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New Visitors

It was a pleasant surprise when I heard the sound of birds chirping yesterday morning and this morning too. Yes! They are back. The little bird house and the tray of bird seeds finally lured them to our garden. 97 more words

Pets & Insects

Update: not yet a fall day

It’s summer out there, in the street of New Orleans, under the trees—the crows will have you know, you haven’t escaped the hot sun just yet. 700 more words


For Rent

Loft apartment available in trendy neighborhood. Excellent view in winter, well shaded in summer, spectacular in autumn. Within flying distance of local bird feeders, summer berries, and water sources. 30 more words


Humanity isn’t the only thing that needs cover when rain decides to fall, or when the air decides to become cold. Every being of life needs some sort of shelter.

A New Home

I’ve been wanting to buy a new home for the birds ever since the old one was disposed of. And over the weekend, the opportunity presented itself when we had to drive pass the shop that sells all kinds of bird houses and garden furniture. 50 more words

Pets & Insects


During Easter this year we ran sessions that looked at up-cycling and remaking ‘rubbish’ as artwork and other usable items. We even managed to make some sweet goodies with ‘bits left over’ in the cupboard.


How to keep the outdoors vibe in Autumn

It’s 9pm, three days into official Autumn, and it’s pitch black outside.

Despite the promise of beautiful crunchy leaves, flavoured lattes and pink cheeks for the next three months, the end of light nights does make you want to a) hibernate b) survive only on a diet of hot chocolate and pasta, and c) do nothing else. 466 more words