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Eagle Cam in Fort Myers, Florida!

Proud bald eagle parents Harriet & M15 are taking turns incubating 2 eggs in their nest. The eaglets are expected to hatch this week!

Bird Cam

Online Birding - Bird Cams

Many organizations now offer live-streaming of birds in various locations.  These bird cams can be fun to watch just for enjoyment, but they can also provide bird identification opportunities, information about birds’ habits and activities, and the chance to see birds that do not reside in your local area.  98 more words


Hawks, and Owls, and Feeders, oh my!

So I learned today that I have a problem…

Too many bird cams! I don’t know which one to watch! I guess that’s a good problem to have. 633 more words

Conservation and Condors

Before telling you about California Condors, I wanted to share a petition from the National Audubon Society. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to create a new wildlife refuge throughout 6 states in the Northeast called Great Thicket NWR. 512 more words

Hatch Day!

I don’t have TV. Well technically I own a TV, and I have Netflix but no cable. Sometimes the topic comes up in conversation and people get confused and act like I’m missing out on something. 613 more words