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Bircher-Style Granola with Berry-Cherry Compote

Before the brambles completely go, I thought I would slip this under the seasonal food wire. No sweet breakfast in autumn can be truly complete without something darkly juicy mixed in. 741 more words

Healthy Recipe

Paleo Porridge

Oats are supposed to be very good for us, so when I first learned of the Paleo diet I was sceptical about cutting them out of my diet. 557 more words

Showbox Coffee Brewers review - Manly

If you do a Google search for the best cafes in Manly it’s pretty likely you will come across this place. We popped in a few weeks ago for a quick coffee and that was when we knew we had to make the trip back to try out the breakfast offering. 470 more words


Blueberry bircher muesli

The Hungry Dad loves bircher muesli for breakfast but doesn’t love paying the $18 or so that fancy Sydney cafes charge for it. For years we’ve been making it at home and it is so cheap to make that I am shocked at how much it goes for at cafes. 370 more words

Fast & Simple


Home made Bircher muesli!

So incredibly easy and so on incredibly adaptable and tasty.

Why oh why do I only eat you at the hotel buffet! 24 more words

Bircher Muesli Recipe

I decided to give this recipe a try after watching Vivianna Does Makeup’s video. I changed it up a bit and use some mashed berries. 166 more words


Jonah’s – Whale Beach

Bianca: I want to pretend I’m one of those people drawn to the ocean, spending hours frolicking in the sea but realistically I’m lounging in the sand with a book, or even better, perched by a window, cocktail in hand at a beautiful restaurant. 651 more words

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