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"Pomegranate Muesli"

Anna: We are Bircher muesli converts. On a weekly basis, on a day of his choosing, Peter constructs his Bircher and the next morning, like a little surprise, there’s a bowl of oaty, chia-seedy goodness waiting for me to take to work. 82 more words


Getting Ready for Day 2: Vegan Week ...

How was Day 1? Hopefully you are feeling healthy and gearing to go for the rest of the week. Remember to drink plenty of liquids: herbal teas are a great way at keeping hydrated on blustery days when water is not high on your priority list (although it is a very important thing to drink, so drink that too!) 620 more words

Gluten Free

Tropical Overnight Oats

I’d much rather give up an extra hour of sleep than go without a nutritious and leisurely meal in the morning. Starting the day on the right foot demands a breakfast that won’t weigh me down but a meal that will get me through to lunch. 230 more words


Bircher Muesli

Breakfast.  They say it is the most important meal of the day.  Most of us stick to the same breakfast day in, day out because it suits our routine and we like it.   519 more words


Bircher Muesli - Anna Jones and Jamie Oliver

I quite like a cereal type, healthy breakfast. Porridge is good, muesli, bran flakes all get an airing. I also have a go at the 5:2 diet (see here). 404 more words


Bircher Muesli

I spent about 4 years working in a kitchen run by a couple of great Swiss-German chefs. It was an amazing experience, I was exposed to some of the greatest chefs in the country. 297 more words


Rhubarb rye bircher muesli

As the days get warmer we’re turning less to the sludge of hot porridge (oatmeal) on the stove and more to cooler and simpler breakfasts. Bircher muesli, which is soaked overnight, is a good way to save time in the mornings and make grains and seeds more digestible. 304 more words