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First Light, Bald Eagle

This Bald Eagle arrived just as I was finishing a sunrise shoot. A pair had been circling behind me but the setup for a wide sunrise does not work for wildlife, at all. 113 more words


Great Blue Heron in Autumn

I get Fall Fever each year the way some get Spring Fever.

The crisp air and scents of autumn are invigorating. I love how the landscape at the lake is transformed by the progression of leaves from their summery greens to shades of orange, yellow, and red. 404 more words

Wildlife Photography

As the Crow Flies

One early morning I was walking my dogs in my neighborhood and I looked up.

Normally, I’m looking downward to make sure Henry and Oliver do their thing so I can take them back home and hightail it to work. 872 more words


Almost A Fashion Shoot

These stylized images were not what I had planned. All I wanted was the right angle to capture both birds together.

They both posed and preened, I kept shooting. 51 more words


Ospreys Migrating

Banding birds, and the retrieval of these bands, has provided valuable information on the movement of birds. Today we also have the benefit of satellite telemetry, in which a bird carries a tracking device and its location is calculated via satellites that orbit the Earth.  280 more words

Fall Meadowlarks

It seems like we have always photographed Western Meadowlarks in spring and early summer but never in autumn so seeing a few hanging out on fence posts one afternoon singing away was a treat especially in their fall plumage.