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Sketchbook Entry! Cherries and a Bird (Carolina Wren)

I launched back into the current round of sketchbook exchange in January with this spread. Winter can seem to be a difficult time of year to find drawing inspiration, but not if you look closely. 267 more words

Botanical Art

Kingfisher - oil on canvas board - 8 × 8 inches

This week I have been working on this kingfisher. They have to be one of our most exotic birds, the colours are so bright. I have only seen them myself a handful of times and then it was just an unmistakable flash of turquoise that gave it away. 24 more words


Heron Watercolor


I’m adding my prints back on Etsy, I’ve only got two up there so far but I’ll be putting more up in the next few days.


Raven Oil Painting, He's a Sassy Bird

This is a 14 X 18 painting done on commission of a raven.  He’s quite sassy and his eyes seem to be smiling.  It reminds me of when my dogs get into something they shouldn’t and look at me like…what?   27 more words


Bronze Ravens

One Raven and Two Ravens
5.75 x 2 x 2 in

Bronzed Ravens on cement blocks, w/patina, one green one blue. I’m doing some herons next. 6 more words


Barn owl - oil on canvas board- 10×14 inches

The barn owl, I think every one has a special place in their hearts for this beautiful and enigmatic bird. How can one do it justice when trying to paint it, I can’t but I can enjoy trying. 42 more words


Wren - oil on canvas board - 8 × 8 inches

Here is a little British wren, a busy boisterous bird, not quite our smallest but nearly. Hope you like it. I am rather pleased, it’s a very limited palette but hopefully the simplicity works. 16 more words