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Sully (2016)

Just went to see the new Tom Hanks film in theaters, Sully. Since it’s a bit off topic for my site I’ll just do a quick review. 474 more words

Robert Odierna

Carry on, it's only a seagull in the cockpit.

I came across this article on BBC News today, which after a bit of gasp, left me with rather more of a raucous laugh…

The two British helicopter flying fans  had a rather nasty high speed scare and ground-ward plunge when at around 200 mph the said said wayward seagull, decided on a head to head meeting at around 1500 feet, with said helicopter, presumably as the pilot had not gained flight clearance from the seagull’s personal ‘flock  air traffic controller’… 62 more words

Plane Strikes Bird, Turns Around After Takeoff From DIA

DENVER (CBS4) – A passenger plane bound for San Francisco on Monday morning turned around shortly after takeoff from Denver International Airport after it struck a bird. 343 more words


Bird Strike Forces Denver-To-SFO Plane Back To Airport

DENVER (CBS SF) — A bird strike forced a Denver-to-San Francisco passenger jet to land back at Denver International Airport Monday.

Virgin Flight 865 was scheduled to arrive at SFO around 2:30 p.m. 96 more words


American Airlines Flight Turns Around After Bird Strike Leaves 2-Foot Dent In Plane

A bird might be small compared to a jetliner, but get a whole bunch of them together and they can do some pretty serious damage. Passengers on an American Airlines flight out of Seattle found that out yesterday, when the plane was forced to turn around after a bird strike left a two-foot dent in the nose of the aircraft. 137 more words

Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Bird Strike Cracks Plane's Windshield

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A plane flying from New York to Tennessee made an emergency landing in West Virginia after striking a bird, officials said. 180 more words


Cedar Waxwings

Hundreds of ’em, flying all over the place and feasting on holly berries. Such a gorgeous bird.

At just one building in Chicago, from the fall of 1978 to 2004, a frightening number of birds were killed flying into windows. 164 more words