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November Thanksgiving Half-off Astrology Specials!

Happy Thanksgiving! As a Thank You to all of my clients, subscribers, followers, and viewers, I’d like share my cornucopia of abundance and offer a Thanksgiving Special for the entire month of November! 51 more words

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What is your Moon sign?

Your personality is defined by your Sun sign.

Your moon sign helps define your emotions and makes up the unconscious side of your personality – it represents your instinctual self, and explains why you do what you do. 888 more words


Oh my. What a whirlwind of a time I’ve been having! After working my tail off for a company for the past few months, this weekend I was unceremoniously let go. 344 more words


Moon in Virgo - the Beautiful Mind

I was debating writing about this Moon- it is one of the more demanding but then I thought how demanding it must be for those born with it- and decided to stop complaining. 896 more words


Astrology 101: Empty Houses (Part 1)

So now we’ve looked at what the Houses are in Astrology: what they look like in a chart in pictorial form (pie-slices!), and what kinds of information they can reveal about the life of the chart-holder. 803 more words


Leslie Knope: An Astrological Interpretation

I’m going to conduct an experiment.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the television series Parks and Rec, starring Amy Poehler as the very energetic and passionate local government employee, Leslie Knope. 3,131 more words


10 Astrological Life hacks

1. Know you are so much more…Then your Sun sign.

2. Always keep tabs on approaching transits. That way next time you want to eat your refrigerator, flirt with your neighbor or kill their dog- you know why. 302 more words