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Sixteen and Life to Go

Several years ago I committed to writing out the birth stories of each of my children. Probably a task that is long overdue, considering their ages, but I’ve never been what you might call “punctual.” 2,036 more words


Silas' Birth Story

This post contains the story of my home water birth with my oldest son.  It’s about the moment I became a mama!  I remember spending hours pouring over birth stories I found online trying to figure out how labor would be.  1,370 more words


"Made For This: The Catholic Mother's Guide to Birth" {Book Review}


I’ve read more books on birth than any other topic other than Catholicism, probably having gone through at least twenty volumes on it so far, not including countless of birth stories I’ve read online. 1,324 more words

Birth story- Induction of Labour Part II

A year ago today I woke up at 6 am on the induction ward at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. I had been having mild contractions all night after having a propess pessary administered twice. 625 more words


Birth story-induction of labour at Birmingham Women’s Hospital Part I

A year ago today was Easter Monday. I was 39 weeks pregnant and, because I was over 40 and a geriatric mother, my Consultant has strongly advised that I should have an induction so that baby was born before my due date (24 April). 960 more words

Being Pregnant

Birth Story

I went to 42 weeks 2 days.

I really did not want chemical induction but no amount of walking, curry, pineapple, sex or various midwives sticking their hands up my fanny did any good so I didn’t have a choice. 773 more words


Ok, so I’m not a doula or a hypnobirthing specialist or anything (obviously) but I’ve done a training course with a doula and obviously my own birth was hypnobirthing led. 360 more words