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Wild Wednesday: Wiigwaas

Wild Wednesdays are dedicated to exciting nature sightings
and learning about my natural surroundings.

Today is Wild Wednesday, but I’m also suitably calling it… 663 more words


i see birch leaves

i see birch leaves –
almost full grown
in your forest –
too soon, too soon
i try not to grieve

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Latifa Prayer… 6 more words

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Connections: May 24

What is this woodland sprite

that’s come to live with me?

Did it hitchhike on the mulch?

How did it come to be?

It surprised my eye one morning… 12 more words


All Green

Heading for a hike in the forest again today. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


Regenerative effects of birch sap

In January I decided to go sugar-free for a couple of months. Surprisingly I found it quite fun because I ended up discovering all sorts of food and drinks that I normally wouldn’t have considered consuming. 491 more words


the secret

There is a long reach

of shadow beneath new birch

branches that sway like young

giraffes in the moist summer heat.

Mutualistic birds peck at pesky aphids… 38 more words


Back to my own roots (and a few others)

The Caledonian Forest is one of my favourite wild habitats. Now there remains only remnants of what was once a vast leafy jungle covering most of the Highlands. 297 more words