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Starling Deck - The Next Generation

I’m sorry if it may feel redundant but I just can’t ignore the continued flow of other new fledgeling Starlings that are constantly coming to my deck to feed in company of their parents. 143 more words


Upside-down Situation

This bird has a very sophisticated body shape, it is a great flier, his bill is hard as a steel lance, it’s an expert cracking open seeds and nuts and he can easily walk upside down on almost any surface in the woods. 118 more words


It's a Bird day

Birds and flowers are my favorite photography subjects. The varieties of both species are absolutely startling. The individual features and intricate details can be mind boggling.  619 more words



Although I’ve been extremely busy the past week I had one opportunity to capture some pictures of the new generation of birds which are frequenting my feeders now. 174 more words


Family Affair

Spring has been in full force stimulating birds hormones; and the product of that is quite evident from what I can see in my backyard. Either fledglings and their parents or just fledglings trying to learn the ropes about eating from feeders, also how to share these with other species. 332 more words