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Astro bits, 15th Sept, 2017!

Well, the energy has settled somewhat, not as twitchy as the last few days. But, I would say you’re feeling tired/drained from it.
Venus the planet of love and money is in a harmonious aspect to Jupiter, expansion, brings in a happy vibe. 125 more words


Birth Chart: For Knowing Your Past, Present, and the Future

The birth chart is an individualized horoscope of a person that depends on an individual’s birth date, the season of birth, and the place of birth. 357 more words

Birth Chart

Astro bits, 25th Aug, 2017!

You want your feelings to level out, to find some balance, but the Moon hits into Pluto, so here comes that feeling again, more deep intense feelings come floating to the surface. 36 more words


Sun in Virgo and Astro bits, 24th Aug, 2017!

SUN in VIRGO, time to get back to reality, ground down into the daily ritual, work and service that is life. She comes back to earth and find that it humbles her. 259 more words


Venus square Jupiter, 17th Aug, 2017!


I generally, think and feel anything that involves Venus and Jupiter is good. With Venus coming off here hit with Pluto which was, well just too much, felt like unraveling or coming undone? 180 more words


Astro bits, 16 Aug, 2017!

MOON in Gemini, square Mercury Rx in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. Mercury opposite Neptune.

With Moon in Gemini aspect Mercury take the time out to go over your choices, decision you have made or go over what is happening now. 204 more words