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Manorina melanocephala

This was taken whilst on a recent walk. There was a shot of this noisy miner I took just after it commenced flight, but unfortunately there was a power cable that was really distracting to the shot, so here’s this shot instead. 26 more words


Western Sandpiper

Hey guys, welcome back. The western sandpiper. The third in the trifecta of sandpipers that all pretty much look the same. We’ve already talked a bit about the least and semipalmated sandpipers, so what makes the western sandpiper stand out? 208 more words

Emus, Outback Queensland Birds - Friday Photo of the Day

Running along the side of the road as we travelled past them, almost as though they were trying to race us


More artifacts

Last month, a post presented artifacts of humans’ interest in the California condor. Here is another set of these artifacts. 105 more words