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Day 205: Migration

Last night, a group of friends and I ventured out to Atlantic Beach to take sunset pictures at the Sunset Pier, part of the Tideviews Preserve… 62 more words


Kiwanis Lake Photo Shoot

Yesterday, I went on a photo shoot with a wonderful group of people with the West Shore Photography Club.  We went to Kiwanis Lake in York, Pennsylvania, where there are some juvenile Great Egrets and some juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron’s.   20 more words


Splendid Wren

After the rain the wrens came out to play, usually they only flit through the gardens as a blur of brilliant blue tones but today they stayed and played and allowed my to snap their fabulous new spring coats


The Big Hush

All Spring the air here has been full of the sound of birdsong. I wish I could tell them apart more easily. I can recognise the quick rhythmic chirr of the house martins and the gentle nibbling calls of the swallows, both of which have had a bumper year so far and whose offspring now weave rich tapestries in the air with their complex swooping flights. 903 more words


Morning Birds

Crows cohabitating

In the mist

Fidelity to Mother Time

Advocating the enigma

Of the primordial daybreak

Birds at the timber’s edge

Theme of the dawn… 26 more words


Picture Post #24

Bluejay. June 2016. West Point Lake. Anderson Park.


Nest Cavity

This tree once stood on the shoreline of Hog Island in Maine, with a sweeping view of Muscongus Bay— not a bad place to raise successive generations of young birds. 92 more words