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The modern materialistic world-conception is a product of fear and anxiety

The age of intellectualism dulled the sight of what lay in man’s inner being, but it was unable to do away with the fear. Thus it came about that man was and still is influenced by this unconscious fear to the degree of saying, “There is nothing at all in the human being that transcends birth and death.” He is afraid of penetrating deeper than this life of memory, this ordinary life of thought which maintains its course, after all, only between birth and death. 89 more words


From Where We Go

It rustles; we rustle

It breathes, as we breathe

Living, as we live

In joy, splendor, innocence,

Growing, building, expanding.

It is our time, the amber crest of fire… 85 more words


what is birth and what is death?


It took me several reads to be able to follow Ramana’s train of thought in this exchange with a visitor. I find that even to be able to grasp intellectually what he says here is illuminating. 477 more words

Exploring Consciousness

The Deed Is Done

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What to do when the deed is done? Is there any way by means of which I can be redeemed? These are the questions that I got from some people some time back so I am writing the answers here. 30 more words


Holy Cow: Cubs Win the World Series and Our Hearts

This is a story of resilience, of hope rewarded, of an underdog rising to greatness. It’s a story of generations, of love passed down through DNA, of unifying triumph, of a storybook “happily ever after” and… 1,081 more words

The Brilliance in Goodbye.

Like the haunting brilliance held within a collapsing star that has witnessed the unfolding of billions of galaxies which have come before and that now bows gracefully out of existence, bringing a legendary performance to a close through the rise and fall of birth and death – I rest in silent stillness, soaking in the memory of what we had become: a colorful display of passion painted with the rioting ferocity of fluctuating energy, magnetizing two wayward hearts in a space too vast to comprehend, yet grand enough to cradle the magnitude of love saturating our lives – a space which now stands witness to the timeless and explosive collision between the innocence in  11 more words