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For the Birds

This month’s episode highlights French composer, Olivier Messiaen.

Messiaen famously thought birds to be the “greatest musicians existing on our planet.” From a Nazi concentration camp, to the halls of the Sainte Trinité church in Paris, Messiaen’s compositions influenced by birdsong, the Catholic religion, and modern atonal music alike, set him apart as one of history’s greatest modern composers. 20 more words

Press Play



I hear a bird singing,

Faint, yet stronger,

Rising and falling,

A song from deep within

Where storm ravaged not too long ago.

And I know that… 21 more words


SING SONG ( 2016 )

Well, thoughts are things and birds have wings,

Feathers come from geese and egret

The sparrow trills,the robin sings

And crows caw too loud in regret. 80 more words


Currawong in song

Currawongs are medium-sized birds that look similar to magpies and butcher birds. An easy way to tell them apart is that currawongs don’t have white markings on their heads, where magpies and butcher birds do have white collars or caps. 72 more words

Sydney Birds

Male emotion, trauma, and human endurance: a three-book essay.

This is a rather longer essay than usual, which I’ve been planning for a while. I often find myself reading-at first usually by accident, then on purpose as I realize what’s happening-several books in succession exploring similar themes.  717 more words

Book Review

Birdsong (Charlotte, NC) begins distribution is SC Upstate, Midlands

Charlotte, NC’s Birdsong Brewing Co. is the latest beer maker from just across the border to begin distribution to parts of the Palmetto State. 134 more words


The Wild Heart

Most people think the best time to go about learning bird song and calls is the spring. After all, it is in the spring that the parallel world of the birds most strongly impinges on our world, through the dawn chorus and general bird activity connected to nest-building. 602 more words