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More fun in the garden

Good day! We’re back to share some more new items from our recently expanded lawn and garden section.

Patriotic Americana Hanging Star – more arrows and hangers… 49 more words

Row of Bird Houses

One of the joys of working with pallet timber is you never really know what you’re going to get. From the outside a lot of the timber looks the same; it has weathered, it’s dirty and damaged and sometimes it is even hard to tell what sort of timber it actually is. 342 more words


in a Sofia parking lot

This is a mural to honour and celebrate, Sofia.  As to whether or not the city was named for a person is in some dispute so maybe this is Soifa personified.  123 more words


A Little Family

A family has moved into the house in my back yard:
Mr. and Mrs. are setting up housekeeping.
Sometimes, I’m sure they’re arguing!
Before long, there will be kids: 17 more words

Bird House Poll - Now accepting new tenants

Primary riser poll hinges at the bottom for easy maintenance at the end of each year. Within one week birds were landing on it and prospecting homes.

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Monday Sparks

writing ideas to fan your creative flame

I am trying something new on Mondays.  I will post an idea, a spark, for your writing.  Use it anyway you like.   19 more words

Monday Sparks

Haiku: Full house

They come and they go
Feathered and fluffy babies
Keep them safe mother

Haiku poem by PamelaWLucas 5/1/17

Making a paradise for birds…create it and they will come.

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