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Sun/Moon Blends : Libra Sun, Taurus Moon

For many of us, moments of true equilibrium don’t necessarily occur as often as we would like. In fact, we may even find them to be a bit elusive. 383 more words

Moon in Taurus

Inspired by my birth chart, since I have the moon in Taurus.
Kind of still working on the Sun sign / Ascendant.

Artist Me

Who Am I - According to Western Astrology

This is article 2 of a triptych. You can read the introduction here.

I was born on the 24th of November so that makes me a Sun Sagittarius, in a cusp with Scorpio. 3,716 more words


Bazi - Birth Year Calculation

Bazi (八字) literally means “eight words” – using eight simple words to summarize any individual’s life.  八字算命 (aka Bazi fortune telling) is only one of the many predictive astrological methods that the Chinese fortune tellers use on a daily basis.   1,120 more words

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Rising Sign in Gemini

Your rising sign is the sign that is on the horizon at the moment of your birth.  It shows how other people perceive you, and may be completely different from your birth sign.  115 more words

Predict to the Nearest Hour

This is actually a long overdue post ever since I have started this blog — predicting the birth time of a person by employing a combination of techniques from Western and Eastern astrologies.   930 more words

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