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Thanks for all your good wishes on yesterday’s blip, for a speedy recovery. Surprisingly I slept quite well waking up only once. It was an Addenbrookes hospital day today, one of the long ones in clinic fourteen. 93 more words

Birds And Animals


After a frosty start the sun soon came out and melted the early morning frost.

It is that time of year when I have marking to day and with a busy week looming I decided to start today. 32 more words

Birds And Animals


A late morning appointment for my husband messed up four hours of the day so I have not done very much else.

I took today’s picture of these two Mallards sitting some way away from the still empty pond. 14 more words

Birds And Animals

Jacket Potato and a Barn Owl

Today’s picture is of my jacket potato and cheese lunch, as we left Café Thyme we met Blast and had a chat. Then we had a walk around the town before meeting some Mensa friends in Waterstones Bookshop. 67 more words

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Flying Pheasant

As rain was forecast today I decided that I would defrost the fridge and the freezer. All went well with defrosting the fridge until I bent back the nail on my left-hand. 125 more words

Birds And Animals

Shhh! It's a Secret

I was deep in thought as I glanced out the truck window watching the never-ending west Texas landscape pass by.  It’s times like these that my mind wanders and I do my best thinking.   1,023 more words