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How Meeting the Jeons Has Changed My Life

There are distinct moments in life that help to shape and define who you are. Many times, you do not even realize how these milestones affect you as a person until months or years later. 1,101 more words


Birth Siblings, Part III

In the final chapter of the Birth Siblings series, Whitney discusses the difficulties surrounding a birth family in reunion and how, because of her brothers, she almost didn’t go through with the first meeting. 1,177 more words


Birth Siblings, Part II

Click here to read Part I of the Birth Sibling series.

I will never forget the first time I met my younger brother 남동생 Hyun-bae. He had only found out about my existence 48 hours prior and flown home to Korea from China to meet me. 919 more words


Birth Siblings

In our experience and observation, it is a common phenomenon for adoptees to wonder a lot about their birth siblings. This was Whitney’s experience to a T. 965 more words


Back Breaking Pain

I used to have a saying, “one and done” when it came to me and pregnancies. Ironically one could say since my plan was to eventually adopt once I found the man I wanted to share forever with. 297 more words


My First Clue, The Rollercoaster of Information Begins

To be completely honest, I have been dreading getting any more information about my birth mother/family since I started this process.

Surprising? Oh yeah. Even I think so! 468 more words


Honeymoon: Excerpt from Kathleen~Cathleen, Part 1

KATE’S READING excerpt with Cathy from the “Honeymoon” Chapter of Kathleen~Cathleen at American Adoption Congress Conference, San Francisco 2014

As we work on finishing our draft of Kathleen~Cathleen, we wanted to do something new on the blog. 1,101 more words