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A Duck that has eluded me for many years is the Ring Necked Duck. A couple of weeks ago a ♂ was located on Lingham Lake at Nosterfield, however it had gone the following day when I tried to see it. 164 more words

February Heatwave

To say it’s been warm in Iowa the last few days is an understatement. This is a heatwave! I feel like it’s the end of April and I need to be out in the garden. 272 more words


Blue Blur

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/blur/”>Blur</a>

Sometimes we need to thread slowly and softly, while listening carefully, in order to see clearly what is right before us.

On this particular day, I hurried walked up to the Look Out Point, and because of my haste, I would only capture what was right before me in its obscurity.

Leola Durant


Frenglish gleanings week 5

Frenglish gleanings
week 5

Frenglish? The links will be either in English or in French Gleanings? 43 more words

Flying Jewels, 2017 Edition

Among the New World’s birds, surely hummingbirds, the “Flying Jewels,” are the most extraordinary. WC spent some time in Tucson’s Sonora Desert Museum recently, which includes a delightful Hummingbird Aviary. 202 more words



A note on populism. “There is no right [-wing] populism, only intolerance.”