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Ammodramus, Shmammodramus - Late Summer Wrap-up

I really dig Ammodramus sparrows. These smartly dressed birds are the sparrows’ answer to every person who gushes about the bright colors of warblers.  The elegance of these birds is compounded by the fact that they make you work for it.   377 more words


Southern Carmine Bee Eaters

September/October are the months that we get the Southern Carmine Bee eaters back to Zimbabwe, from equatorial Africa, returning here to nest and breed.  Yesterday, while guiding in Mana Pools, I had some guests who were desperate to see them.   224 more words

Corvids: New Caledonian Crow Tool-Use

In Aesop’s fable, The Crow and the Pitcher, a thirsty crow finds a pitcher of water, but discovers that the water level is too low to reach. 314 more words


Feed Me

A Sandwich Tern chick demanding to be fed.  I’m sure there is a bad joke in there somewhere.

This chick was making a constant racket, demanding the mother bring more to eat,  and the mother was doing her best to patiently ignore it.   10 more words


10000 Birds - Morning on Weeks Bay

Mornings are very important to us Southerners, especially New England transplants like me. During sweltering summers, where my dashboard hits 98 degrees F every damn day, mornings have become my oasis. 30 more words