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This little bird has such a huge name, Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler! I always get the feeling they are pretty angry little things, maybe because the naming gods did not come up with something a little more flattering. 137 more words


Young House Sparrow

There seem to be a lot of young sparrows in the Calgary trees these days. I find them hard to identify based on their plumage. But sometimes I see them with a parent. 10 more words

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Following a flycatcher to paradise: Part 1

I have obsessed over spotting the Asian Paradise Flycatcher for years. She is one of those birds who looks as extravagant as her name might suggest.  461 more words


Young Chipping Sparrow

I mostly see House Sparrows and Black-billed Magpies in residential southwest Calgary but occasionally I will hear and see the smaller Chipping Sparrows. This young Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina) stayed behind when his parent flew away.

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Keeled Over

Although it wasn’t ideal ‘dragon hunting’ weather this afternoon, I ventured out on to Beeston Common with Andy, in pursuit of Keeled Skimmer. This is a scarce dragonfly in Norfolk, found only at a handful of sites across the county. 115 more words


Baby Birds, Butterflies, and DIY Bug Spray

I took a break while mowing this morning to pick up some sticks in the backyard. I went to throw them on the brush pile, and a small fluttering something on the ground caught my eye. 826 more words