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Sing Your Heart Song, Loud and Strong: Coloring Page with Affirmations

Affirmation for Your Heartsong:
I follow my heartsong. I sing it loud and strong. This is my heartsong. Listening to it all along. On this journey of life through the good and the strife. 62 more words

Coloring Book

Duck Stamps

A peaceful alliance between the birder and hunter seems as improbable as the Biblical lion lying down with the lamb, but miracles do happen.  Just remember the stories of the vast flocks of Passenger Pigeons and Carolina Parakeets darkening the skies and their subsequent decimation by hunters.   528 more words


From Avicenna's Recital of the Bird

Know, O Brothers of Truth, that a party of hunters went into the desert. They spread their nets, set out their lures, and hid in the thickets. 535 more words

Bird Art

Chicken Portrait, Herberger gallery at AZ Center

A few weeks ago, photographer Archie Tucker and his photographer wife Connie Tucker asked me to participate in a show at the Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center. 330 more words

Cindy Schnackel


Study of a seagull created with black watercolor on heavy Fabriano paper.


Black And White

The Raven

This Corvid comes from a literary inspiration (Nevermore, of course). It started as a doodle, I ended up liking it so much that I kept working on it, adding the literary element (calligraphy) as a texture in the background. 59 more words