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Month 3 - March

There’s no denying it: I am a workaholic. I was raised to understand and appreciate the relationship between hard work and the reward of independence, so I guess technically, I love independence, and I accept that I’m only going to get there through a buttload of work. 993 more words

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Precipitation: Roo's Birth Story

(Sweet Roo is here! Elizabeth Ann arrived on the evening of November 4. This is her arrival story.)

At my 37 week appointment the week before Halloween, the midwife gave me the green light to go into labor whenever — she said often mothers just need to feel ready for labor to begin. 797 more words


A homeless birth story

When I was pregnant with our second born child we lived in a garage.

Up to that point, the garage was probably the biggest place we had ever lived… And what makes this story even better is that we had moved into this garage after learning a $10,000 lesson about what NOT to do and came back to a place who’s rental market was abysmal for a renter. 570 more words


Month 2 - February

If there’s one thing I never wanted to be in my life, it was pregnant. It wasn’t just motherhood I shied away from – in fact, I was looking forward to being a mother someday in the future. 1,885 more words

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My birth story #3 - Alex Ronin

● 10pm Sunday 11th December 2016 ●

My contractions started at the same time as they did with my last 2 births! Feint and totally bearable, I told Allan I think tonight might be it! 1,899 more words

My birth story #2 - Alira Jasmine

● 10pm Monday 26th May 2014 ●

I started having regular contractions at the same time of night as i did with my first born. This time of night is when my babes seem to party in my belly! 2,159 more words

My Second

I literally came out of the bathroom and threw myself down on the floor. I had a 9 month old! I was going to training in 2 weeks! 1,659 more words

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