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Bird Seed Lucky Dip

 Bought bird seed is a blend of many types of cereals such as sunflowers, millet, canary seed, oats, wheat, rape and linseed.  Sowing this can be an absorbing activity for… 80 more words

Children's Resources

So, continuing with recent Vlogs & blogs, I’m still teaching my children about wildlife.

We have quite a few birds visit or garden. So, I thought hey why not make them a tasty cake…. 139 more words


Volunteer Sunflowers

In the vicinity of the bird feeder, there are a couple of sunflowers sprouting!

I wondered.

Out of all the pounds of black oil birdseed, a couple seeds escaped consumption, and found fertile ground. 37 more words

Life: Lived

Red Bellied Woodpecker

This is the last of the bird pictures for a while. The name of this guy still throws me, because he doesn’t have an obviously red belly. 36 more words


Red Winged Blackbird

These guys are apparently bullies at the bird feeder. But I think they’re beautiful.


Flicker Woodpecker

Visited my Dad last week. He’s got quite the set up of bird feeders which attract birds I don’t get around my house. I know people are tired of the bird at the bird feeder shot, but what are you gonna do. 42 more words