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Stopping the Mind

“Once there is right view, birth and death can no longer touch you. At that point, whether you stay or go, you do so as a free person…You should stop the mind that is always wandering around, running to the neighbor’s house to study Zen… achieve the state of having nothing to do…” 1,191 more words


India is dying...one mother/baby at a time...

Greetings my fell-low country men and women…

we really need to wake up, singly, individually and collectively.

the CURSE that is civilization is choking us…and you better believe it, civilization is the biggest curse to visit upon us. 677 more words

You mean life? Umm, it’s meaningless!

I’ll turn 30 this month. Won’t reveal the date here though.

Sitting in my office this morning, before the working hours had begun, I was having a chat with Sheiladidi, who has been managing every morning’s housekeeping tasks in this place for nearly a decade. 2,093 more words

Cancerous Humanity

Life, in all its forms, is in a perpetual state of birth and death. All the way down to the millions upon millions of micro-organisms living within our own bodies. 433 more words


art life/life as art

I’ve been looking through my mom’s blog, and found this photo of us from her last exhibit at Images Cinema in November 2012:

This show was called “Still Lifes and Figures in the Still Life.” The painting to the left of me in the photo, the chairs and lamp with the lemon tablecloth, is hanging in my apartment now and is one of my favorites. 360 more words

A Beautiful Life

I am life without boundaries

This body is not me.
I am not limited by this body.
I am life without boundaries.
I have never been born,
and I have never died. 93 more words



The saying goes that

we come into this life


and we go out

the same way.

But, wait:
What about the laborious

presence of the mother? 93 more words