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The Moth

Isn’t it funny how patterns repeat in nature and in life?

Maybe funny isn’t the right word.


That’s better.

It is interesting that we find similar spirals in the head of a sunflower and the arms of a galaxy. 400 more words


Life as Art: What Matters?

Cricket song matters. Two new tigers born into this world matter. Their birth gives me hope. It matters. Each squalling baby matters. (Whether human or animal.) Each story matters. 222 more words

The Artist's Life

Hope Spreads Wings

Life and death balance on a tenuous thread— the start and the end of things, the start and end of every moment.

Birth sparks and hope spreads wings. 35 more words


One Voice: Orlando Shooting

What can one voice say in the midst of such a tragedy?

The largest mass shooting ever in the history of our country:
49 dead, 53 wounded. 464 more words


Fear of the responsibilities that come with birth are only one side of the coin. At other times, I  dread of the prospect of loss and death. 833 more words


Judgment day

Where does that feeling that something more–that too much–is expected from me come from?  Many of the dharma talks that I listened to online, being too ill to attend the January sesshin in person, looked into our fundamental and common sense of “lack.” They examined how this drives us to think we need to be someone else other than who we are. 871 more words