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Mending the Circle, part 1

During this time of the summer solstice and the changing seasons, I have been praying more, reflecting a lot, and writing my butt off. I came up with this imaginary Q&A dialogue (below) with the hope that some of my far-flung relatives will read it. 2,282 more words

Transracial Adoption

Fear of Loss

Little Bear has had an emotional few weeks. It began with the unfortunate death of his pet hen. It was unfortunate because he hadn’t had her that long and she was originally called Curious George (before he re-named her Izzy, that is) and curiosity really did kill the hen. 1,230 more words


Free our kids, free our minds

As heartbreaking as it is to listen to the cries of refugee children who have been forcibly taken away from their parents, we should remember that the forced separation of families is nothing new, especially when it comes to communities of color. 2,573 more words

Transracial Adoption

Co-Dependence and Adoptees

I’m thinking there must be something written on #codependence and #adoption. #adoptees #birthparents #birthchildren #birthdaughter #birthson

The Gap

Let me start off by saying that I deeply believe in family preservation and open adoption whenever and however possible. I think there would be far less of a need for adoption and foster care if we really believed in family preservation and providing families with the support they needed to parent successfully. 1,125 more words


Dear Adoption, It's Okay

Dear Adoption, It’s Okay

It’s okay that people tell me I can’t possibly remember crying in my crib, because I was so terrified to be by myself in the dark–when I actually do have memories of this. 502 more words


Seeking Answers, Finding Peace

Philomena Lee Meeting Pope Francis

Several years ago I received a copy of the movie Philomena, a very moving account of a birth mother’s fifty year search for the son she was forced to give up for adoption. 628 more words