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Native Shrub Garden

I work at Logoly State Park, Arkansas’ first environmental education park.  We strive to be eco-friendly in a variety of ways.  As a birder, one of my favorite green aspects of our new visitor center is its native shrub garden.  474 more words


Dinosaur of the week: White Stork

One of my favourite birds is Ciconia ciconia. This family was at home in Marchegg, Austria, in one of the biggest colonies of white storks in central Europe. 49 more words


Stupid Quail

Quail, quake, rattle and recoil …in terror.

ISIS, Kim Jong Un, active shooter,
Trumpcare, global warming, poverty, Death, the 6 o’clock news.

We always used to warn our children, Don’t get into cars with strangers! 80 more words


Sandhill Crane Search...

I’ve always loved hearing the sandhill cranes’ calls high overhead as they fly over my neighborhood.  Occasionally they’d even pass over low enough for me to get some nice photos, but I still really wanted to see them closer.  357 more words


Gilda Goes to the Desert -- Part 2

How is it that I spent a good portion of life running away from the desert? How is it that spindly Joshua Trees, and other thorny desert native plants were nothing more to me than bastions of poking and impalement? 860 more words


Lunch Time

It’s perilous for W to post photos of raptors. WC has friends who are far, far better at bird photography, especially raptor photography, than WC will ever be. 49 more words