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Scat Cat Spat About Cat Scat (And Other Fecal Matters)

I confess, I’m just posting about the skill of tracking, specifically as it applies to identifying and interpreting animal scat, tracks, and other “signs… 1,280 more words


The bare tree branches,

kissed by the morning sunlight,

resembled a nest

for the tiny sparrows to

perch while they chirped their greetings.


|field session #1

field sessions is a collection of intriguing sounds captured to freeze a moment in time which will never occur like this again. what remains is soundscape de-contextualised but full of potential. 119 more words


Where words follow words,

no silence heard.

Echo sweet as the song

of a sunbird.



Even in dark days

where only despair resides

birdsong lifts my heart.

by Scooj

*I’m fine by the way, I am just experimenting with moods/emotions


Dawn Chorus by Marcus Coates @This is a Voice/Wellcome Collection, London Apr-Jul 2016

Dawn Chorus, 2007, is a multi-screen film installation and presents 19 individuals using their own voices to recreate birdsong in everyday locations which is an accurate copy of the birdsong dawn chorus recorded in Northumberland, England. 55 more words


Daniel Toca's Catalogue d'oiseaux performed by Cristina Sousa Martínez & Viv Corringham

At our recent Grand Re-Opening Event at London’s Chalton Gallery on 4 November, we also held a private view for Mexican sound artist Daniel Toca’s exhibition, … 98 more words