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Birthday .

its my sisters birthday today . She’s has revived already more money then I have and she only got one letter . I feel like I’m being forgotten like I really don’t matter anymore . 267 more words


I'm not dead yet!

I can associate many ages in my life with coming of age ¨goals¨:

  • 5th Birthday: Hey look, I’m an entire hand now!
  • 10th Birthday: Hey look, I’m TWO hands now!
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You Say It's Your Birthday (Part One)

When a blog post concerns the birthday of a three-year-old, there should only be one part.  This was my first mistake.

Very early on the morning of my brother’s third birthday, I was awoken by a sound that went: 223 more words


Finland+ Argentina= Greece

This is a birthday present for a friend of mine, who is half Argentinean, half Finn. So I decided to do a mole (no special reason, I just like moles) on a racing bicycle (Ando loves racing bicycles). 96 more words



As my boys birthday party approaches and my two boys are getting older I often wonder if I should start separating their birthdays. My oldest is now 8 and my youngest is 3. 74 more words


Spitting Lilly - What To Do?


Lilly was a spitter – according to a mother at the Twilight Makers Market.

And it was going to be Lilly’s birthday – very soon. 328 more words

Happy Birthday, Ken!!!!

When you are going through cancer, sometimes you are only as strong as the support that is holding you up.  I can only imagine that hearing on August 1st, that his wife had cancer was one of the scariest, most awful days of his life. 294 more words