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Passeriformes Haberdasherus: An Interview with Vicki Sawyer

In the course of her grueling Aberrant Plumage duties, the Art Department stumbled across the work of Vicki Sawyer, a Nashville artist whose paintings capture the personality of birds in a unique and startling way, offering fantasy and realism simultaneously. 1,623 more words

Bird Art

AVA's Relative Abundance Survey for Urban Birds 2015

The AVA carried out the second RASUB over two Saturdays in April this year with the help of the public. The species counted were the Javan Myna, Common Myna, Rock Pigeon, Asian Glossy Starling, Asian Koel, House Crow and Black-naped Oriole. 135 more words

Bird Art

"Bird Life" by Anne Forcella

Bird Life

by Anne Forcella

“If you happen to come upon a bird’s nest along the way, in any tree or on the ground,
with young ones or eggs, and the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, 42 more words

Bird Art

Caroline Groves' Hand Made Shoes Are Works of Art

Caroline Groves makes bespoke hand made shoes, and I’m a little bit enamoured by her. These are luxury works of art. I first saw her work at the V&A shoe exhibition in June where her Turquoise Parakeet shoes were exhibited. 35 more words

Back in the Saddle Again.....On Stilts

After several months of thumb arthritis, and cancer pain, I am needing to do some ART, so………………….. to heck with all the pain stuff, here we go! 170 more words