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Wrap the World Neat?

There is no more time
No lingering now nothing not done
Or in doing undoing
What was once badly undone.

The cold fire of reason… 81 more words


What the Birds Are Saying

I remember my first spring when I truly listened to the birds. I was amazed at the sounds I heard. It was a true medley of birdsong that was deep and complex. 566 more words


A Sacrifice of Praise

There have been many times in my life when I wished that I had the talent to write beautiful psalms like King David did. This evening was one of those times. 275 more words


Singing on into Night

Last songs
Dusk thoughts
And on into darkness.

These ephemeral voices
So bright
They pierce all fear.

A sudden wind
Winds down
The dying day. 68 more words



Flying creatures
flit and flutter
‘mongst the bushes, flowers and trees,
along with clouds and wind,
the soaring aspect
of all nature. . .

Some buzz, some chirp, 92 more words


Dragonflies & Drones

One of my favourite summer activities as a child was pond-dipping.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house with a fairly large pond in the garden and so my pond-dipping activities often extended over days and weren’t as much dipping as a thorough exploration of the life in the pond. 784 more words


The End Of The Road. The Bird is Beginning To Sleep. (Sebastian Faulk's 'Birdsong).

To be honest, I’ve read a lot of books but Sebastian Faulk’s ‘Birdsong’ has been the most difficult, but most heart-teasing of all. Birdsong is about the protagonist ‘Stephen’ who falls in love with a beautiful woman named Isabell, but due to the book’s committed time (at the beginning of the novel anyway) war interrupts what seems like a harmonising tale, and takes a dark turn to the great war of 1914 – The War To End All Wars. 341 more words