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dear mom + dad.

when I give Brooklyn my blessing to find her bio family when she is ready, like you gave us, I want to reassure her to never forget me. 391 more words

happy BIRTHday to me.

to be welcomed. to be encouraged. to be informed. to be supported. to be validated. those were what I dreamt of when looking for my biological family. 434 more words

Dear Adoption, You Are Always With Me

Dear Adoption, You Are Always With Me

I tell my kids they aren’t adopted. I know that is a strange thing to say. I ask them what it is like to look at each other and look alike and go to school and be called by one of their siblings names by their teachers. 330 more words


P.S. I Have a Full-Blooded Brother!!!

P.S. I have a full-blooded brother!!!

I have a full-blooded brother!!!  I have a full-blooded brother!!! I have a full-blooded brother!!! Forgive me for repeating myself, but… I have a full-blooded brother! 1,040 more words


Sincerely, I See You

Sincerely, I See You

You (Adoption) are very prominent in my life, and I am affected by you almost every day. I lost my sister to you, and I think about her every single day. 259 more words


Who Am I?

My colleague at work has found her birth family. 

People are stunned at how quickly it has all happened, but as she says, quickly aside from the 45 years leading up to it. 206 more words

Other Thoughts

A Million Romanian Cousins and Counting ;)

During the summer of 2014, right after Generatia Pierduta aired, I received a message from a man named Ionut, and a woman named Liliana; siblings who claimed to be my cousins. 695 more words