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Al Azl (coitus interruptus) is almost as effective in preventing pregnancy as using condoms

BUT there’s a caveat – the man must have self control over his emissions and he must urinate after ejaculating to ensure that there are no sperm that remain to be carried out with the pre-seminal emissions (sperm can live up to 48 hours inside his urethra). 35 more words


A day and its side effects.

Sometimes I get scared to think that you might be already on your way, as I do today. I love you, but I’m not ready to give you everything that you would need. 113 more words


I’ve taken a nose dive into my family tree, or as H calls the process, “ancestering.” “Are you in there ancestering again?” He poked fun at me for a day or so, and then he was bitten by the bug, too. 435 more words

Day To Day


The birth-control procedures will be carried out by the Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation, who will provide vets, cages, transport, and so on, but this year the people of Phana are funding the medical supplies (chiefly anaesthetics) by donation. 293 more words

Thai Monkeys

And so it begins.

I’ll just jump in here. My youngest, JL, was born in December of 2007, and a couple months later my ob/gyn asked us about birth control. 524 more words


Baby simulator programs actually make teen girls more likely to get pregnant, study suggests

The baby dolls kick and cry, need to be fed and burped, and nursed even in the middle of the night. Trying out the full-time job of motherhood should scare teen girls out of getting pregnant, right? 583 more words


Starting the Fertility Awareness Method

Remember, this is only a generalized post about the Fertility Awareness Method. To know anything and everything, I highly suggest buying Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler… 1,418 more words

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