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Hie thee to a rookery!

Not far from where we live is the Heron Rookery Nature Preserve in Plainfield, Illinois, part of the Lake Renwick Preserve.  Although it looks like a wrecked pirate ship in the 200-acre lake, what you see is actually a nesting area for a variety of birds.  305 more words


May 22, 2015 at 10:36PM

American Bald Eagle in flight by matt knoth

haliaeetus leucocephalus

Baby Grackle

Today’s discovery was a screeching baby grackle.

Iggy and I have been struggling to identify the small black birds in our yard and we’re happy to have observed an adult closely enough to see the irridescent blue-green-purple glow against black feathers.

Baby Animal

10 things to do with your kids (6 & up) near the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

As a mom of a 7-year-old, currently living in the city of Santo Domingo, I usually find myself looking for fun day activities that I can do with my daughter and niece (who is 8).   1,009 more words


My first killdeer

According to All About Birds, killdeer are shorebirds you can see without going to the beach; they are common to lawns and parking lots. Maybe they are not so ubiquitous in Vancouver? 57 more words

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A Few Good Birds

The weather this week has provided some much-needed rain, greening up the landscape and encouraging a few wildflowers to start blooming.  A little cool and cloudy for many butterflies, but it did bring out a good variety of spring birds and a few surprises. 1,148 more words


My Wild Top Ten

With an abundance of water, woodland and shoreline, Metro Vancouver is a great place to catch animals in their natural habitat. Check out our top choices for (mostly) free wildlife watching opportunities within two hours of the city. 940 more words