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Birth Control: Breaking Down the Basics

By Julianna Perkins

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People all over the world get periods. People all over the world have sex. People all over the world should, theoretically, have the right to access birth control. 2,307 more words

Be Fruitful and Let’s Not Multiply So Much: An Argument for Birth Control to Combat Our Food Problem

Unless there’s an amazing undiscovered human who is half plant and gets energy from the sun, every human being needs food for energy. The United Nations estimates that the world population in 2050 will increase to 9.3 billion, up from a 1999 estimation of 8.9 billion (Kristof). 1,350 more words


Pope Paul VI - Prophet #HumanaeVitae50

Pope Paul VI, author of Humanae Vitae, On Human Life, was criticized when he released his controversial encyclical back in July of 1968.  He stated that artificial birth control was “intrinsically evil.”  He also foresaw the events that are happening in our world today. 17 more words


my contraceptive experience

I have been raised by a hippie. Considering I had probably the strictest mother out of my group of friends growing up, I have been brought up on some very new-age health ideals. 827 more words


Why I Quit The Pill (Hormonal Birth Control)

The easiest answer to “Why I quit The Pill” is:

Doesn’t this make you feel as if you were a cow, getting pumped up with hormones every day to be “good enough” for this world? 497 more words