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Along the creek

It’s amazing how much wildlife coexists with human enterprise in urban areas.  Los Gatos creek is a major riparian corridor in San Jose CA that attracts not only humans anxious to flex their muscles while exercising along the trail that parallels the creek, but a wide variety of birds that utilize the ponds and creek that drain upstream reservoirs. 154 more words


Eaglet E8 to be returned to the nest today!

Such good news!  Here is a quote from the Southwest Florida cam Facebook page : “E8 RELEASE UPDATE- After 3 days in the care of… 52 more words

Bald Eagle

Life of a white-throated dipper

The white-throated dipper or European dipper (or just dipper) is a cute and loveable little bird, easy to spot thanks to its white bib and often seen on the rocks round which the water swirls and tumbles. 15 more words

Northern Rough-winged Swallow, Stelgidopteryx serripennis

Note: this post, while published, is a work in progress, as are all posts in this series, My Photo Life List. My goal is to photograph every species of bird that is seen on a regular basis here in Michigan, working from a list compiled by the Michigan chapter of the Audubon Society. 385 more words


Stencil Art

I follow some artists on Instagram who create really cute pieces of art on scraps of wood. Feeling inspired by them, I took some wood scraps from the firewood pile at my parent’s cottage. 163 more words


Polish coot winters in Dutch Zwolle

This 2011 video is from the Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A young coot had got stuck in a fence. People managed to free it. After investigation whether it was wounded, the bird was freed and swam again. 331 more words