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Ask Dr. Sally: Will Birth Control Get Rid of My Acne?

Blemishes! Breakouts! Acne! Pimples! Zits!

Whatever you want to call them, there’s one thing all those words have in common… we don’t want them! Personally, I didn’t experience acne throughout my teen years. 670 more words

Birth Control

Anniversary of Spanish-language publication of Family Limitation

To celebrate the publication of a Spanish-language translation Margaret Sanger’s  Family Limitation’s in Merida, Mexico, her grandson Alexander Sanger wrote the following new introduction: 996 more words

Birth Control

Birth Control and the Politics of Accessibility

Last week NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, along with twelve other social justice organizations in Virginia that make up the Women’s Equality Coalition, announced their legislative agenda for 2016 to the General Assembly. 639 more words

General Assembly

Goodbye Israeli

The big news for 2016 is that The Israeli is gone.

I’d like to tell you that I know why.   He just up and stopped calling and texting which in my book means “he’s not that into me” so I just let him go by the wayside. 115 more words


My Morning Walk Past Planned Parenthood

Every day on my walk to and from work, I pass by Planned Parenthood.  Most days, it is a very quiet street.  Every so often, though, there is a mass of people gathered across from Planned Parenthood. 1,090 more words


The one where she rants about condoms

Pulling out is not an approved form of birth control.

Just so you know.

I’ve run into several men lately who think it is and that condoms are unnecessary. 110 more words

Birth Control

Sore Losers

Republicans/Conservatives are the definition of sore losers. Even when they tilted the scales with Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, they still lost. Today, the Chairman of the Republican Party is Donald Trump, a narcissistic extraordinaire.   125 more words

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