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Birding with Cats

Have outdoor cats, but love birding? You and I are in the same boat.¬†Sylvester the cat and Tweety the bird aren’t just a cliche in the animal world. 1,005 more words


The squirrel proof bird feeder

We got a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder for Christmas. The central core is a hopper and seed tray that is held stationary by the hanging rod, but the outer box, consisting of the clear roof and perching rails, is free to swivel around (and around and around), should a squirrel try to hang on it. 100 more words

Family + Friends + Animals

The Calm After The Storm

The Junco Bunker


Weather-wise, yesterday was a brutal day. Winds were high, snow was blowing, but my junco buddies were undaunted. These tough little birds just kept coming back, to dig furiously with their little back feet until the snow gave way beneath them to reveal the tiny specks of seed. 155 more words


{Christmas craft} Reindeer food

Over the weekend I cleaned out the abyss that is my sprinkle/frosting/everything cabinet and found a bag of Christmas sprinkles from a cookie decorating party in 2008. 130 more words


Greater Woodfield - Monday, December, 5, 2016

Chilly and drizzling.

Five male red-winged blackbirds (first ever seen in the area) at back seed feeder (black oil sunflower seeds, peanut halves, and a hulled mix of safflower and sunflower seeds), demonstrating typical non-breeding behavior, eating and traveling together with red and yellow epaulets at minimum visibility. 73 more words


Something is a foot

Perspective is every thing! A new camera and a different angle of view makes a lot of difference when trying to photograph Coyotes.

OH – and the bait as well. 370 more words

Coyote Cam

Sunflower Heads and Autumn Drifting

Last summer in the community gardens I planted a row of glorious sunflowers along the edges of my plots.  They grew tremendously high, ten feet many of them, faces to the sun, and yellow petals being tickled by ginormous bumble bees. 268 more words

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