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Birth And Death

Birth and death, twin-sister and twin-brother,
Night and day, on all things that draw breath,
Reign, while time keeps friends with one another
Birth and death. 80 more words

Love and Mortality: Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday 

Good evening, readers! I am writing a quick reflection for tonight.

What a beautiful, meaningful, sad, joyous day. My heart is heavy for the losses my loved ones and our country (and world) are feeling lately. 195 more words

Maha Besar Allaah yang telah mempergilirkan kelahiran dan kematian pada hamba2 yang dipilihNya. Hanya ada dua pilihan yang keduanya sama2 baik; bersyukur atas nikmat yang datang atau bersabar atas nikmat yang hilang. 88 more words

Cerita Ummi

The growing edge

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a great time for reviewing and appraising the ending year in preparation for the new year that’s set to begin, and for many years I’ve used it for just that. 337 more words



Image by Christine Renney

We all call it Heaven but of course it isn’t. In fact we laugh at those from the Difficult Past, the ones who believed in a somewhere that was better and forever. 321 more words


Science of dissolution or death and how to overcome it?

While we humans ponder and worry over destruction or dissolution by death we fail seeing the truth.

A simple analogy of the Universe would be the human body. 234 more words