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Backyard Bird Feeders

Recently, here at Ward Laboratories, Inc., birds have been the topic of conversation.  We have had birds in nest over our doorways:

birds in nests in surrounding trees: 147 more words

Alternative Feeds


Put out some birdseed during the third snow storm, March 7, 2018. It was actually really cool hearing all the birds chirping and seeing them flutter about during a snow storm.


Bilingual Poem: If you plant …

If you,
tomato seeds,
you get,

If you,
bell pepper seeds,
you get,
bell peppers.

If you,
bird seed,
you get… 28 more words


1262. Name change

When Fontanelle discovered that there was a brand of bird seed using her very name as a brand name, she quickly changed (she was fifteen years old and her mother said she could) her name to Maybelle, totally oblivious to the fact that Maybelle was a brand of baby wipes. 79 more words


I blame the mourning dove

Have I mentioned that two of my predominant characteristics are sloth and short-mindedness?
The first is just a more dramatic way of saying I’m lazy. 458 more words

The Poor Birds, Part 2

The poor birds are hungry no more! We went in search of bird seeds yesterday during our lunch break. Hubby remembered a shop that we have drove past before but never frequented and what a bargain we stumbled upon. 66 more words

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