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Rectification Central

Birth chart rectification is probably the least called for, but most difficult of all astrological services. In seeing the persistent need for it, however, I decided to make it my specialty several years back and learn to do it to the best of my ability. 244 more words


Janis Joplin: two birth certificates, two times

They don’t differ by a whole lot, but it is worth noting to make the point that the time on a birth document should not be taken literally. 216 more words


Hillary Clinton Chart

What is happening in Hillary Clinton’s chart?  The front for the democratic nomination has dhad the presidential seat as a goal for a long time. We know she has the drive and ambition, but do the planetary alignments show her desired outcome as a possibility? 391 more words


Birth Chart

J Paul Hawthorne posted a chart on Facebook showing the birth places of his ancestors and a lot of genealogists followed suit.  I may be a little bit behind the curve, but here is mine.



Do you ever look at the sky?

Now is an interesting time to do so, as, as I recently discovered, Saturn is in Sagittarius. The joys of this position include juxtaposition of freedom and limitation, meant to bring eventual clarity and longevity to the endeavors that mean most to you. 410 more words

Natal Moon in Virgo

Your moon sign shows your emotional nature and the type of energy you find most comforting. Depending on how your moon sign interacts with the rest of your chart, you may not express this side of yourself to the outer world. 666 more words



Horoscope: “A short forecast for people born under a particular sign – especially as published in a newspaper or magazine”

We all like to read our horoscope in the latest magazines or newspapers.  315 more words