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1 / 52 Films by Women - Suffragette by Sarah Gavron

It was gritty, grimy, old school England where women were invisible, taken advantage of and shoved aside for the sake of the dominant gender. And then came the uprising; not the pretty, quiet one that authorities expected, but a physical, violent one. 328 more words


From "Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed: An Introduction to Birdsong" Simon Barnes

Silence is rarely pure. You can hear real silence sometimes deep in a cave – when, if you stop talking, the sound of nothing comes as a physical shock. 112 more words

Commonplace Book

On Birdsong, Owl Nests, and Duckweed in February

Wednesday, February 3rd

Wednesday’s field trip began with a note from Professor Cristol (henceforth he shall just be Cristol) about birdsong. True birders, he said, identified birds much more often by their sounds than by sight, and if we really wanted to get good at bird watching, we would have to spend time puzzling over field markings, songs and calls on our own. 774 more words

Bald Eagle

Sound barriers

All photos from Trektellen.nl

As I rushed to the post-box with a DVD of the inscrutable “Upstream Colour”, I was stopped in my tracks by the wheezing and deep twitter of… 227 more words

strange season

awoke to birdsong
this mild February dawn
where has winter gone?


Walking astride me
Trees and shrubs full of birdsong
I slow down to see


birds of late winter
complaining how cold it is
we hear arias