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Imbalance of Fire in the Natal Chart

 J. M. W. Turner, The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834, oil on canvas, 925 x 1230 mm
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Natal Chart

Grace and Neptune: Liberation Through Dimensional Experience

While Uranus signals an urge to experience a new, willful level of individualistic, expressive freedom, Neptune indicates an impetus toward freedom from the boundaries of intellect. 458 more words

Natal Chart

Astrological Destiny - Natural Birth vs Caesarean

For millions of women throughout history, childbirth has been a traumatic, often fatal  experience, natural or otherwise. The first reference of a baby being cut out of a womans body was recorded around 298 BCE, when Queen Durdhara had accidentally ingested poison from sharing the Kings food, (his Minister added poison to his food to strengthen his immune system) she was 7 days away from giving birth, as she began to die, her husband cut off her head and opened up her belly up with a sword to save the child. 1,092 more words

The Asteroid Goddesses: Harbingers of Dynamic Transformation

In order to transcend inertia and propel oneself towards cycles of evolutionary advancement, momentum is a necessary catalyst for transformation. In personal transcendence, momentum is accomplished through the compression of emotions, where intensification signals the first phase of metamorphosis. 356 more words

Natal Chart

Creating a new life for yourself! May 2017.

May 10th, 2017 through November 6th, 2018, a new chapter is starting in your life. The Nodes change signs into Leo and Aquarius, the nodes stay in a sign for about 18 months, they are dealing with fate, destiny and course correction, bringing you the change that many may need after the nodes being in Pisces and  Virgo. 691 more words


How I Read a Natal Chart

Here is a short video showing how I read a natal chart.  Hope you enjoy!  And please email me if you want a reading.  First reading is always free!


Lilith: Depersonalization Through the Astrological Houses

Lilith’s astrological house placement signals to degrees of personal immaturity. Here, superficial expectations create distortions that impede clarity of judgement. In Lilith’s particular house placement, sophistication of impersonality must be mastered through a series of self-centered denials. 332 more words

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