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Rare Bird Sighting!

Its call, unmistakeable. Its presence? Unbelievable. But here it is, wandering the grounds, headed toward the manager’s office thinkin’ maybe this looks like a nice place to live… 67 more words


In the Quiet

No bigger than a small lemon, and with an equally yellow cap, the golden crowned kinglet is a tiny harbinger of spring. Never still for more than a few seconds, it flits busily among the trees, its high-pitched song easier to hear than the bird itself is to find. 82 more words


She Looks Tired And Beat, Heron

The young are growing fast in this nest. Loud and demanding. The poor adult looks worn out.

These chicks are at the stage where they almost attack an adult bringing back food. 29 more words


Black-crowned Night Heron, Little Rookery

As we head into May another spot is starting to get a few residents. This Night Heron may be the first to begin nesting in the ‘Little Rookery’. 74 more words


Wood Duck Reflections

There seems to be more Wood Ducks around this spring.

Now that I have written that, where are the usual Teals ? 12 more words




A final image of the “chickens on the traffic island” on the village of Stanton Drew, south of Bristol.  Am I in love with birds?  93 more words