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Blue Hearts MIA

Just thinking about Blues over the last 9, 10 even 11 months just makes me puff my cheeks, roll my eyes and sort of shrug. 1,112 more words


Blue Fever

It’s flue jab season, and there needs to be something I can take to make supporting the Blues easier.

I haven’t posted a great deal about the Blues since the end of last season. 929 more words


Trillion Trophy Asia are ruining The Blues

I’m not a Birmingham based Bluenose. Luckily enough I do not have to come into work today after losing 3-1 to a team that cannot win or score away from home and after my club has sacked a manager people were getting behind to be faced with a bunch of Villains getting abuse. 1,311 more words


Edgy Blues

Saturday 12th August, Blues at home to Bristol City for the first home league game of the 2017/18 season. I won’t lie, I wasn’t in confident mood going into this one. 742 more words


Another Season, Another Set of Expectations

Pre-season is finally over and the 4 month wait for the football season to commence is drawing to a close.

So what can be made of the close season and what do I think the season has in store? 1,189 more words


Mr Blue Sky Summer, Shame About All the Rumours

I think this will be the first summer in a long time where Blues fans can expect to have feelings of anticipation. We have a Board willing to financially back a manager (to a degree).  525 more words