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The Big Hush

All Spring the air here has been full of the sound of birdsong. I wish I could tell them apart more easily. I can recognise the quick rhythmic chirr of the house martins and the gentle nibbling calls of the swallows, both of which have had a bumper year so far and whose offspring now weave rich tapestries in the air with their complex swooping flights. 903 more words


On Birds-The Hermit Thrush

I found myself deeply moved this morning as I hiked through a sub-alpine forest. I was surrounded by tall silvery-green Sub-alpine Firs. Small streams meandered across the path and disappeared deep into the layers of fallen decaying trees. 272 more words



A brief stop at Tualatin River NWR yesterday afternoon.  Shorebird festival underway.  They were all too far away for pictures.  But the buzzy warbles were near at hand: … 96 more words


A Defiant Song Thrush

My intention was to record a Song Thrush  (Turdus philomelos) happily singing away on his perch in the trees adjacent some barns about 75 metres away,   but I had to wait as USAF F-15 fighter jets from nearby RAF Lakenheath decided to start reconnaissance flights overhead. 80 more words

Field Recording

Birds are sleeping 20 minutes later.

A few weeks ago, the first bird was singing at 3:49 AM and a chorus was singing by 3:55. Now I am hearing the first bird at 4:10.

Evening song

The blackbird’s song flows
through an evening garden; today
ends musically.


Sounds of our life...

As I type four young swifts have been spending days flying round in circles getting ready for their long trip south. I know this because of the distinctive screeching sound as they fly creating a re-assuring soundtrack to the summer. 359 more words