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Memoir Madness

So, I read The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher. It’s the diary of a 19-year-old Carrie Fisher written during the filming of the original Star Wars… 240 more words



I can type, bless both hands of ambidextrous are working!


We're All Mad Here

While my meds are working quite well for most aspects of my manic-depression (or is it depressed-mania?), they seem to have activated the shopping gene. I can’t help myself. 410 more words



“don’t mistake salt for sugar…”

Poetry kills me. Rupi Kaur kills me, her milk and honey ripped my soul apart and I stood staring at it for hours. 713 more words


Do you ever think about the words you use? To describe yourself? To describe others? Your life? Your job? Your views on the world?

Words hold immense creative power. 1,133 more words

Personal Development

Unfound - Me

​I want to live my life, not just survive,

I want to love with all my heart,

To be sound of my own mind,
I’d give anything to just feel happy, without guilt, … 60 more words

Just Keep Moving

A couple of years back I was told by a psychiatrist that I had a psychological disorder, specifically Bipolar Type II. It is a quirk of the mind which—and these are oversimplified explanations—drives an individual into either states of highly elevated energy levels even so far into lessening his need to sleep, yet on the flip side plunges the person into episodes of depression. 912 more words