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Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

It is the start of your relation, hence you do not want to have a baby. What are the ways to avoid pregnancy, is the situation you are faced with. 686 more words


Getting Tensed What happen after taking MTP kit?”

On the subject of abortion, every woman gets worried about it. Several questions gets begin like what method to adopt for the successful abortion, what if I want to become mother again, how I will manage my health, how I can keep it secret, etc. 590 more words

Birth Control

Rhythm and Rhyme

I was browsing over on the Atlantic the other day and I came across an interesting tidbit : More and more women are allegedly going back to the rhythm method of contraception. 789 more words

Nexplanon Update

I’ve had the Nexplanon implant in my arm for 30 days today and so far I haven’t had any bad side effects that I know of. 193 more words


Mifeprex Exploring Ways Of Medical Abortion

There have been innumerable females all over the globe who have been opting for the ways of medical abortion which can now be easily carried out with the help of medicinal devices like mifeprex& such medicinal treatments have been authorized by the health experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA). 361 more words

Birth Control

bioZhena & Women’s Fertility Watch(ing)

bioZhena & Women’s Fertility Watch(ing)

Let’s bring women’s personal management of sex life (“can I conceive today?”) into the Space Age.

And provide diagnostic vital-sign menstrual profiles to doctors & payers along the way. 24 more words


Saying Yes to Love: Natural Family Planning

Birth control pills, condoms, abortion.

What do those all have in common? Death. Well, they kill all chances of bearing life.  Another thing I find in common is that they are unnatural ways to prevent pregnancy/birth.   566 more words

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