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An Intro to FAM: The Best Birth Control You've Never Heard Of

Are you sick of the side effects of different birth control methods? Hate using condoms? Don’t you just wish there was an all natural magic herb that could be used for contraception? 887 more words

Birth Control

The Birth Control Pill... The bad and the ugly

It seems that every time somebody has acne, cramps, or irregular periods, doctors want to prescribe us The Pill. Although important for preventing unwanted pregnancy, The Pill has  983 more words

Birth Control

Birth Control Pills & It’s Emotional Upheavals

Legalized Personality Altering Drugs

As I grew into a woman, I became quite reserved, not given to much emotional outbursts. I learned to quiet my spirit and spent hours in my Savior’s presence, weaning my soul from this world. 576 more words

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Two States Just Made It A Lot Easier For Women To Get Birth Control

Women who have been on birth control know how much of a struggle it is to get a prescription, and furthermore how annoying it is to try to get it on a monthly basis. 257 more words


Pharmacists will soon be able to prescribe birth control in 2 states

Women in Oregon and California will be able to get a prescription for birth control from their pharmacists without ever having to visit a doctor after two new state laws take effect in the coming months. 222 more words

California & Oregon Just Made A Major Move When It Comes To Birth Control Pills

Getting birth control just became easier than ever for women in California and Oregon. These states have just passed laws that will allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills without a doctor. 202 more words