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Eccentric Daisyland

It seemed a little odd to me that anybody going to a place called Daisyland would be concerned about keeping on schedule, but to be fair to the father in this, the train doesn’t reach its destination by the first day of Summer even though it leaves before the first day of Spring. 7 more words

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Northern Michigan Birch Trees in the Fall

Northern Michigan’s birch trees are fantastic anytime of the year but in the fall they explode in color. The white bark contrasted by the reds and yellows are beautiful to see and make wonderful images. 65 more words

Paul Christopher James

Birch Seeds and Birds

Birch seeds cover the snow this morning, speckling the white ground like freckles on sun-kissed skin.

The seeds have little wings and tails, stretching out like birds flying across the snow.   72 more words


summer mirage

summer mirage
dances on my screen
sweet paradise

* * * 15 more words


A Day Out In Canada

My foot caught on a loose piece of icy gravel and I half stumbled on the sleepers of the railway line.  As I regained my balance I looked ahead of me along the railway line to the long station like wooden building with the clock tower where the line passed through, and the group of people I had come to this place with on my day out.  848 more words


ever changing view

ever changing view
and this moment

the sky is partly blue
with birch trees in
the picture

and partly the color
of these same trees… 8 more words


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