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Birth chart artworks by Waltraud Pospischil

Waltraud Pospischil is an artist, poet and writer who lives and works in Bristol. Waltraud recently created two new artworks to celebrate individuals who have had a positive effect on her life as an artist. 866 more words


3 Tips to Maximize Your 1st House


To maximize the 1st house of the birth chart this post will be describing the astrological technique called Profection. There are other techniques as well for optimizing the 1st house which I will post about in the future. 484 more words


How to Tell if a Retrograde Event Will Affect You Personally...

Yesterday, as you may already know, Mercury went into retrograde (“Rx”) motion. It joined Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, which had already been in retrograde-mode.

As I tend to do whenever a Planet turns retrograde, I began urging people to not just make blanket assumptions about a given Rx event, but to hold each one of these events up to their own birth-charts to see if the event would have any direct impact on anything in those charts. 944 more words


Quintiles Questionnaire Query

One of the more important concepts in Astrology is the Aspect. These are special geometric relationships that can form between two or more Planets or Points in a chart. 670 more words


Neptune Disconnected...

It’s pretty popular in the Astrology world to talk about what’s happening among the Planets out there in our solar system. The idea is that the Planets are very visible indicators of certain invisible forces making themselves felt in our reality. 631 more words


The Door Between Identity and Freedom: Saturn in the 12th House

As the final spectrum of the astrological sphere, casting the Ascendant’s proverbial penumbra, the twelfth house encapsulates both endings and beginnings. It symbolizes the end since it necessitates a sacrifice of the conscious personality as a distinct and separate form of identity. 629 more words

Natal Chart

Saturn: Ascetic Impetus of Psychic Consciousness

Modern Western astrology retains a generalized, two-dimensional, shallow interpretation of the natal chart. There is often an unspoken consensus that a chart should be construed on the basis of society’s moral axioms, a standardized method that fabricates dogmatic categories between the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’, moral and immoral, all at the detriment of the potentially rich symbolism and subtle paradoxes at its disposal. 365 more words

Natal Chart