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Bird Strike Forces CALSTAR Helicopter To Land In Vacaville Parking Lot

VACAVILLE (CBS SF) — A helicopter pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in a parking lot in Vacaville after a bird strike Thursday evening. 72 more words


Five Days in Jail for pilot as Israelis suspend fighter training

Five days in jail was an Israeli pilot’s reward for nearly crashing into the plane of a fellow aviator during Israeli training exercises. Despite the Commander in chief, Major General Amir Eshel, insisting all was normal, training was cancelled for several hours. 244 more words


dazed and confused, and not in a good way.

Working in a home studio has its advantages – one of the biggest is that we spend a lot more time outdoors, and get to look out of windows onto our attempts at habitat restoration in the yard.   275 more words

When Two Worlds Collide

Birds have dominated the earth’s airy domain for eons. We are the newcomers, having relied on them for inspiration and insights into our own species’ dreams of flight. 767 more words


Bird Strike Forces Denver-Bound Flight To Return After Leaving Sacramento Airport

SACRAMENTO (KCBS) — A possible bird strike forced the emergency landing of a United Airlines flight bound for Denver early Friday morning in Sacramento.

United Airlines Flight 1596 departed from the Sacramento International Airport at about 5:45 a.m. 161 more words


Airports + Solar: A wise use of space, but how do birds factor in?

Solar power may seem like an environmentalist’s dream energy source, but it is not without its caveats. Chief among them is that large photovoltaic arrays (solar farms) require space, and frequently the price of that space is a reduction in wildlife habitat. 602 more words

Safely Home

I’m back! It was a long trip, coast to coast, with all the usual pains of travel, mixed with joys of seeing family, some of them after far too long apart. 477 more words