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Newly pregnant? Thinking about ­becoming ­pregnant?

The Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health in the Strip District offers prenatal care, childbirth and gynecological care to women of all ages. The center’s goal is to provide safe and satisfying care that is personalized to meet women’s needs. 144 more words


Life's Transitions

I’ve been trying to come to grips with living alone.

I grew up in a pretty close family. Shared a room with 3 siblings and suffered a bout of chicken pox with them all. 723 more words

Birth Experiences

Written for NCT’s The Stork July 2015

After finding out we were having a baby 6 months into the pregnancy, we put together a birthing plan and read everything we could to prevent any more surprises – all the good that did… 548 more words

Some Things


“A society grows great when old men plant trees they know whose shade they’ll never sit in.”
– Greek proverb –

Another post in the “birth experiences” posts that Ruth of ‘Just Lute’ and I are writing on. 244 more words

Hair And Beauty

Lessons in Waiting : Meena's Birth Story

“… a woman must go to the place between this world and the next, to that thin membrane between here and there. To the place where life comes from, to the mystery, in order to reach over to bring forth the child that is hers. 2,009 more words


Almost there!

Hi there loves! I’m on my 37th week now and it won’t be long until I give birth to my third baby. I know it is ideal to give birth at 39 weeks wherein the baby is considered full term but my OB told me to start watching out for labor pains as early as my 37th week. 844 more words

Advice Tyranny

Funny, isn’t it, that I should write an observational advice blog on parenting and then give advice on avoiding advice?

Seriously though, advice is a very powerful thing and should be taken carefully and with great forethought. 1,160 more words

Parenting And Management