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Natural Birth Control with the Daysy Fertility Monitor

When Tim and I were engaged and planning our wedding, we also began to talk about family planning and what we were going to do to postpone having children for a time. 866 more words

My Story

My experience with the Mirena IUD

Hello, friends. I wanted to share something a little more personal today with you all. This post will be all about my experience with the Mirena IUD – a form of birth control that receives so many mixed reviews. 2,431 more words

Birth Control

Birth Control "Joys"

I was 13 when I first started birth control pills. I started them to help clear up my acne. They were great minus all the pills I forgot to take and all the headaches the estrogen caused. 317 more words

Bus to Rally in DC Against Fake Clinics (CPCs) Telling Lies - 3/20/18

“What’s more important? The right to spread lies, fear and shame under the guise of free speech? Or the right of people seeking health care and counseling during pregnancy to receive accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information from a licensed medical facility? 585 more words

Reproductive Rights

Family Planning for Free

This letter appeared in the December 2, 2017 issue of the Inquirer.

My attention was once drawn when I ate in a popular restaurant that offers free lunch for birthday celebrators. 491 more words


Thoracic Endo Options & Consultation Update

It’s 2:30 am and I couldn’t sleep because I was in too much pain. (I never was any good at sleeping when  uncomfortable.) My mind has been percolating this predicament I find myself in, and I’ve been weighing my options. 836 more words


What was used for birth control in medieval Europe?

Birth is a universal experience for humanity and therefore, so is conception. This makes the issue of contraception one which stretched back into antiquity. While this topic is frequently in modern news, the historic practices of contraception and the specific methods utilized are rarely touched upon. 232 more words