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Bird of inspiration

Picking up my sketchbook the other day, I was thinking I might draw something, perhaps a face. Taking the same approach as the days before, using a sketchbook page with marks from before. 118 more words


efficient acquisition rules for ABC

A few weeks ago, Marko Järvenpää, Michael Gutmann, Aki Vehtari and Pekka Marttinen arXived a paper on sampling design for ABC that reminded me of presentations Michael gave at… 325 more words


Industrial Feeding (Three Photographs)

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At the beginning of what turned out to be a long cold snowy winter at my favorite nature reserve, I saw a man dragging an industrial sized bag of feed toward the river. 117 more words


machine learning-based approach to likelihood-free inference

At ABC’ory last week, Kyle Cranmer gave an extended talk on estimating the likelihood ratio by classification tools. Connected with a 2015 arXival. The idea is that the likelihood ratio is invariant by a transform s(.) that is monotonic with the likelihood ratio itself. 494 more words