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Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 1

Darien national park not only is central america’s largest national park, or the wildest, but also it is the home to some of the most impressive wildlife of the region, including jaguar, giant ant eater, tapir, capybara, 5 species of macaws, among many others would be hard to mention all, of course, one of the best places in America to see on of the 2 largest raptors there are; Harpy eagle, our main target specie and a dreamed bird to many… 478 more words


New Adventure at the Mamoní private reserve

hiking tours with ecocircuitos

hiking the reserve

hidden waterfall

Atelopus limosus

FAbio´s boots

Last weekend the EcoCircuitos’ operations team led by Fabio Trujillo and Mabel Barría had the opportunity to visit a private reserve managed by Earth Train. 161 more words

Educational Tours

Choppy seas – a Panamá Pelagic trip

10 July 2014

By late spring wayward seabirds were showing up far north of their typical distributions, presumably due to el Niño like conditions further south. 1,612 more words


The Quest for the Veraguan Mango: another hummingbird that proved to be more difficult than we anticipated

3 -5 July and 11 July 2014

Hummingbirds can sometimes be a bit difficult to track down, especially those range restricted endemic hummingbirds that are also difficult to identify. 1,260 more words


Coiba Island and the Azuero Peninsula

29 June – 2 July 2014

Coiba Island lies in the Gulf of Chiriquí several miles off of the Pacific coast of Panamá. The island’s land bridge with mainland Panamá was broken 12,000 – 18,000 years ago, creating an isolated island chain where several species diverged from the mainland populations. 2,340 more words


Cerro Santiago and Cerro Colorado, home of the Glow-throated Hummingbird and Yellow-Green Finch

27-29 July 2014

There are some really sexy birds that people come to Central America for – Resplendent Quetzal clearly tops the list and birds like Horned Guan, Pink-headed Warbler, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Lovely Cotinga, Bare-necked Umbrellabird and Three-wattled Bellbird are absolutely amazing and are instant highlights of any trip where they are seen as well.   1,483 more words


Bienvenidos a Panamá

Bienvenidos a Panamá (oh come on … sing it with me Paaanamahaa …oh yeah Van Halen)

In 2012 we spent one month in Panamá, hitting many of the birding hotspots. 851 more words