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What Is 'Death?' --- What Is 'Birth?'

This posting utilizes two charts; an Advanced chart from the prior t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return which marks the combined death-departure of one woman and the arrival of another soul who was to continue the life-mission of the first.   1,854 more words

Carol Parrish-Harra

Separation of the sexes/Karma

The separation of the sexes occurred only during the Lemurian time. Therewith the first incarnations were possible, the taking over of a body which hadn’t already existed. 65 more words


hush little baby..

To my Baby Girl,

You have finally arrived after months of torturous waiting. I wish I could welcome you into this world with a letter better than this one. 513 more words

Birth And Death

Although Modern Philanthropic Physicians Open Gigantic Hospitals, There Are No Hospitals to Cure the Material Disease of the Spirit Soul

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Chaitanya Charitamrita

Adi Lila | Chapter 10 
Text 51

cikitsā karena yāre ha-iyā sadaya

deha-roga bhava-roga,—dui tāra ksaya…

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Hare Krishna

The modern materialistic world-conception is a product of fear and anxiety

The age of intellectualism dulled the sight of what lay in man’s inner being, but it was unable to do away with the fear. Thus it came about that man was and still is influenced by this unconscious fear to the degree of saying, “There is nothing at all in the human being that transcends birth and death.” He is afraid of penetrating deeper than this life of memory, this ordinary life of thought which maintains its course, after all, only between birth and death. 89 more words


From Where We Go

It rustles; we rustle

It breathes, as we breathe

Living, as we live

In joy, splendor, innocence,

Growing, building, expanding.

It is our time, the amber crest of fire… 85 more words