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Yellow Billed Cuckoo

This is a bird we had never photographed before. They are all along the US coast but very shy. 12 more words


Oyster Catcher At Low Tide

Some of the most striking colors of a North American bird, at least i think so. Interesting that their bill is so thin as to be almost transparent. 58 more words



The striking Lesser goldfinch’s are very small finches with dark on their head and back, the color can vary from black to dark green. Their underside is bright yellow and they have white in their wing feathers. 55 more words


Ruby-crowned Kinglet #14


A male Ruby-crowned Kinglet that was in the back yard April 13th.

I believe if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings.
(Gostave Flaubert)


SPLENDID FAIRY-WREN (Malurus splendens)

I mentioned towards the end of the last post that I was finding it difficult to photograph birds in the wild in this new home location.   539 more words


Great Egret In Flight

Classic Egret in flight shots. While I’m sure we must have hundreds of these images I cannot pass up the opportunity.

Elegant birds. 14 more words


Two Crane Flight

Dear Friends, I know I know, supposed to show odd number of subjects, but I love this and it could represent empty nesters enjoying life, til Tomorrow MJ