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Memory Lane

February 2010

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Red Winged Visitors

These species are very numerous in our Country, especially in the open farming fields where crops are grown. They are also birds that have adapted to semi-urban areas and are very familiar with feeders, of course most feeders are designed for songbirds, smaller size birds. 129 more words


Small Pal

My backyard as well as the feeders are getting visited by more bird species now. We are  having rain almost every morning, it just mean more waste of seeds that get soaked, however the influx of birds doesn’t drop in numbers. 130 more words


Purple Gaze

Another species which just happen to have returned to my backyard are the Common Grackles. These larger birds with long legs are a bit awkward, they are also voracious and love to mess up any kind of feeders because the awkward clumsiness. 100 more words


Yellow Fellow

Having the new arrivals from species of birds that return from migration, is for me a great moment to celebrate and a sincere pleasure to see them flitting around my backyard. 145 more words