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Winter's Gibbet

Winter’s Gibbet, a decrepit relic of a bygone age when the public display of corpses was deemed acceptable, is a rather eerie place to visit. The structure, standing on the site of an ancient boundary stone, marking the spot where, following his execution for the 1791┬ámurder of Margaret Crozier, the body of William Winter was displayed for all to see. 433 more words


Hiking Home Ground

Ten years ago my town purchased 240 acres of agricultural land and untapped forest in wind’s reach of Lake Ontario. A non-profit group, “Friends of Webster Trails… 828 more words

India 2016 (part LVI): Wild Ass Sanctuary

Wild Ass Sanctuary, Gujarat:

From the Blackbuck National Park, I travelled north to the Wild Ass Sanctuary.

The Wild Ass Sanctuary protects almost 5,000 km┬▓ of the salt marshes of the Little Rann of Kachchh. 307 more words



While the classic photo of the Western Meadowlark is taken with the bird singing, mouth wide open, this guy refused to cooperate and sing his wonderful tune while I was watching him. 21 more words

Fairy Penguin

Possibly my favorite of all the photos I’ve ever taken, this was taken on Kangaroo Island, in Australia, in 2005. I was walking by myself on the beach in the morning when I heard something growling at me from the rocks that separated the beach from the hillside above. 79 more words