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"You have to accept the fact that sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the statue."

Cold again but sunny-the weather is in a rut.

The red spawn can fly. Yesterday I noticed he was at a different feeder and was sitting and dining al fresco on the backside so he couldn’t see me. 446 more words


"BIRD SEED" The Documentary

“BIRD SEED” a documentary film by Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie . . .

“Crime does not pay!”
– Undercover Cop, Detective Gunther Tootie… 37 more words

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Silas the Rabbit 8 Some Seed

Silas the Rabbit 8 Some Seed. Okay, so I am pushing the Eight theme again. But, I really wanted to post a rabbit photo. haha


Cover Stories

(That’s Yogi for throw the lap cards and cologne samples away … & Toodles!)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

Buffalo Tom Peabody

For The Birds

It’s all scientific and a social media 1st!

Our Bird Seed Cam is just as exciting as watching grass grow or paint dry! 36 more words

Buffalo Tom Peabody

There has to be a lesson in this...

Last year a tree fell in our older daughter’s back yard and had to be removed.  The family knew there was a wren’s nest under the back deck near where the tree had been; however, there was no choice but to remove the tree and grind the stump so the grass could be replanted.   380 more words