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Bird of Paradise

My first photo taken with my new Sony a6000, hopefully I can learn some photography!


'Birds' (part 3)(imaginary)

The strelitzias continue to bloom all over the suburbs – I am like a twitcher, I notice them out of the corners of my eyes these days, their perky eager ‘heads’ glowing from gardens… 139 more words

Autumn 2017 delights...

Autumn is without doubt, my favorite season of the year…
The temperature is cool, the air… dry and comfortable…
Plus, it is a wonderful time for gardening… 277 more words

More rainy day flower pictures

Pictures from a walk around the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo during a morning summer rain shower. Most people say the rain never lasts long in Florida in the summer but sometimes they last most of the day. 28 more words


'Birds' (part 2)

Once you start looking out for something (in this case strelitzias), you see them everywhere. These bird of paradise plants are flowering all over the place at the moment, and I couldn’t resist a few more snaps of them to follow up from last week’s post. 228 more words

Bird-watching (sort of)

Spring has definitely arrived, and I am a bit obsessed with all the gorgeous colours and flowers that are in gardens, on verges, everywhere you look at the moment. 162 more words