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I kinda obsessed with numerology, astrology and any stuff like that. it feels like I could analyze somebody personality eventho I don’t know about him/her at all thru the number. 1,754 more words

Birth Chart

How My Birth Chart Changed My Life.

I used to think that stuff like astrology and horoscopes was total bollocks. Made up for fun and killing time.

Now I know I was very wrong. 714 more words


Polarity in Astrology

There are three primary sets of symbols that we work with in Astrology: the Planets, the Signs, and the Houses.

In brief:

The Planets are drives and imperatives within us. 623 more words

Fortune in Your Chart

If you know your chart you will know yourself and how to time your success. I have written about election astrology and charts which are picking a good or excellent moment to start a project or promote yourself. 352 more words


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AETERNALIGHT ASTROLOGY: An Honest Analysis on Kori’s Saturn Return

With Saturn conjunct your Ascendant from your first house side, you have turned yourself into a human fortress, building your walls brick after brick, quite possibly guided by some form of conditioning that shaped your perspective (Sagittarius). 178 more words

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