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125,000th ringed birds

Two days ago a fantastic milestone has been reached by one of the most experienced bird ringer from my homeland in Hungary. Tibor Krúg, a Hungarian ringer had his 125,000th ringed bird, a Barn Swallow, which was an extraordinary achievement of an individual bird ringer. 346 more words


The Pacific Wren, Happy Little Gnome of Northwest Forests

A diminutive four inches from the tip of its beak to the tip of its tail (not much larger than most hummingbirds) but with a lyric song that captures the spirit of nature, the Pacific Wren… 631 more words


Birding Around Home

I haven’t gotten out much these past few weeks.  All I’ve been doing is work, work, work….booorrriiinnngggg!!!   But that’s the price you pay sometimes to be self employed. 923 more words


What to find in the monsoon season at Bhandup Pumping Station?

Bhandup Pumping Station (BPS) is a great place for birding and it is quite famous with Mumbai birders. The route is not difficult and you can find a lot of information on BPS on the internet. 655 more words

breakfast cafe - bird style

Things were hopping at the Drainage Ditch Cafe that morning.  Egrets, Herons, Ibis, and Spoonbills were co-mingling and enjoying the early morning meal.  This is only about a third of the total.   46 more words


"What's your favourite bird?"

As a birder one has to put up with many cliched jokes and questions whenever someone you’ve just met learns what your hobby is. Old favourites include ‘Seen any great tits?’ (you can substitute tits for boobies – a type of gannet – or shags etc. 667 more words