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The Birth of Lenora Wesley

Why I Chose Home Birth 

A few questions might come to your mind after reading the title…

“What’s a home birth?” 

“Did you have drugs?”  657 more words


Baby #2 for a Second-Time MCNYC Family!

A gorgeous baby joined us today with a second time MCNYC family! Congratulations to you, we could not be happier for your new little one. Grateful, overjoyed and always humbled working with such incredible families.

Birth Stories

My Rocky Start to Motherhood...

After a long (41 weeks before being induced) and difficult (5 months of bed rest accompanied by giant horse pills that did not have to be ingested orally, if you know what I mean) pregnancy, I gave birth to my son on April 21st, 2017. 1,682 more words

Kara's Birth Story

Our “due date” (3/12) came and went – we waited, anxiously, excitedly, and felt every emotion in between. It is the ultimate waiting game after all. 1,180 more words

Birth Stories

Amanda's Birth Story


Just one month ago, I gave birth to my first child, Arya Rose. I decided to share the story of her birth because it was both normal and extraordinary, what I planned for but not what I expected, ultimately what I wanted but not in the way I envisioned. 4,174 more words

Birth Stories

The chaos of nature

I’m writing to you in the midst of a wild Portland spring. One day it’s 80 degrees, the next day it’s cold windy sheets of rain. 513 more words