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I’ve written bipolar book recommendation posts (another one is on the way), but I think I’m going to start doing book reviews as well. I probably won’t start until after my class is over but it’s something I’m definitely interested in adding to the site. 171 more words


Is it Bipolar Disorder or ADHD?

Sometimes the answer to that question is “both”. I have both. Differentiating between the two can be difficult, what with overlapping symptoms and behavioral similarities. It is necessary to distinguish between bipolar disorder and ADHD so that the correct illness can be treated effectively, as the medication for ADHD could trigger an episode of mania if bipolar disorder is present instead of or in addition to ADHD. 1,011 more words


Conversation Peace

I have trouble speaking.

I have to plan what I want to say ahead of time, otherwise my mind scatters in a million directions and I am frozen in place. 708 more words


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Sharing my post from accepting adhd here just in case someone else has a similar struggle with speaking and formulating thoughts in formal settings.

The Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can look different in everyone, regardless of age. An earlier recognition of symptoms could also mean earlier diagnosis and treatment, which could reduce some the destructive impact of the disease.  1,343 more words



I feel mental illness is highly individual and can look different from person to person.

Do we think of the different ways that bipolar disorder may manifest in each individual, what that individual may seem like on the surface? 1,434 more words


Catastrophic Thinking

Catastrophic thinking, which Psychology Today defines as rumination about irrational, worst-case outcomes, has been a huge problem, on and off, throughout my life. It is mostly tied to my anxiety and depressive episodes. 605 more words



What are triggers?

Triggers are potential landmines that can cause flare-ups with regard to symptoms and episodes of bipolar disorder.

Why should you know your triggers? 504 more words