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Birding Darien National park, Panama. Part 11: general information.

The trip to the Pirre mountain at Darien national park requires a lot of planning, hoping that the previous postings ordered chronologically helps you see how intense this trip can be but above that the quality of experience that awaits for you, amazing birds for passionate birders. 1,578 more words


Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 9: Looking for crested eagle and birding the town of El Real.

Saturday May 9th, our last birding day with Isaac.
We were ready at 4:50am and went to the river where we took a piragua (motorized boat) and went on a 1hr boat ride to a private land where we walked for about 20 minutes on a swamp/mangrove forest to a crested eagle’s nest, we immediately saw the immature, despite the time we waited we weren’t lucky with the adult. 369 more words


Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 7, Heading back, from Pirre to Rancho frio.

Yes, tittle says it! the climb that we did in 2 days we walked back in 1 day on May 7th! of course downhill is always quicker, particularly if you fall of this steep trails! 329 more words

Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 6, Full day at Pirre ridge.

On the morning of May 6th we spent the entire day at the Pirre ridge, after breakfast Isaac took us along the ridge in search for the endemics of Pirre as well as the specialties from here, to me personally the important ones were yellow collared chlorophonia, green naped tanager, pirre warbler, choco tapaculo, pirre hummingbird, greenish pufleg, and choco tinamou. 298 more words


Birding Darien national park, Panama. Part 1

Darien national park not only is central america’s largest national park, or the wildest, but also it is the home to some of the most impressive wildlife of the region, including jaguar, giant ant eater, tapir, capybara, 5 species of macaws, among many others would be hard to mention all, of course, one of the best places in America to see on of the 2 largest raptors there are; Harpy eagle, our main target specie and a dreamed bird to many… 557 more words


New Adventure at the Mamoní private reserve

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hiking the reserve

hidden waterfall

Atelopus limosus

FAbio´s boots

Last weekend the EcoCircuitos’ operations team led by Fabio Trujillo and Mabel Barría had the opportunity to visit a private reserve managed by Earth Train. 161 more words

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Choppy seas – a Panamá Pelagic trip

10 July 2014

By late spring wayward seabirds were showing up far north of their typical distributions, presumably due to el Niño like conditions further south. 1,612 more words