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Birdsong And What To Do About It

In a previous post, I mentioned how the midday hoot of a tawny owl – and my thwarted attempts to see him – had driven me nuts.  598 more words



I will be teaching a three-session class on Yamhill birds, supplemented with three field trips to different locations.   Here’s the link if you know anybody interested, new to birding or new to our area. 18 more words


Early Birds

On the 14th May, I was the first person awake in the whole world.

Or so it felt.

It was one of those nights where sleep was just not an available option. 476 more words

Noisy neighbors

Male Red-winged Blackbird in the field beyond the pond this morning, probably nabbing some tasty bugs among the dewdrops.

Nearby, a female Red-Winged Blackbird gathers nesting material. 90 more words

Birds flying into my paintings

The first sounds that I generally hear when I wake are the birds. My husband tells me that he first hears a pheasant far off, at the moment at about 4.30, which wakes a blackbird that starts to sing just outside our window. 69 more words


The Enigma of the Skies

These days, the first thing I hear when I step outside my door is a lark. 929 more words