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Pitocin is from satan & C-sections are from heaven

It sounds backwards I know. When is a major surgery ever from heaven?

When you have been on pitocin trying to start labor for over 24 hours and active labor has not even begun. 1,117 more words


Welcoming Ethan David

(Though I plan to write out the longer story of our wait for Ethan and the Lord’s words and promises in that process of waiting, for now I can at least share the story of his birth) 4,249 more words

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Lauren & Alicia's Birth Story


Mothers Name
Babys Name
Alicia Faith
Birth weight
7 pounds
What type of antenatal classes did you attend?
None as 2nd child
Who did you ask to be your birth partner, and why? 292 more words


The Birth Story

Jen’s delivered her new little guy so quicky, we missed the actual birth. But lucky for her she was able to enjoy a fast birth. Gunnar is now little brother to one sister and two  brothers.


Owen The Mighty Fighter!

Owen is home with Mommy and Daddy and his 3 dogs. After an extended stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, he doing well.


Welcome Baby Cora!

Welcome Baby Girl Cora!

My dearest friend Kristen delivered a beautiful baby girl in August. She is little sister to two big sisters at home. Cora is just a doll!


Hell hath no fury like a baby who finds her mother slipped away to the loo while she slumbered...

Warning: This post is super-duper long. I wrote it like forever-and-a-year ago, and have kept trying to shorten it for better blog/reader consumption. So much so, that I’ve actually removed quite a bit of the detail that might explain just how redbull intense our situation was. 3,985 more words

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