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R.P's Birth Story

My partner and I first found out we were going to have a baby in early November 2015. We were both beside ourselves with excitement but both so nervous as well. 2,072 more words


Skin-to-Skin: A Doula's Duty

Last week was World Doula Week

A whole week to celebrate and empower the dedication and service of doulas to expectant mothers across the globe.  They really deserve a month. 390 more words


The Birth of Phillip Andrew

I hope you enjoy this beautiful birth that I was privileged to attend in February. Many thanks to this generous family and their talented photographer, Bernard Wooten of FocusTree Photography

Not Our Birth Plan

When you’re pregnant there’s talk about birth plans and dreaming up your ideal birth. These are good! However, our birth did not go anything like we dreamed. 1,283 more words


Birth Story #3: Big Bang

We had our pigeon pair and that was going to be it as far as procreation goes and since I didn’t like what the pill did to my body, we adopted the Rhythm Method and it worked perfectly well … until that one time that it didn’t. 1,497 more words


Arrow turns 6! Including his birth story

Arrow Truth Goddard….”you named him what??” Yes Arrow, his name is Arrow!! :)

Our strong Arrow turns 6 today!

Happy Birthday to our precious little man! 1,244 more words


Kat's birth story

Labour was (somewhat) uneventful, and relatively quick.

I was already on leave when it happened. I woke up, thinking what to get for breakfast. I remember feeling lazy and didn’t want to get out of bed. 999 more words