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Pelicans are one of my favorites to watch especially in flight. I captured these two images at Sylvan Beach in Texas. I visited this beach on consecutive days watching the freighters move in and out of the harbor and following the birds that sailed around the shore line. 67 more words


Canada goose - bird panoramic.

Here is a practical use for the bird in flight panoramic landscape. Sometimes you encounter a flock larger than your lenses field of view can capture. 23 more words


Don't Clip My Wings #TBT

Don’t clip my wings.
I will be the bird that sings from the first morning on earth to eternity.
I offer classes for free, so please take classes from me. 148 more words


Good View

A Brown-headed Cowbird on his perch above the feeder.


October 5, 2016 – Eclectus Parrots (Eclectus roratus)

Requested by: @taylorrbranham

These parrots are native to New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, northern Australia, the Maluku Islands, and other small islands in the area. 90 more words