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CP 123: Do Re Mi

I’ve been trying to dictate and discern any kind of reason to this bird’s song, but it’s a mess. Atonal? Tone Clusters? There is an arpeggio. I miss music 😩


Birds at dawn

Twelve of us met at the sports ground to have our ears opened to the variety of birdsong by Tom. As ever, it wasn’t really at dawn, since the birds had been up for more than an hour, but at least the cacophony of birdsong had by now quietened down making it a bit easier to discern individuals. 253 more words


Sound of Dawn

Morning Chorus

As I posted in the last blog;  birds sing loudly at this time of year. During the very early morning hours when the sun has not yet risen and everything is still in semi darkness, the birds will start to sing.   233 more words



Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge – 2
“shadow of leaves”

shadows of leaves
cover the open holes
her flute forgotten
© Jane Reichhold

only the notes of birdsong
filling the evening air


dreaming Havana

steamy Caribbean nights

women clad in song


Works in Progress

Made some progress on my “Sing Like a Bird” piece. Most of the singing woman’s face is inked, but I still have not gotten around to drawing out the birds yet, but it will get there soon! 61 more words


Tuning into to a different soundtrack

Sounds and noise surround us. Some so constant that we block them out and no longer hear them.

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