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Birdbath Care

Birdbaths need to be cleaned from time to time, help out our feathered friends by doing that and topping the bath off with fresh water. [Photo CCBYSA Alex ONeil]


Birdbath care

Keep a close eye on your birdbath at this time of year. The temperature has been consistently high and I notice my birdbaths are very quickly going murky. 81 more words

New Zealand

For The Birds!!

Remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds?” In our family we joke about that movie because my husband absolutely hates it and anytime I want to poke fun at him,  I just reference to that movie and BAM, success! 373 more words

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A Kiss

A Kiss

The pine boughs, with their long needles,
bob up and down, touched by the day’s wind,
a tired eye struggling to stay open, 40 more words


A surprise in the birdbath

I have a birdbath. Nothing unusual there, birds come and drink, have a splash.

When I noticed a while back that there was a full slice of pizza in the birdbath I naturally assumed some idiot had thrown it there from the street. 159 more words


Tuesday poem: This poem is a birdbath

This poem is a birdbath

and it fills itself with bird,
the quick splash of silvereye
the suspicious sip of currawong,
unable to believe in non-carnivorous gift — 240 more words

Tuesday Poem