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Mew, mew, mew coming from the trees overhead–my husband asks–“Are those catbirds making that dying cat sound.” Yes, honey, and we’re going to be hearing a great deal more of that cat call with this sweet Gray Catbird nest! 152 more words

Cape Ann Wildlife

Ural Owl Close Up

Taken a few months ago but never published.

A little grainy, it was end of day and raining at the time.

Owl courtesy of The Center For Birds Of Prey


Sparrows Can Be Sensational

A sparrow is a sparrow is a sparrow. Right? Wrong!

The sparrows you see at your backyard feeders may be American Tree Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Song Sparrows, White-throated Sparrows or White-crowned Sparrows. 366 more words


Goldilocks and the three beds...

I had a visitor this weekend, who will…should all finally go according to plan… be the last I will receive in this house. My ex-husband came over from France to see his sons and meet his granddaughter. 858 more words


A Hard Day's Night

This is what Sid looked like after an extremely tough day. In the morning he made his rounds in the garden. Then had a hearty breakfast and played run along the fence with the neighbor dog Arno, who lives directly opposite. 90 more words