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Your Propaganda is Offensive! (A response to "My Family Raped Me")

If there’s one thing that modern feminism does that pisses me off the most, it’s how they have trivialized the concept of rape.  They really have.  1,099 more words


"Birth Rape." Yes, This is How Stupid We've Become

I have a theory.  See, we all know that humanity is really stupid and almost beyond redemption.  But I have a theory that the stupidity is centralized.  1,056 more words



Warning – Graphic Images of Birth Rape are contained in this post. Those who are particularly sensitive to the violence of hospital birth and/or those who have experienced birth trauma may be triggered by viewing this post. 300 more words


he told us

forceps were our best option


I entered
the past, pain came
with hands of

pushed inside me, I felt the
violation of torn… 24 more words

Erasure Poetry

he was not the only one unhappy

I had hoped for

ready energy
to push
that dark, primal


but I no longer felt my body

Created from pg 235 of A Girl Named Truth, a memoir by Alethea Kehas

Erasure Poetry

My Pregnancy and Birth Story,

This is my birth story, it is a trigger for those of you whome have suffered through birth rape, been sexually assulted, or abused(mentally, physically or sexually) 701 more words


What is 'birth abuse'?

Birth abuse is when women are abused in childbirth. Mostly, it is when women have procedures, tests, or even surgery against (or without) their consent by medical workers (such as OBs, midwives, nurses, etc). 156 more words

Birth Abuse