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Ignoring Facts and Telling Stories: On Carly Fiorina And The Viral Planned Parenthood Videos

Carly Fiorina’s appearance on Meet The Press has brought forth yet another backlash against funding for Planned Parenthood. “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd recalled the story she told during the second Republican presidential debate earlier this month in which she described a scene in one of the “undercover” Planned Parenthood videos. 627 more words


Margaret Sanger and India's Philosophers

Previously on the Sanger Papers blog, we’ve talked about Sanger’s relationship with Gandhi. If you haven’t read Sanger and Gandhi: A Complex Relationship, or any of our other blogs about Sanger’s trips to India, then you might be surprised to hear Sanger and Gandhi didn’t always agree. 749 more words

Birth Control

Happy Birthday Margaret Sanger!!!

Margaret Sanger,  who would have been 136 years old today, would no doubt be shocked to learn we are still fighting the battle for reproductive rights, or that she has become a pawn in this endless battle. 163 more words

Birth Control

Monday Reads

Well, it’s Monday again!

I thought I’d highlight two women’s attempts to get “justice” today. One woman didn’t really get her day in court. The other one has overstayed her time in court. 2,581 more words

Morning Reads

My Pharmacist and Me: How California Pharmacists Can Help Protect Patient Privacy

As pharmacists prepare to step into the ring of providing sensitive family planning services to their patients, it is important to brush up on patient confidentiality strategies, especially as they pertain to teens. 463 more words

Birth Control

Clearing Pathways and Removing Barriers

Clearing Pathways and Removing Barriers- Why LARCs work!!

Alicia Anderson

Community Outreach Coordinator

A Step Ahead Foundation

Half of all pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended.  406 more words


New Intrauterine System- IUS –advances the IUD concept

More Choices Available for Long Acting Birth Control
Perhaps you may remember the IUD or the Copper T that was first introduced in the 1980’s. Now there’s a new birth control device called IUS or Intrauterine System. 369 more words

Dr. Vivien Brown