be more egoistic” and think of myself more. But the more I think about it, the more I realize I have no idea what to do with that piece of advice. 588 more words


The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everybody!

I hope that all is well and may the Sun be shinning within your hearts.

Anita from, Discovering Your Happiness, has kindly nominated me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. 518 more words


The Pivotal Hours

It’s about 6:30 pm. The twilight is near its end, leading the path for darkness to set in.

The night hasn’t started yet, but the darkness has engaged the first signs of anxiety. 370 more words



I had one of the most tormented night that I can remember. No matter what I attempted to do and stop the nightmare didn’t work. I tried everything:  getting out of bed to change my t-shirt which was soaked, had a glass of water, looked at my blog to try to shift my mind to something positive, nothing worked. 179 more words


Bipolar: The Insult.

I was shocked when I heard from my youngest boy that bipolar was used, in school, as an insult which was confirmed by the eldest. 548 more words