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Bircher Muesli - Overnight Oats

My most recent obsession is overnight oats, I have been a regular granola eater for a long time and still always have my Homemade Granola… 330 more words

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Creamy Bircher Muesli

Vegan, easy to make & no food processor needed!

We had no apples in one day last week and I wanted to make Bircher muesli for the morning as I had an early gym class and wanted something quick to eat beforehand. 237 more words

Healthy Recipes

Delicious Bircher Muesli

This Bircher muesli is lovely and refreshing, and makes you feel like you’ve had a good start to the day! As with the Cacao Bircher muesli I make two portions at a time as my Mum loves it too, and you don’t really want to be using half an apple and banana at a time. 170 more words

Healthy Recipes

Cacao Bircher Muesli

This Bircher muesli is perfect for days when a quick breakfast is needed, as you prepare it the night before. I always make it to serve two (double the recipe), as you don’t really want to only be using half an apple and banana at a time and it can keep for three to five days in the fridge. 170 more words

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Quick & Easy Bircher Muesli

Super easy, super quick and super yummy breakfast idea, especially for those who are bored of porridges or who are not big fans of warm breakfasts! 494 more words


Homemade Bircher Muesli Recipe

I started making my own muesli a few months ago, and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

The idea conjures up an image of a wholesome, earth-mother type – quite intimidating when you’re a childless twenty-something who like vegan cupcakes a little too much! 1,035 more words

Overnight Bircher-style Muesli...

It’s me again with another recipe!  Today I wanted to share with you the Bircher-style Muesli recipe.  I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake so am looking at ways I can get the sweetness that I enjoy but without ladling on the refined, white, bleached table sugar we know and are addicted to! 183 more words