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The Elements

I grew up listening to Earth, Wind and Fire. My parents love music and exposed my siblings and me to some of the best disco, funk, and R&B out there as we grew up. 751 more words


Meeting My Birth Family | Part 4 : A Final Surprise

When I set out to write the story of Meeting My Birth Family, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that an incredible thing was happening to me, and I wanted to share as much as I could, as fast as I could remember it. 1,566 more words

To Fade or Not to Fade

With less than a month until his visit to his family in Tacoma, Washington Sam is working on the desired look. Being in brown skin, raised in a very white state and in a white home I watch as he seems to absorb every morsel of what-is-Blackness he can from the world around him. 98 more words

Meeting My Birth Family | Part 3 : A Home Cooked Meal

There’s a special connection between sisters.

I wouldn’t say I was “close” with my sisters growing up; there was an age gap, and I was… well, annoying (Lol.) But when it came right down to it, I knew my sisters would be there for me when I needed them. 1,071 more words

Mirror Trees (For the Genealogically Challenged)

I’m finally getting around to explaining the whole concept of mirror trees…I am aiming to explain it in a way that will be understood by those who aren’t necessarily into genealogy, as I have mentioned it so many times to family members and friends when they ask how I’m going with the search for Mum’s Dad…without fail I am greeted with blank stares and more questions (“What’s a mirror tree?”) every time!! 1,169 more words

Day 78

Here comes the summer! School term ends today, the 78th day of knowing that the girls’ birth family are now fully installed just a mile from our home. 535 more words


Meeting My Birth Family | Part 1 : Arrival

Aaand we’re off!

I’m finally sitting down to tell the tale of my Mississippi adventure—one of the most whirl-windy weekends of my life.

Before I do, I feel the need to explain something. 1,118 more words