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Keep your eye on the sparrow

A colony of sparrows is populating the community housing unit atop a flagpole above our back deck.

They’ve got it pretty good back there, with plenty of available food (we provide) and loads of handy nesting materials. 128 more words


Feeding Them All

The new office being so close to home sure is nice because we avoid the evening rush hour on the highway and we are able to arrive home early. 200 more words

Pets & Insects

Quiet after the storm

We got snow.  It’s over my knees everywhere that it isn’t drifted even higher.

The blizzard is over, but it will take us a while to dig out.  122 more words

Family + Friends + Animals

It’s Supposed to be Hot

Just when I thought the weather change has arrived indicating Chinese New Year is around the corner, it has changed again. Global warming?

Even the birds know it. 61 more words


Birding with Cats

Have outdoor cats, but love birding? You and I are in the same boat. Sylvester the cat and Tweety the bird aren’t just a cliche in the animal world. 1,005 more words


The squirrel proof bird feeder

We got a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder for Christmas. The central core is a hopper and seed tray that is held stationary by the hanging rod, but the outer box, consisting of the clear roof and perching rails, is free to swivel around (and around and around), should a squirrel try to hang on it. 100 more words

Family + Friends + Animals

The Calm After The Storm

The Junco Bunker


Weather-wise, yesterday was a brutal day. Winds were high, snow was blowing, but my junco buddies were undaunted. These tough little birds just kept coming back, to dig furiously with their little back feet until the snow gave way beneath them to reveal the tiny specks of seed. 155 more words