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They're back.

Two young, gleaming trumpeter swans have returned to our local pond. To better appreciate their spring makeover, have a look at the way they endured the bitter cold of early winter. 71 more words


Haiku. (Byrd)

What kind of tree am
I without my favorite
Byrd perched on my branch?

(***”Byrd” is my brother’s nickname.)


Mama Redwing

With the plethora of suitors hanging out in the woods this Spring, I am sure this sweet female had her pick of the lot and is now raising a family of little… 19 more words


Catbird Thoughts

Deep among the shelter of leaves, all fluffed against the cool and cloudy afternoon, the catbird sits thinking catbird thoughts.


ChickaDee Dee Dee

A pretty little Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapilla) in the Rose of Sharon bush in our backyard.


Birds in Korean - Writing Worksheet (Free Printout / Download)

Hello and welcome to another free learn Korean resource. Birds is a subject that we touched upon before in a set of FLASHCARDS, and we thought we’d help out a little further by adding this Writing Worksheet resource. 145 more words