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Wood duck quacking high in a gum tree

For some reason I’ve never expected to see a duck high up a gum tree. I know they fly, but somehow I think of them as spending their lives on the ground or on the water. 70 more words


Fairy-wren at last

I’ve been trying for ages to get a photo of a Fairy-wren. They’re tiny little puffballs of energy, never in one place long enough to focus the camera. 44 more words

Sydney Birds

The Elusive Common Loon's Unforgettable Voice

Loons are water birds, very shy, and lead a solitary life. They are carnivorous  as they are able to dive to depths of 200 feet in the lake water to feed themselves.   207 more words

Silvereyes at a mossy puddle

This photograph is more of a study in colour than a picture of a bird. I’d forgotten that I’d played with my camera settings on my previous outing. 40 more words



Despite the deep shade under this Coral tree (Erythrina), I can always spot a Rainbow Lorikeet Trichoglossus haematodus).

Their feather colouring is just gorgeous. 311 more words


Precariously Perched 2

This seems to be a trend. The previous acrobat was a juvenile, this is an adult Little Blue Heron. I guess they are slow learners. 33 more words


Red-breasted Nuthatch

A songbird of the United States and Canada, the red-breasted nuthatch is a widespread visitor to forests as well as feeders throughout its large range. 315 more words