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Cyanotypes by Victoria Bourne

What is cyanotype?

* Victoria Bourne is an artist and art therapist who lives in Davis, California.

Bird Art


Next year is Year of the Rooster. Well, my rooster looks a little bit unlike a rooster, but it was fun to draw. I actually always enjoy drawings wings and I will draw wings on anything. 56 more words


I’ve decided I’d rather be interesting than right. This is a personal preference, not something I’m pushing. Ever been asked which superpower you’d choose: flight or invisibility? 520 more words


Using my colouring page as a papercut template

In my last post I shared the first of my free monthly colouring pages, which you can still download HERE until the 14th of May. 377 more words


Eiders in Pittenweem Harbour

The female was looking up at me, with her head on one side. This is intended as another female portrait, along with the mallard, although the male eider is so very eye-catching, she was catching my eye this time. Oil on canvas, 42 x 32cm.

Just don't mention windmills

So I decided to try the windmill painting which has been on the back burner a while. The sky went in okay, as did the washes for the windmill itself, and then I over egged the pudding with a group of trees. 462 more words

The Shrew and the Whimbrel

My first children’s book is now available on Amazon!  Written and illustrated by myself, 100% of my profits are being donated to international hunger relief efforts. 84 more words