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Bird Scissors

A lovely pair of scissors. I would like to have one for my stitching materials box. 6 more words



I found a small marsh as the day moved towards evening.  There were a few blackbirds, shovelers and other ducks swimming around the pools between the tall grass.   58 more words


Photo Profile: Online Store Update (Patchy – Blue tit bird)

Photo of the Blue tit bird; A frequent visitor this time of year and with plenty of photo’s in my portfolio. Plenty of texture supplied by the bird – so not much I had to do there – which I presume is a chick and to me looks quite remarkable. 49 more words


Chestnut-Backed Chickadee

Hearing the Chickadees calling in the trees above our heads we expected to look up and see either a black-capped or mountain chickadee as we had seen them earlier this day. 56 more words

House Wren Uses Birdhouse for His Home

So pleased to see that the wren family decided to use the birdhouse I hung in my little backyard!

We call this our bird sanctuary! If you look you can see the wren sitting on the wrought iron pole above the birdhouse!


Correction: Pine Warbler

We get tons of House finches at our feeders but the goldfinches only show up on occasion.  I am kind of  a novice at bird identification so I was pretty sure this is a female goldfinch but, it is actually a male Pine Warbler.   130 more words