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Purple Emperor

I wrote this a while ago…

– The higher you fly, the further you have to fall.

It’s me. But it’s mania.
It’s mania like a grotesque, 62 more words


I Am A Writer: An Essay

I have never in my life written a novel.

Oh, I’ve tried. I’ve just never finished one. At least, never finished anything that was good… 729 more words


Dappled III: Bonfire

My father set up the logs and kindling in the night.
He left us in the day and told me I would be in charge. 146 more words


Never Normal

What I would give to remember the sudden Warmth,
Arms embracing you in the loud silence of Night,
High tensions Gone going from clamor to quite calm, 199 more words


Mental Disorders And Their Misuses

At one point or another, we’ve probably all said something along the lines of, “I’m so OCD,” or “I can’t handle my anxiety right now,” or anything similar. 534 more words


Amsterdam in Fiction Film

The second lecture of our course discussed the presentation of Amsterdam within a selection of fiction film productions. The lecture mentioned a bipolarity of  the city, by that meaning the meeting point of the horror and reality factor. 386 more words