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Pine Siskins in Blizzard

Where I used to live, on a more wooded lot about 50 km west of where I live now, there were Pine Siskins every winter. This is the first year I’ve noticed them here in Vernon Bridge. 74 more words


Light As A Feather

You know when you see something and you wonder if you can make something of it? Well I had that feeling with this feather, it was floating towards me and I decided to try to make it look at least moderately interesting, I’m quite glad with the level of detail caught – as I was a few metres away. 86 more words


Os pássaros cantam. Ponto

Sim é mesmo isso, os pássaros cantam haja sol ou não. Alheios a março tão cheio de esquisitices, para estes lados (coitado, ainda só agora começou!). 100 more words


Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

This last weekend was a prime example of Murphy’s Law in our home.  And of course, it coincided perfectly with the start of our big diet/lifestyle change.   660 more words


The story of a poor little bird

There is a little bird

Who loves to do chirpy chirp-chirp

Loves to soar high up in the sky

Sometimes she is nervous, sometimes scared… 131 more words


Watch "Indoor fun" on YouTube

Indoor fun: http://youtu.be/SSyr3DghA8Y

A great video of how we stay active in the middle of winter!

Sometimes I wish that I were Me.

Sometimes I wish that I were the sun

It always shines so bright,

And people are happy to see it rise

Because it chases away the night. 113 more words