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From Pluto to the Sun: A Metaphoric Journey of the Soul (Pt. 1)

The following sketch was presented to me in a dream, therefore I cannot argue for or against its factuality. However, as few axioms in astrology are “factual”, I can certainly appreciate this metaphoric explanation of a soul’s journey, from Pluto to the Sun: 475 more words


Astrology: My Natal Chart

I mentioned in my previous post that my astrological chart is indicative of the fact that I am meant to be a spiritual seeker. For those who can interpret natal charts, mine is below. 187 more words

Libra Nick Cannon is expecting baby #3 but not with Ms. Mariah

Nick Cannon dropped a sensation … he affirmed he’s expecting a kid with performing artist Brittany Bell.

Nick Cannon spilled the tea with “The Breakfast Club” Thursday … saying he’s taking after God’s requests to be productive and increase. 151 more words


#6 Equinox -Uttarayana and Dakshinayana on the Birth Chart

We know that the Birth chart or the Kundli actually the SKY represented on PAPER.

So lets see how the Sun travels in NORTHERN – UTTARAYANA and SOUTHERN – DAKSHINAYANA in the Birth Chart: 233 more words


Capricorn Sun Sign: December 22 – January 19

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

When your sun is in Capricorn, you are very driven to have your desires met. 712 more words

How to learn the Art of  Prediction through Retrograde Research ?

(For knowers of Astrology)

Do you often look at Birth charts and end up giving wrong predictions ?

And how often do you loose confidence on wrong prediction ? 196 more words


Venus Signs

Your Venus sign is all about love. Essentially it is the planet of affection and also the planet of feminine energy. It is also the planet of beauty and pleasure. 265 more words