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New Moon in Leo, 23 July, 2017....get your Groove on and Shine!

New Moon in Leo, 23rd July, @7:45:32 pm.

  • Sun conjunct Moon, Conjunct Mars, trine to Chiron, square to Uranus. Venus and Saturn are squaring it up in the background.
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The Future of Trump

Over the past few months, the question I’ve been most consistently asked is: what will happen with Donald Trump. It’s an interesting question and since it turns out there’s quite a bit of agitation taking place right now in the Donald’s chart, I’m willing to give it a shot. 582 more words


Sun enters Leo!

The Sun strides into Leo, sharing the Leo lime light with Mercury, Mars and the North Node. Plus you have a new moon in Leo happening and this is also the beginning point to the eclipse season.  122 more words


Twelve House of Astrology

In Astrology one of the basic premise is charting your Horoscope or your Birth Chart, where the 12 signs of the Zodiac are found in 12 houses of Astrology. 682 more words


Astro bits, 21 July, 2017!

SUN square URANUS, SUN trine CHIRON. MERCURY conjunct the NORTH NODE.

The energy is high, things may come as a surprise or be unpredictable, you may find that, it’s within you, you want to breakaway from a troubling spot, or you want to stray away from the routine. 153 more words


Freddie Mercury chart pt3

So in looking deeply into Freddie’s possible Leo rising charts, one is viable through all the life events I can find. The chart below set at 29° Leo. 174 more words


Astro bits, 17th July, 2017!

VENUS square NEPTUNE, MARS squares URANUS, Moon in Aries.

With Venus hitting up hard against Neptune whatever you want in money, love, relationship. May be out of reach. 175 more words