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I'm not dead yet!

I can associate many ages in my life with coming of age ¨goals¨:

  • 5th Birthday: Hey look, I’m an entire hand now!
  • 10th Birthday: Hey look, I’m TWO hands now!
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You Say It's Your Birthday (Part One)

When a blog post concerns the birthday of a three-year-old, there should only be one part.  This was my first mistake.

Very early on the morning of my brother’s third birthday, I was awoken by a sound that went: 223 more words


Finland+ Argentina= Greece

This is a birthday present for a friend of mine, who is half Argentinean, half Finn. So I decided to do a mole (no special reason, I just like moles) on a racing bicycle (Ando loves racing bicycles). 96 more words



As my boys birthday party approaches and my two boys are getting older I often wonder if I should start separating their birthdays. My oldest is now 8 and my youngest is 3. 74 more words


Spitting Lilly - What To Do?


Lilly was a spitter – according to a mother at the Twilight Makers Market.

And it was going to be Lilly’s birthday – very soon. 328 more words

Happy Birthday, Ken!!!!

When you are going through cancer, sometimes you are only as strong as the support that is holding you up.  I can only imagine that hearing on August 1st, that his wife had cancer was one of the scariest, most awful days of his life. 294 more words

The Baby

Its official. No denying it. As if the deep voice, height and shaving didn’t tell the story, the birthday did. My baby is thirteen. Officially a teenager. 159 more words