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In search of transladaptation™

Now that Against the Grain are in the process of completing their da Ponte trio with A Little Too Cozy enquiring minds want to know where the genre of site specific updating goes next.   274 more words

Not Entirely Serious

Breakfast from Birds eye

Yes you read this post title right, Birds eye are now doing a frozen breakfast range too and we were only too happy to help sample it. 177 more words


A waffle-y good breakfast. 

I’m just a girl who really likes breakfast.

I also enjoy waffles. Very much.

Mornings are a whirlwind in this household. There’s just never enough time. 187 more words



All Images Belong To Me (unless posted otherwise) // Natasha Omar

New Blog

Looking Down and Back in Time

These photos took a lot of time and effort. First, using the bird’s eye category of framing, I, as the photographer, created a scene. I took three photos in portrait using the view finder and captured the story of my broken up subjects. 63 more words

Bird's Eye

Birds Eye is bringing its eponymous bearded skipper back to TV for the first time in 10 years as part of an £8m campaign for the brand. 270 more words


Birds Eye Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Yes you read that correctly and no it’s not fish fingers or chicken dippers.

Birds Eye are venturing into frozen breakfast convenience food. It’s about time we got some new breakfast options, although pancakes and waffles are an American creation and I’d take a filthy greasy fry up over stodgy sweet desserts I’m open to experimenting. 551 more words