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27th February 2017 - Alex Evans, University of Leeds

Hi Biotweeps! My name is Alex and I’m a final year PhD student studying animal locomotion at the University of Leeds. My research is largely focused on integrating the mechanics and energetics of avian flight, but I also dabble in insect flight and terrestrial locomotion. 274 more words


A tale of two birds - or rather three.

The scattering of white feathers showed where a black-headed gull had been killed; the corpse lay a couple of feet away, the breast picked almost clean by the second bird, the sparrowhawk who has become quite familiar in this part of town. 126 more words


sandals stomp
over scattered skittles
& seagulls encircle us

the gathered tides
implore us to
pick a color

within these waves
a million skies… 24 more words


Red Shouldered Number 1

This is one of a pair of hawks that we have seen often.  At first they were sitting on the same branch and I really wanted that shot. 58 more words


Ruffed Grouse in the Flower Bed

This ruffed grouse made its way slowly, carefully, along the long Quonset wall, then stretched its neck out like a roadrunner and ran across the driveway and through the caragana hedge (can it be called a hedge when it’s eight feet tall?) into the flower bed. 584 more words

Personal Life

Madagascan Red Fody

It’s a rainy day here in Dubai. A few days ago on another rainy occasion I managed to snap a photograph of a beautiful little red bird called the Madagascan Red Fody (it is native to Madagascar but has been introduced to other Indian ocean islands like Seychelles and Mauritius). 21 more words