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Guise In A Misfit Bird

Ever since I was a kid I always had this..anger issue. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first horror type thing  I consciously absorbed. I associated with the werewolf at the end so much. 209 more words



Currently reading some Koyzcan ‘stickboy‘ a Novel in Verse.



F*k Disney. Yes the animations have a distinct charm but they are so bowdlerised and bland. Here’s to real adult fairy tales the way they were supposed to be told. Angela Carter style.



Great stuff. One of my most favourite films.


Growing Up Yezdi: Memoir of a Petrol Tank Rider

Before assuming the duties of a perpetual pillion, I was a petrol tank rider. Seated like a little frog on our Yezdi’s petrol tank, I would watch the world zoom by unhurriedly (because potholes and proverbial crossing fauna of the avian variety). 728 more words

Fermented Flashback