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Court: Birth Control Mandate Violates Religious Rights

JEFFERSON CITY (AP/KMOX) — A federal judge has ruled in favor of a Missouri lawmaker who cited religious objections while challenging the inclusion of birth control coverage in his government-provided health insurance. 481 more words



First off, can I just openly admit that this blog has an identity crisis? This was supposed to bee the blog about Peanut, and the challenges of parenting her, the spirited, stubborn, anxious, sensitive, and strong willed girl that she is. 1,201 more words

WTF Is Hobby Lobby and What Does It Want With Your Vagina?

WTF Happened? So if you’re feeling a little bit lighter since Monday it has a lot less to do with the three pounds you lost on your new all-adderall-and-salad diet and a lot more to do with the big bundle of rights you lost when the Supreme Court decided that Mean Girls is somehow not part of

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What You Should Know About Korlym

The first and the most important information related to Korlym, a brand of Mifepristone is that this medication should not be used by pregnant women as it may cause miscarriage or damage to an unborn baby. 349 more words

Birth Control

"Didn't go quite as described:" Women across the country, here in WI experience issues with Essure

MILWAUKEE — It seemed to be the perfect solution. Little pain. No surgery. A quick recovery. But for some women — using Essure permanent contraceptive has been a nightmare, and it’s led to the very thing they were trying to avoid: surgery. 552 more words


YIKES -Explaining Puberty!!!

Every parent at some point has to face the realization that their little John or Suzie is growing up. That there will be a time that comes when explaining “the birds and the birds” has to be done -aka puberty. 684 more words


Herb of the Week: Cat's Claw

Out of the hundreds of different medicinal herb’s out there, this one has quite the unique name.

Cat’s Claw.

It may sound peculiar, but it is one effective herb against pathogens and an effective natural remedy for multiple diseases. 855 more words