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The South in the American Civil War fought both FOR and AGAINST slavery — Manhood as Psychological Well-Being — Threat to Manhood by Other Manhoods

The Truer Narrative of the America Civil War must be…

The South fought both for and against slavery. How could that have been the case? It’s because there are more than one kind of slavery. 3,890 more words

The Birth of a Nation: Lighting and (mostly "non") camera movement, racism, and Abraham Lincoln's assassination reenacted a mere 50 years after

I’m teaching my film studies course this quarter, and this post was actually prompted by the utilitarian need to have a couple of neatly-cut film clips for efficient class use. 929 more words



Wakanda, it is the cry of a nation, it is the sigh of a nation
It is a place called hope and a long drawn heave of a woman who has finally birthed… 152 more words


We supported 'Black Panther,' but what happened to'Birth Of A Nation'??

It has taken me a while to come back to the laboratory to sit here and come up with something say in regards to the condition of my so-called black people. 1,226 more words

How the South Rose Again

The Millennials’ New World War

3. How the South Rose Again

Events are spinning out quickly as we move through the Fourth Turning. In the last chapter I debunked Steve Bannon’s theory that the catalyst of the era was the mortgage meltdown of 2008, then critiqued his warmongering vision for American global hegemony, and finally asserted that his raison la guerre was to become president himself. 1,499 more words


Unlearning to Learn Again

Recently I’ve been going through some things that have me digging through the past. I`m trying to unlearn things that were taught to me throughout life, things that I have found I may not agree with any longer. 1,420 more words

I monumenti confederati, monumenti ai vincitori

Discutendo di un libro sulla guerra messicano-americana del 1846-1848 (Peter Guardino, The Dead March: A History of the Mexican-American War, Harvard University Press 2017), James Oakes apre il suo pezzo nella New York Review of Books con una affermazione che è di senso comune ma che è abbastanza sbagliata, e andrebbe detto e ripetuto che è abbastanza sbagliata. 340 more words