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i do not belong in seatle

If there was ever a doubt that I was born, here, in the sunshine state, for a reason, it was removed this last week. Days and days and days and days and days (and yes more days!) of complete cloudy weather is for all you northern crazies. 295 more words

Is Adoption a Good Thing?

I’ve been really mulling over this.  I guess in my mind it’s like asking if war is a good thing.  Depending on who you ask, you could get a variety of answers.  902 more words


Seolnal: Korean Family Holiday Do-over

My irrational fear on my first ever Lunar New Year with my birth family was that I would bow to my grandmother wrong and she would kick my ass. 2,592 more words



At home I knew it was there, my file.
I would walk past the room with the desk with the drawer
My history slightly creased. 79 more words


Curiouser and Curiouser

What are the birth family doing?

Shortly after baby “Jade” came to us I had a meeting with “Angel” and “Jade’s” social worker to talk a little about the case. 726 more words

Foster Care

Yes this is why

I had mentioned in a previous post that our youngest was struggling in figuring out her place in our family, well in all our family.  Her questions that she is asking tells us she’s trying to figure her whole story out.   294 more words

Open Adoption