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Eastern Bluebird #52


A Male Eastern Bluebird that in the trees at the family farm.


Downy woodpecker #55


A Downy Woodpecker that was in the woods at the farm.


The Flax (Harakeke) & The Drunken Tui

Most days when we walk along the river there is always a fluttering of tui around the flax plants.  Watching the tui balance itself just quick enough to dart from frond to frond is quite impressive.   223 more words

Macro Photography

Great Horned Owl

No series of Owl photographs could be complete without the Great Horned Owl. The largest owl in the US, however the Great Grey and Eurasian Eagle Owl are actually larger. 134 more words


Small Tricolored Heron

I could not get an in flight shot as this heron came in. The reeds and cane were too thick. Only one good image before he turned into the thickets. 21 more words


More Proof that Dinosaurs Had Feathers

Palaeontologists have discovered a 1.4-inch dinosaur’s tail, complete with delicate feathers, bones and soft tissue, preserved in amber. The lump of resin was recovered at an amber market in northern Burma near the Chinese border, where it was destined to become jewelry.

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