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Bras, birth control, and Benjamins!

You know that moment when you read an article and you’re like, “Aaagh, everything is terrible!” but then you realize that there is a solution and it is surprisingly simple? 349 more words


Breakfast Buzz: Is it OK to thin pest populations with birth control?

The nuisance of pigeon droppings is enough for one town in Wisconsin to use a unique preventative measure. They are putting their pigeons on the “pill” – so to speak – to thin out the population. 103 more words


Research of Myocardial Infarction with Normal Coronary Angiograms and with Single Vessel Coronary Obstruction Hold by Birth Control Online

The etiology of acute myocardial infarction in the setting of normal coronary angiograms (MI-NCA) has remained an enigma despite many case reports and literature reviews on this topic. 1,133 more words

Birth Control

What are Dianette and its uses? How to Buy Dianette

Dianette is an oral prophylactic tablet for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Apart from contraception, it is also known to be used for treating severe acne in females who have not responded to treatment with oral antibiotics. 515 more words

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Buy Dostinex- How to USE,Site Effects and Interactions-BirthControlPills247.com

Dostinex  has a long lasting prolactin lowering action because it is a dopaminergic ergoline derivative. It can also be used in other diseases like Oligomenorrhea, Anovulation, Galactorrhea and amenorrhea. 459 more words

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There’s a lot of mostly imperfect ways to prevent pregnancy. Condoms. Pills. Getting back to their place and seeing a book called God’s Game Plan: The Athlete’s Bible… 484 more words


Birth Control

Birth Control: (n) various methods for counteracting pregnancy

This amazing idea came to my mind, which probably, upon future inspection, will not seem quite as gleaming. 286 more words

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