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Day 53: (wed 2/22) watercolor birch trees

That Peter Sheeler. Mine are always just a little OFF. I like it, though.

Wait till you see tomorrow’s. Messy, messy, messy.

Week #6: Oak Forest Trail

This week’s little adventure took us to Rainbow Route’s Oak Forest Trail on a sunny, but very windy, Sunday. This trail is located on Minnow Lake and there is an option from the trailhead to take the hilly Oak Forest route or to continue on a well-maintained path to downtown. 316 more words

Week #5: Voyageur Hiking/Cross Country Ski Trail

Another week, another trail! We stuck close to home again and explored the Voyageur Hiking and Cross-Country Ski Trail near Azilda. The Ontario Trails Council (OTC) website states this trail is part of the Rainbow Routes trail system, but it is actually run by the… 524 more words

After Hours Ski Trails

After a bitterly cold day on Friday things warmed up a bit so my wife and I drove over to the After Hours Ski Trails for a morning of cross country skiing. Conditions were outstanding.


Dawn Chorus

We had a lovely pink dawn this morning.

The tops of the birch trees made a pleasing silhouette.

A couple of collared doves exchanged their morning greetings.