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Gull Time

The golden hour just before the sun sinks below the horizon makes for nice light. It also seems to bring out a final flury of Gulls over the water. 15 more words


Heron In The Fog

It has been unseasonably warm around Charleston, SC this winter. The evenings cool, not cold. This means each morning brings fog.

This Great Blue Heron walked by us giving me a nice simple background. 30 more words


Winking Screech Owl

Want to thank Bridgette for letting me know where to find this cutie. So many photographers with their tripods and this cute little Screech Owl just slept and was not bothered by the onlookers.



fly south, little guy
you can’t live
on sugar ice


Shrimp For Lunch

This is an image that has been around for some time. While gathering photographs for a print order I found it. There are many new visitors that regularly stop here so I  wanted to share this, again. 21 more words


Heron Flying Low In A Rookery

Photographed as this Great Blue Heron flew off to find more sticks for the nest.

For the next 3 months this will be their life. Sticks, food, repeat until dark. 47 more words



They are everywhere! American Crows are of the Corvidae family of birds, which also includes jays, magpies, nutcrackers, and ravens. They are known to be highly intelligent, all black and vocal with a raspy voice. 66 more words