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Strengthening Bonds Between Birth and Adoptive Families

The bond between parents and children is an interesting dynamic.  It’s really the only relationship where it’s encouraged and taught to grow apart instead of growing together.   108 more words

Vincent The Magnificent

Great Minds Inspire Great Ideas

Despite the high humidity and crazy 97 degree heat, this past weekend was beyond fulfilling! The get-out-of-work-early-on-Fridays thing is still in full effect until September which is a nice treat. 1,084 more words


The Call

Our oldest, Marcus, once told me he was certain that his biological mom had overdosed. After he had moved out of our home, and in with his girlfriend, he reached out to her. 750 more words


Finding Our Biology: Adventures in Origins

Family is such a tangled web we weave. I am always trying to maintain some connection between our adopted children and their biological siblings. Even if they do not remember each other well, someday they will want to  1,066 more words


This birth mum Thing

My last post on this matter was written when I was in emotional pain. Despite its somewhat irrational nature it was still true to what I was feeling in that moment and to pretend I am always feeling mature about things would be horribly untrue. 242 more words


New Webcast: Adoption & Identity


As a child grows, their understanding of adoption becomes more nuanced and complex. Unresolved (and often unasked) questions surrounding birth family, the decision to place them for adoption, or how much of who they are is related to their DNA vs. 157 more words


When Time Won't Stand Still

It’s been just a little over five years since I set foot back in Korea for the first time since being adopted. It still feels like yesterday. 1,062 more words