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Capn Boo; "College and Birth Control"....

I thought I at least had ten years before I had to have these types of conversations with any of my three girls…..

But true to form my five year old daughter Capn Boo flexed her intelligence muscle and opened a can of worms. 348 more words


Long-term Hormonal Contraceptives Carry Increased Cancer Risk

British scientists have uncovered a disturbing find that those women on long-term hormonal contraceptives, five years or longer, carry an increased risk of glioma—the most common form of brain cancer… 210 more words

"We're not taking requests." (Whatever Wednesday)

You know what’s weird?

No one used to ask me the awkward questions because I was obviously awkward enough.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”  Not once. 878 more words

Growing Up

Why Not Consider It?

So I’m half way through my first week back from spring break and its dragging, lets be honest. I take a women’s gender and sexuality studies class and I just reblogged a post that I found interesting and pretty important! 108 more words

Birth Control

Nothing can mess up my hormones and emotions like a birth control shot can….and I literally mean, Nothing! My face randomly gets hot now. I’m always having a “

45 more words

How to stop the unwanted pregnancy with the help of MTP kit?

Scientific approach and modern technology has not made our easy and simple but also convenient to use when it is the matter of using kit, be it abortion kit or anything else. 649 more words

Buy Abortion Pills (200mcg Misoprostol) Online

PetSmart and a Society That Favors Pets as Children

The comforts of Western culture have no doubt encouraged the embracing of a hedonistic lifestyle among humans. Starting with the Baby Boomers (well, actually, with Europe), humans are increasingly living a life of chasing only immediate material pleasures (trust me, I love material pleasures too…but not… 409 more words