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A healthy start

So many people underestimate the importance of the first meal of the day. Breakfast is probably one of the most skipped meals and sometimes it seems that people are proud about missing breakfast. 338 more words

My Quick, Healthy & Delicious 2 Syns Bircher Muesli Breakfast - Slimming World Friendly Recipe

I once said in one of my YouTube videos that I am convinced eating porridge oats is my secret to maintaining my Slimming World target.  I am still confident of this (providing I don’t add full fat milk and many other unhealthy fats. 410 more words


MOOD FOOD: bircher muesli

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so they say, and particularly vital for those suffering mental health problems, disrupted sleep and energy slumps. 466 more words


Porridge with added deliciousness

Ever since going gluten free I have struggled with creating variety for my breakfast. I love porridge but it can get underwhelming so I add some delicious, wholesome ingredients to change it up and make it slightly more exciting. 97 more words

Chia Seeds

Bircher Muesli: the best morning experience

Review by Alina Isachenka

Anything made from ‘oats’ has become almost an iconic item.

Especially now when every decent-sized coffee shop serves the so-called flapjack… 426 more words


Bircher muesli

Breakfast seems to be a more ritualistic affair than lunch. People find what they like and stick to it with monogamistic regularity (on weekdays at least). 485 more words

Quick Ideas

Top of the World at Top Paddock

Top Paddock is what every cafe wishes it was. At least in my mind, it’s the epitome of all brunch places. Every single dish looks and tastes amazing, and to top it all off the coffee and atmosphere is great too. 305 more words