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This is the fourth of my dark animal portraits. Taken at the Munich zoo, as were the other ones, this was the first photo of the day, and the one, which actually gave me the idea of the dark portraits because the background was so ugly. 26 more words


Bird House Floral Decor

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I just finished my fall semester of grad school last night and actually have time to write something that won’t be graded :) WOO! 349 more words

Craft Projects

Imagine a relaxing pine forest with a soft carpet of orange needles and gentle green boughs waving in the breeze. Wood ears grow on fallen logs, and little insects scurry around the ferns and the air is filled with the slightly spicy smell of pines. 436 more words

Random Things #10

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Random Things! Was last week random enough for you? I certainly hope so.  I tried to branch out a little bit with some varying things.   371 more words


The Robin

As many of you know, the robin was voted the UK’s national bird last year and has certainly had a place in my heart from a young age.   393 more words