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My Experience With The Mirena

Hey y’all!

So this past Wednesday, I FINALLY got the Mirena IUD! I have been trying to get that shit since January but lovely Tricare made that pretty complicated. 771 more words

Birth Control

IUD Myths

  IUD’s are consistently growing in popularity but there are still many women who shy away from them based on myths.  I am here to clear some of those misconceptions up and explain the benefits. 213 more words


No Skyla, This Is NOT My Baby

It comes as no surprise that I like birth control. I think that birth control is not only good for individuals, be they men or women, and is good for society and the planet as a whole. 1,186 more words

Birth Control

Ask Dr. Sally: What Can I Take For Painful Periods?

We received another great question and here’s our response…

I have fibroids in my uterus and they make my periods really painful.  I’m looking for something I can take for relief from the pain and I prefer natural therapies.

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Birth Control

How Important is it to Take Your Birth Control Pill at the Same Time Everyday?

I get this question fairly often and the short answer is that yes, it is more effective and lessons the chance of unplanned pregnancy if you take them at the same time everyday. 212 more words


Women’s History Month Highlight: Doctor Rebecca Gomperts

Anna Lobastova, Co-President of the Reproductive Justice Club at ASU and Appalachian State University Senior

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 21.6 million women experience unsafe abortions every year and 47,000 of these women die as a result of complications that arise from these procedures. 355 more words

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Fighting to Increase Latino Access to Care

Vanessa Gonzalez-Plumhoff, Director of Latino Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is no stranger to small town talk and how intimidating it may be. And like many Latina women, she knows what it’s like for her sexual health to feel beyond her control. 294 more words

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