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Fade to invisible?

It is said that when Native Americans first began to hunt they were less then successful. The lowly Coyote took pity upon them and taught them how to blend into the landscape, walk silently, and become successful hunters.  715 more words

Coyote Cam


I thought I heard a little voice calling to me from outside, so I put down the sequins, (don’t ask) and went to investigate.

“Hello?” I called from the window. 60 more words


July 17, 2016

A few pics from today…


I never get tired of taking pictures of deer.  They are really pretty critters.

We were driving through the country on a road we haven’t taken before and came up on a sharp right turn that took us over this bridge. 133 more words

Random Thoughts

Really? Feds Need Help - Collecting Coyote Poop

There was a movie not too long ago entitled, The Last Emperor.  The story recalls the life of Pu Yi, China’s last Emperor whose capture by the Red Army ended that country’s Sovereign rein.  257 more words

The Bosque

Feed the birds

My birds have gone to bed for the night, but in the morning they are in for a treat. I have made some peanut butter cones and hung them on the fig tree, ready for breakfast. 50 more words


Feeding the Birds

“I don’t feed the birds because they need me;  I feed the birds because I need them.”

~ Kathi Hutton

(Quote Source: goodreads.com)

(Purple finch and pine siskin at my feeder.) 68 more words


Feeding Squirrels, errr, I mean birds

This time I’m talking about bird feeders! I have some set up at my place, but most of the feeders I’m in charge of are set up at my grandmother’s house. 440 more words