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Let’s Talk About Plan B (and other forms of emergency contraception)

Practicing safe sex is very important for many reasons. One reason we will focus on today is preventing unplanned pregnancies even after having unprotected sex. This is where emergency contraception (“EC”) enters the scene — it helps prevent pregnancy after the deed is done. 586 more words

Birth Control

One Hundredth Anniversary of the Brownsville Clinic—A Media Opportunity

On October 16, 1916, Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in the United

States. The Brownsville clinic violated Section 1142 of the New York State Penal Code. 1,116 more words

Birth Control

Male Birth Control With a Flip of A Switch

The future of contraception may allow men to control their fertility with just a flip of an on-off switch! This switch, called the Bimek SLV, was developed by German researchers. 384 more words

Birth Control

Monday Reads

Good Morning!

We have an interesting SCOTUS decision/nondecision just announced on the challenge to the Affordable Health Care’s provision for Birth Control.  Basically, they sent the case back to the lower courts… 1,761 more words

War On Women