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Tori's Story

Dear Gordy,

“I wanted you more than you ever will know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go…”

These opening words of Nancy Tillman’s Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You perfectly encapsulate your mom’s enormous love for you. 1,284 more words


'Facing Fears, Embracing Challenges'

The day was slowly reaching to a halt.

After having a boisterous evening consisting of clay-modelling, drying and then painting the mini masterpieces with their friends, the kids were ready to hit their beds for a much-anticipated rest and sleep. 1,170 more words

Birth Stories

Dana’s Birth Story

About You – My name is Dana Hermelin, I’m married to Michael and we live in Seattle, WA. We have one 9-month-old baby girl, hers was our first birth. 3,092 more words

Bodalicious Pizza Birth

I’m from Australia. My mother used water as her pain relief method in the birth of both my sister and I as an alternative to drugs. 920 more words

Birth Stories

Between supermarket and magical land

My birth story starts in quite a boring way actually. It was 11 am and I was lying in bed relaxing and watching YouTube videos when I felt a small gush of fluid making a little patch on the bed. 1,154 more words

Birth Story

Birth of Eliana: The Record Breaker

True to form for a third child, Eliana’s birth story has to start with Evangeline and Malachi. They were 3 and 4 weeks early when they were born. 1,441 more words

Birth In Japan

Birth Story of Ruth Siobhán

Writing out my birth story has always been cathartic for me, helping me to process the experience and to document the labor and birth while they’re still fresh in my mind. 1,427 more words

Birth Stories