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An observation on tiredness, juggling & being happy

God, I’m tired – this is nothing spectacular or special, most of us are tired and I’m sure we are all tired of being tired. 319 more words

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Demonising co-sleeping

Occasionally, there are articles in the press reporting the tragic death of a baby in bed or on a sofa. These are rarely reported well and can result in demonising parents for co-sleeping and providing an extra level of worry for new parents. 662 more words

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The Truth About The Menopause

Tonight’s BBC documentary The Truth About The Menopause worked with different groups of perimenopausal women to find ways of managing the symptoms, especially hot flushes. 434 more words

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Babyloss & grief - you don't always have to keep it together...

I feel like an old hand at babyloss grief now – 11 and a half years in and I know how to function well with my grief, I know how it can surprise me when I least expect it,  I know that I will miss my boy for the rest of my life, I know I am grateful for being on the other side of the intensity of grief and I know how to look after myself. 473 more words

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If your baby is due in February or March...

Whether this is your first, second, third or fourth baby, you will benefit from some birth preparation – it could be about gathering information and skills, refreshing your knowledge, birth debrief and getting your head focused for the birth of your baby. 78 more words

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Labour & Birth: why does how you breathe matter?

We can all breathe right, so why do we need to know how to breathe for labour and birth?

I have focused on Relax & Breathe for the past 10 years and I have seen how relaxed breathing has made a difference to how women feel in pregnancy, as well as how it can affect how they feel and work with their contractions during labour. 392 more words

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Parent Voices: Enjoy Every Minute?

As my bump grew bigger and the start of maternity leave loomed, I began to hear it from acquaintances, friends and strangers:

‘Enjoy every minute’ 714 more words

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