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Handling Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a problem that I’ve recently developed and I must say it’s one of the worst. I feel like for all of my secondary school years I’ve always been cautious and anxious a lot, but I could’ve always kept it under control. 425 more words


Painters with Mental Ill Health - Part 6

Dora Carrington (1893-1932) – British painter who painted traditional works in spite of her Bohemian lifestyle. It is said that she had bipolar disorder and that she took her own life after a dear companion’s death. 103 more words


Bipolar Coaster

It was like one of those indescribable moments of my life today while I was talking to my friend. If there was a contest on which human being could act out all the emoticons on our emoji keypad in thirty minutes, I would’ve got that award at an instant. 361 more words

The Buzz

My young niece begged me never to die – or at least to live for a thousand years. I said I’d get rather crumbly. She does not know what she asks. 104 more words


Hypomania and the Perception of Time

I remember many years ago, preliminary studies were carried out of how our minds perceive time. They revealed that if one speeds up one’s mind, it slows down one’s perception of time. 377 more words


My Challenging Behaviour

Many thanks to Attupatteri for nominating me for the 3 days quotes challenge. Please do check out his blog – he has a real gift with words.   130 more words

My Story

Darkness, my friend.

What are dreams made of,
these flickers of the mind’s eye?

Summer Depressions
Have the stark-staring summer days
turned my laughter on its head, 23 more words

My Story