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Science of dissolution or death and how to overcome it?

While we humans ponder and worry over destruction or dissolution by death we fail seeing the truth.

A simple analogy of the Universe would be the human body. 234 more words


Who am I today

Who am I today
she wondered just yesterday.
Small losses pile up
Autumn leaves drift through the air
A clock ticks in the background

It’s that time of year. 127 more words



Do you remember what it was like inside the womb?

Maybe some of us have some sort of memory there, embedded deep inside of our minds and hearts. 1,095 more words

A time for everything

And so Big Ben has fallen silent, only to be heard on occasions such as Armistice Day and New Year’s Eve for the next few years. 601 more words

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born yet again

born yet again
loving and leaving
peeling growing itchy
skin too tight

between lurches
a hatched pattern
creases rise edgy

birth canal angular
made to order… 95 more words

Spiritual Formation

Divine Love

The resolve after time has eroded the pain
Silt of wisdom to escape an eddy
The body and blood of the anointed…. coursing through the veins of humanity… 54 more words

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