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Owl Encounters: Tawny

There are five species of owl resident in the United Kingdom; the Barn, the Tawny, the Short-eared, the Long-eared and the Little, the last of which is not native. 800 more words


Critter Post 5: Snowy Owl

All my critter posts so far have focused on mammals, but we see so many interesting birds while sailing that I thought it was time for an avian critter post. 364 more words

Arctic Voyage

First Let Me Look...

“The day began uncertain,

With clouds low trailing and moments of rain that misted.

… ‘And what do you see?’

‘Yes, what do I see? 166 more words

Hundreds flock to see American Yellow Warbler in Portland

Hundreds of bird enthusiasts have flocked to the Isle of Portland following sightings of an American Yellow Warbler.

The native American bird is thought to have been blown across the Atlantic by Hurricane Gert while migrating to South America.Martin Cade, of Portland Bird Observatory, said it was “pretty amazing” to see the warbler.It is believed to be the first time one has been seen in England.The birds are common in the US and migrate annually between North and South America. 75 more words

Nutcrackers – Not the Kind You're Thinking – and Mutualism

Mutualism is the way two organisms of different species each benefits from the activity of the other. The different species could exist independently of each other, but have evolved a relationship by which both benefit. 488 more words


Says Pheobe

Out in the grass as the sunlight started to fade a Says Phoebe enjoys their perch.

All About Birds says “these open-country birds have cinnamon-washed underparts and a rather gentle expression. 72 more words