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Ode to a Surrealist

Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. -Rene Magritte


Here’s an ode to a surrealist… 355 more words


Birds eye and Great British pea week

Last week ( July 11th – 17th) was Great British pea week. I have no idea where pea week originates from but there is a bit of info online. 198 more words


Small and Yappy

Hello again spice lovers welcome to another tuesday review.

Today’s sauce was in the news a few months back for some quite unfortunate usage but it caught my attention for another reason. 682 more words

6th June 2016

Germander Speedwell, or Bird’s Eye as we all called it where I grew up, is the most beautiful and common of the many species of Speedwell, 94 more words

Urban Wildlife

In search of transladaptation™

Now that Against the Grain are in the process of completing their da Ponte trio with A Little Too Cozy enquiring minds want to know where the genre of site specific updating goes next.   274 more words

Not Entirely Serious

Breakfast from Birds eye

Yes you read this post title right, Birds eye are now doing a frozen breakfast range too and we were only too happy to help sample it. 177 more words


Looking Down and Back in Time

These photos took a lot of time and effort. First, using the bird’s eye category of framing, I, as the photographer, created a scene. I took three photos in portrait using the view finder and captured the story of my broken up subjects. 63 more words

Bird's Eye