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Story time - My first labour and birth experience. 

So I’ve wanted to write about my experience when I went into labour and gave birth to my first duaghter, khaleesi, for a while now. I’ve been putting it off as it really is a long post, especially if everyone wants me to include as much detail as possible. 2,113 more words


Our Story

If I look like a hot mess in this photo it is because I was. It was a challenging road for me and Miss Selah, but we made it. 1,798 more words

You Want an Epidural. Why Would You Also Want a Doula?

About 60% of women receive epidural pain relief during labor in this country according to the CDC.  It is a very common and completely valid choice.  545 more words

All about Swaddling: From benefits to controversy

Did or do you struggle with your baby sleep? If this is the case, let’s read an old story that is all about swaddling.

If your baby was or is born in the hospital, chances are she will be swaddled at some point but not when she is given to you. 1,167 more words


Just Had to Get That Out

Some themes get old on Finding My Kid. If you’re a regular reader, you can probably name a few: sleeplessness, detox and die-off, food, the… 1,971 more words


#93 – Falling Short of Expectations

I have been looking forward and counting down to eating the confinement food at Mount E especially since my first delivery. I recalled that I had the most delicious confinement Chinese meal there, consisting of steamed threadfin and lotus seed dessert. 249 more words

Baby Hospital

4 Best products to heal cracked nipples and sore breasts: Breastfeeding essentials

My first week on breastfeeding has been a bit of rollercoaster. So if like me you are in an Ouuuuchhh… mood, read this!

Your baby is just born and you are starting together your beautiful and hopefully long breastfeeding journey together { 1,661 more words