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Hello world!

Hello! My name is Shalom, a wife, mom, chiropractor and a believer in all things natural! Even though i hold the title of a chiropractor, i have decided to be a mom for a year or so because being with my baby was of the highest priority. 411 more words


The "Breast Crawl"

One of the coolest phenomenons I’ve witnessed in life: the “Breast Crawl”. A baby finds his mother’s nipple and begins to attempt feeding about a half hour after being born. 270 more words


The Umbilical Cord and Your Options

The umbilical cord is a beautiful and blood-filled artery from the placenta to the baby. This artery is your baby’s life source throughout pregnancy. The umbilical cord is made up of three vessels: two umbilical arteries and one umbilical vein which are held together with… 1,078 more words

Natural Embrace Doula Care

Subjective childbirth experiences determine trauma risk


A woman’s subjective experience of giving birth has more impact on her mental condition afterwards than any real complications occurring in the delivery room. (click link above to read this interesting study)


Pregnancy Doula Service now available!

Rounding out my trio of service packages is my newest offering – Pregnancy Doula Service. If you’d like the guidance provided by a doula as you plan for your upcoming birth, but don’t necessarily want a doula to attend your birth – then this service is for you! 229 more words

Does Having a Cesarean Make You Weak?

There is this common belief among women today that having a caesarean makes a woman weak or defeated. Either she is too afraid to give birth vaginally, so she is weak, or her planned vaginal birth does not go as planned and she feels defeated by having a caesarean. 268 more words


My Experience as a New Mother

When you are pregnant with your first child, it is inevitable. The mind-numbing amount of advice you will receive from people is insurmountable. It’s also unavoidable. 1,430 more words