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Victorian Magistrate Orders Child Horse Thieves to be “Well Birched”

Stealing a horse during the 19th century was a serious crime.  Those convicted could be heavily fined, sent to prison, sentenced to hard labor, or even executed.  786 more words

19th Century

#Satspanks - over she goes!

Hello!  We’re warming up for Saturday Spankings. Over a log she goes and this is just the start of her punishment. Poor Sophia, but if she’d listened to him and not picked poisonous berries, she’d not be outside, naked and in trouble. 728 more words

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Deliverers of Ghosts

In this episode Anders, Meg, and King Charles’ ghost ask Peter Pike to cut down the recalcitrant birch tree.

Anders, Meg, and King Charles’ ghost speed along the snowy road from the Nightman’s Bog up the slope to the vicarage, where they expect to find Peter Pike ready with a gun. 1,804 more words

Book Three: The Haunted Dwarf

#Satspanks - Your bottom needs warming up

Hello and welcome to Saturday Spankings. After some technical glitches, I’m hopping back into this week’s snippet.

Taken from Sophia and the Duke, we’re moving on from her slipper moments to an outdoors spanking.   608 more words

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