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The Venusian Earth Spirit: Taurus and the North Node

Solar rays now illuminate the constellation of the Bull, heralding the expanding force of the Sun. Taurus, or Torus (meaning protrusion, akin to the protective barrier of the cerebellum), is the fixed modal expression and the first of the earth triplicity. 574 more words


Taurus Season: Meet me as told by the Sun + Stars.

It’s that time of year. This Friday, April 20th, we’ll be entering Taurus Season!

Before this year, I didn’t know much about astrology, except some basics about my sign and the occasional horoscope from Refinery29 or Cosmopolitan telling me what to expect each week. 611 more words

Astrology, Karma & Transformation by Stephen Arroyo

40 years later, still a modern classic, great for beginners or advanced

More than any other astrological text over the last thirty years, this book has continued to provide me with astrological wisdom and insights that no other book can match. 200 more words

Astrology And Birth Chart Interpretation

Knock me down

This story is part of a novella – A girl was born

Do check out the first and the subsequent chapters – https://firsttimemommy.net/category/a-z-blogging-challenge-2018/

When she informed her parents of the latest development, they were very worried. 454 more words


Get Guaranteed Solutions To The Troubles in Your Life And Bring Your Life on Track

Are you suffering from degraded health condition? Different diseases, constant loss of business, imbalanced love life or marital life, or any other troubles in life will demoralize a person. 543 more words


Finding Key Themes in a Natal Chart

Reading a person’s natal chart is almost like deciphering a heavenly code that consists of divine yet enigmatic messages from “deities”, or, the so-called planets. You can also compare it to detective work, trying to spot suspiciously useful threads and pull them together to see if any clue could be found. 947 more words

Astrology Notes

OD Birthchart

Sun in 23 degrees Capricorn-11th house

Moon is 9 degrees Capricorn- 11th house

Kinda trine but I’m 19 degrees Virgo. Either way our emotions & needs work well together just not as well as a true trine. 1,347 more words

Spirit Growth