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Bircher muesli

I started having bircher muesli for breakfast a couple of years ago, and since then it’s become my go-to breakfast of choice. It’s fresh, makes an aggressive start at tackling your 5-a-day, and keeps you going for a whole lot longer than your average bowl of cereal. 152 more words


Di's Bircher-style muesli

Di’s Bircher-style muesli


Serves 4 or more

A great way to eat your oats for breakfast!

This is not your original Maximilian Bircher-Benner type of muesli but it is the preferred variety at our place. 208 more words

The Porridge Diaries ~ A girl who religiously eats smoothie bowls for breakfast ventures into the mysterious world of Oats.

It all started with a churn in my stomach and feelings of exhilaration taking over my body. My chest felt a strange rush and soon my head began to feel like it was being compressed. 2,110 more words


Bircher Müesli

You may have heard of overnight oats before, maybe even tried them.  But have you ever heard of Bircher müesli? I certainly hadn’t.  At least not until I moved to Germany and was introduced to them by my host family.   247 more words


Vegan Bircher Muesli and Overnight Chai Spiced Oats

I cannot get enough of overnight soaked oats.  I have been trying out a few new flavours and these are two of my favourite.  They are so simple and quick and you can easily make up a big batch of oats at the start of the week and mix up a different portion each day.   197 more words

Easy scrumptious bircher muesli

Do you have a favourite breakfast drink? I do! It is the German made Cawston Press Apple and Ginger juice. I just love that morning zing! 87 more words

In The Kitchen

LUXE / HEALTH bircher muesli...

Without a doubt, bircher muesli is my favourite brekkie, especially during summer!  While there are a zillion and one variations for this classic dish out there, I assure you this one is super simple and will take you less than five minutes to throw together in the morning. 93 more words