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Rhubarb rye bircher muesli

As the days get warmer we’re turning less to the sludge of hot porridge (oatmeal) on the stove and more to cooler and simpler breakfasts. Bircher muesli, which is soaked overnight, is a good way to save time in the mornings and make grains and seeds more digestible. 304 more words


Bircher Muesli

Apple bircher muesli has become one of my favourite autumnal breakfasts; it’s filling, healthy and requires minimal effort – on the days when I’m not making pancakes or waffles, quick and easy breakfasts are my cup of tea. 160 more words


Best breakfast - Healthy Homemade Bircher Muesli

First and foremost – I love Bircher! Secondly, if you’re just interested in the recipe – please scroll down! I tend to babble.

Since I first tried Bircher muesli I knew this was the perfect breakfast for me. 646 more words


District Brewer

Location: 36 Brewer Road, Bentleigh

  • Food Rating: 8.5/10
  • Coffee Rating: 8.5/10
  • Service Rating: 9/10

Absolutely amazing brunch! I could not stop thinking about how good it was all day. 300 more words

Doing, eating and winning

Finally feeling like I’m getting through my to do list at work.
My homemade Bircher muesli. It was actually nice!
Winning Shithead four times in a row.

Recipe Friday: Homemade Bircher Muesli/Overnight Oats

We LOVE breakfast here at Fit Bliss HQ. But what we love even more, is not having to scramble (breakfast food pun intended) to make it before rushing out the door! 298 more words


Bircher Muesli Breakfast

I came across Anna Jones’ website a few months ago and finally got around to trying one of her delicious recipes, which was too yummy not to share with you all. 304 more words