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Photography of Birds - Set # 81

Set # 81

Blue Jay

They have a pronounced crest on the head, a crown of feathers, which may be raised or lowered according to the bird’s mood. 150 more words

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Hey guys, welcome back! We got ourselves a nuthatch today! The red-breasted nuthatch is the second of two eastern species of nuthatch (there’s more out west which hopefully will be added to my list some day.) They are actually found throughout North America including 49 of the 50 states (sorry Hawaii) and are more common in the Rocky Mountains where they live year round. 334 more words

Okefenokee Swamp Spotted Sandpiper

Scanning the shore with my binoculars as my daughter piloted our canoe around Billy’s lake, I was a bit startled when I saw a small group of four plump sandpiper birds gathered on a downed cypress tree. 357 more words

National Wildlife Refuge


Here are some real photos by Graham Lewis, a real photographer.  They were taken during a recent stay at Fish Lake in the southern Cascades:


How Watching Birds Can Help the Earth and You

Once upon a time, everyone knew the names of the local birds. Then as humans migrated from rural areas to cities, that knowledge was lost in time. 540 more words

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Canada Day Dip

Wednesday 01 July 2020. Nova Scotia.

With a title like that you might think I was going to talk about a nice day at the beach, or maybe a tasty (possibly red and white-coloured) concoction that you could scoop up on crackers, crisps (ok, chips!) or crudites (if you are feeling posh/healthy)! 2,222 more words


Who Can Name This Bird?

When I was out for a walk yesterday, a passing police car stopped to watch what I was doing. I think I probably looked suspicious. Perhaps someone phoned in to say that there was a woman standing outside their house and taking photos of their tree. 188 more words

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