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Crookdale Horseshoe

A much anticipated post this one, in one quarter at least. Seasoned followers of Beating The Bounds will remember my old friend CJ, who has appeared on this blog on many occasions. 466 more words


A Hazy Day on Lord’s Seat

A brief window of opportunity…how many times have I used that phrase on this blog? This is the internet age, the era of textspeak and limited attention spans, I ought to be using an acronym…BWOO! 434 more words


Indolence Time: Buckbarrow

I didn’t take any photos on the Sunday of our Bank Holiday Weekend. The best that can be said of the weather is that it wasn’t as rough as it had been during the night – which was one of those nights in a tent when you lie awake listening, during moments of relative calm, as a wave of wind comes roaring down the valley, crashing through the trees until it hits the tent and sends it into another paroxysm of shuddering. 577 more words


Indecision Time: Greendale Tarn and Middle Fell

The Junior Sherpa, The Adopted Yorkshire Couple, The Shandy Sherpa, The Beach Funster. Dr R discretely out of shot somewhere?

You’ll know those conversations which just go round in circles; it’s pretty clear what most people involved think, but nobody wants to make a decision? 663 more words


Birthday Jaunt: the Old Boy on Coniston Old Man

Over the Easter Weekend we had fog. Lots of it. Not so much a blanket of fog as a well-lofted, thick, winter duvet. We judged the visibility by the number of oaks we could see in the field behind our house: sometimes it dropped to just one, at other times excitement rose when as many as three loomed up through the cloud and we began to imagine that the fog might be thinning and lifting – but no such luck. 1,380 more words


Counting Steps Round Caiston Glen

Caiston Beck and Middle Dodd.

Ordinarily I’m very unimaginative when ordering photos for my posts – strictly chronological is my one fixed idea, but here’s an exception to prove the rule: this first view was taken near the end of my walk. 1,557 more words


A Scotsman captured by the Lakes

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t biased towards the mountains of Scotland, particularly the Munros. The Munros are the highest and the grandest in the UK in my opinion.  789 more words