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How to know if planet Ketu Benefic or Malefic in Individual or Mundane Horoscope Chart

– Ketu in Vedic Astrology rules over your karma balance, spirituality, religiousness, detachment of mind, Near Death Experiences (NDE), After Life, Astral Body etc.
Ketu or South Node of Moon stays in each sign for about 1.5 years and usually takes 18 years to complete a zodiac cycle. 948 more words


Effects of Rahu Benefic or Malefic in Horoscope

How to know if planet Rahu Benefic or Malefic in individual or mundane horoscope chart

– Rahu in Vedic Astrology rules over your luck, religious beliefs, speculative nature, honesty, old age diseases, past life karma, alchoholism, smoking habit etc. 801 more words


Rise and Shine!

Image under creative commons licence by ABC Television (eBay front back) , via Wikimedia Commons

Last time I wrote I said that we could look at something different other than the Moon signs and that is exactly what this blog is about, if  you feel like you want to know more about ‘rising and shining’ astrologically, then this is the place for you. 1,107 more words

Finally ended the Tropical (Western) vs Sidereal (Vedic) astrology battle!

If you are an astrologer or a fan, you will know that there are two main astrology systems. And these two systems have 30° or so difference between the signs. 286 more words

Universal Laws

5 More Special Messages from Spirit: Oct 2017

My Oct 22, 2017 Spirit Channeling:

1. There is a “red shift” introduced into most of your lives around mid July 2017 and it will be in effect until the end of January 2018. 629 more words

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Lilith in Gemini: Mercurial Maelstrom of Revelation

Still life photography by Saturn & the Sun Astrology.

Lilith’s astrological significance, as channeled through the stimulus of Gemini, is a whirlwind of cerebral sagaciousness that pulverizes the circumscribed scope of societal misinformation. 447 more words


Fallacies about birth chart rectification

1. A person’s life events are all that is needed for an astrologer to determine their birth chart’s correct Ascendant.

FALSE – I could show you many cases (from my own attempts) in which progressions (from an inaccurate birth chart) for a person’s life events seemed to fall perfectly into place even according to my stringent… 527 more words