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Prenatal Class: Day Two

Life lessons.

My new doula mentor (I have such a great list of mentors and personal heroes. They are amazing and I am so grateful to have them, both in doula-ing and just in life in general) and I were chatting after class today. 656 more words

Prenatal Class: Day One

Note: I am publishing this late. The classes I will be talking about occur on Wednesday evenings. Class Two will be this evening. (Life has been unbalanced recently, I haven’t made proper time to write things I need and want to write.) 839 more words

Fearing giving birth!

This week, I celebrated my eldest being six, it was nice, it was fun, it was nostalgic and his party was hard work! Those normal average things aside, I also realised this week, that I can actually think about his birth and that –  sheesh – yes- that has probably taken six years to do so! 2,882 more words

My Caesarean experience

Before I had Rhemy I decided to do research on what a caesarean meant for me and what would actually happen in the theatre. After about an hour of reading I had seen too much! 550 more words

Megera's Massage = Heaven

My friend Megera is a talented young woman. Who knew that having someone walk across your back could feel so good? :)

Megera is a licensed and certified massage therapist specializing in Barefoot Ashiatsu massage.  135 more words

Natural Birth

A Mother is Born

Pregnancy. Having a baby. Just happened. Now that it’s almost been three months since our bundle of joy, Maria Caeli (pronounced Ma-ree-yuhh Che-lly) was born, I’m looking back at how I was thrusted into motherhood through those crazy and exciting months. 1,060 more words


You never know 'til it is.

I just finished my DONA International birth doula workshop.

What do you even say?

I learned so much.

I learned (more) about late-term pregnancy, labour signs, stages of labour, comfort measures in those labour stages and how they work (or don’t work) for women and their partners, breastfeeding, not breastfeeding, informed choice (always and forever one of my favourite things), how to conduct myself in an initial interview, that women in Russia are badasses when it comes to birthing their babies, and that… 914 more words