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Looking Deeper into Astrology - The Houses

In my last post, I talked about the planets and how they represent different aspects of each persons psyche.

Read about the planets here

Now we get to take a quick look at the houses in an astrology chart. 1,025 more words

Looking Deeper into Astrology - The Planets

Natal astrology observes that the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth indicate the style in which each planet’s component is manifested in your life. 846 more words

Far Out

Your Life - It Is Written In The Stars

Imagine if all human beings came with an operating manual. A guide book listing the features and benefits for each individual. Kind of like an personal operating system similar to Windows or Mac’s OS. 775 more words


The Basics of the Houses & Planets

Natural Rulerships and Exaltations of planets in the houses

Your mars sign or any other planet can gather strength from being in certain houses, for instance Aries rules the first houses and Mars. 2,309 more words

A Little Bit Of You

Birth Chart Readings

Greetings everyone! If you have never heard of a birth chart before, you should probably look into getting a birth chart reading. Why? Well, by getting a birth chart reading, you will be able to get a better understanding of yourself using astrology. 47 more words


Frustrations on interpreting a birth chart when the time of birth is unknown

You may (or may not) remember the other day when I blogged about the house system in a natal (birth) chart.  What I didn’t mention is what happens when a person’s time of birth is unknown.  523 more words

Choosing your child's activities based on their birth chart

Every parent wants to have a brilliant and talented child, and often parents choose activities for them based on their own interests or what they would have wanted for themselves (“Oh look at how cute she dances, we should put her in dance classes!”). 561 more words