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Hiking in Wisconsin's Ahnapee State Trail

The Ahnapee State Trail takes you from Lake Michigan’s rocky shore to rolling farm fields and orchards.   Traversing 48 miles through Door and Kewwaunee Counties, the Ahnapee State Trail is a delightful combination of old and new….. 119 more words

Landscape Photography

Return of Bird of the Week: Green-and-Gold Tanager

Another ridiculously colorful tanager, this one from Southern Ecuador. This is the Green-and-Gold Tanager.

This is another one of those birds that, when you get it in your binoculars in good light, makes your eyes water. 189 more words


Red Gallery - Northern Cardinal

Quoting my Friend’s Comments

“Always a welcome sight on a Saturday, H.J. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.” ~ Tanja Britton

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The Circus is in town

A couple of hours at Hesketh first thing was a little damp. Quite quiet on the bird front too, but a few highlights.

The leucistic Starling I found the other week was amongst the hordes and gave some quite close views, but I couldn’t get the camera on it – a very striking bird when seen well. 139 more words


Bird Cottage

Something a bit different today. I felt flattered when Pushkin Press in the UK asked me to  review a book.  It turned out to be a good one, and the best of both worlds for me–reading a free book about a fellow lover of nature–heaven! 999 more words

Nature Writing

Double-crested cormorant

双冠鸬鹚Double-crested cormorant 学名:Phalacrocorax auritus)”是鹈形目鸬鹚科的鸟类,鸟嘴强而长,上嘴两侧有沟,嘴端有钩,适于啄鱼”.”趾扁,后趾长,有蹼相连。潜水后羽毛湿透,需张开双翅在阳光下晒干后才能飞翔。” 它的亲戚普通鸬鹚(学名:Phalacrocorax carbo)在中国民间还被称为鱼鹰。但它其实并不是真正的Osprey(鱼鹰),详细可见这篇文章:《鹗和鸬鹚:谁才是真正的鱼鹰?》




Bird's ID - Red-masked Parakeet

Red-masked Parakeet

The Red-masked Parakeet (Psittacara erythrogenys) is a medium-sized parrot from Ecuador and Peru. It is popular as a pet and are known in aviculture as the cherry-headed conure or the red-headed conure. 202 more words