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The Monday Matinee, Episode 5: Beneath the Earth

Kinda outrageous the way THE PHANTOM EMPIRE not only cheats its way out of every cliffhanger, but spends the first five minutes of every episode doing so — that’s 20% recycling! 584 more words


Is The Willie Lynch Syndrome on Auto Pilot?

Is the Willie Lynch Syndrome on auto pilot? Willie Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies, who gave a speech in 1712 outlining how to control one’s, slaves. 740 more words

'Mammy' Salt Shakers, Vietnam, and The Trap of Confederate Nostalgia

Yesterday there was an article posted on npr.org titled ‘Feeling Kinship with the South, Northerners Let Their Confederate Flags Fly.’ In it, the author profiles two Iowa men, neither of whom have any real geographic or family connection to the South or the Confederacy as a historical fact, yet fly confederate flags and feel a deep kinship to the Southern cause—though not in a racist way, of course. 1,914 more words


Birth of a Nation: The First Movie Blockbuster

   Why was Birth of a Nation such a fantastic hit in its day and even continues to be?  Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is a little over three hours long, it is about the civil war and the Reconstruction, and, finally, it has specific characters who draw our attention.   567 more words

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Birth Of A Nation **(Out of 4)

Consensus: Poor direction and an rather unfocused script made this a fairly uneven viewing experience. No where near the power of a film like “12 Years A Slave”.