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Junge, gehört das Mädchen zu dir?

Boy, is that Girl with You?

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Willa: Ich bin so froh, dass sich in dieser Woche wieder einmal unser langjähriger Freund Joe Vogel gesellt. 4,662 more words

Autorisierte Übersetzung Des Blogs "Dancing With The Elephant"

The KIDS Quest

A Prequel or sequel- to Kids the Movie that Is jam-packed with adventure, mystery, and mayhem! I’m already 9 chapters through book 1, volume 1. This new series could be the best trilogy since The Lord of the Rings! 484 more words

What Fresh Hell is This?

I severely curtail my kid’s television watching. They can watch on the weekend’s only and even then I carefully monitor their shows. Cartoon Network has always been off-limits. 250 more words

Family Life

Marking Time

History hangs heavy in the air here in Hollywood, now that the smog is pretty much gone. We cleaned that up in the eighties, but there’s no cleaning up the curious past. 3,259 more words

The South

Birthed an Art Form

A century ago this week, New Yorkers began lining up to watch The Birth of a Nation. Though the country was still more than a decade removed from the first talking picture, this black-and-white silent epic was apparently like… 919 more words


You Don't See Color?

What motivates people toward an “I don’t see color” orientation? Have you ever heard someone say I don’t see height or hair length? With regards to color, have you ever heard someone deny the color of your shirt or your shoes? 999 more words