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December 10th

A Census of Bird and Insect Nests

Seeing nests is not easy. Even though I made quick digital pictures of the nests and their locations, on successive days finding the same nest can be difficult. 1,328 more words


Baiting Wildlife

In a Facebook group post a few weeks ago there was a huge and controversial post on baiting wildlife that got a lot of comments andĀ also got a terse response and cut-off-of-discussion from the admin. 439 more words


A Sparrow's Goodnight

There’s just nothing like a sweet sparrow…

To make your day complete.




More blue birds....

Yesterday, I confessed. I love blue birds, particularly Western and Mountain Bluebirds. As these maps show, these species are at home in the west. The Eastern Bluebird, which resembles its Western cousin (or is it the other way around?) occupies a different and larger section of the continent. 637 more words