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My First Birth Experience

If you would’ve told me two years ago that I would consider a home birth I would’ve laughed in your face!  I am NOT that kind of mom!   856 more words


Birth Stories...

Pregnancy/birth stories….anyone else enjoy reading/hearing them?!

I’m going to write down my own before I forget (If I haven’t already!). I had planned on just putting them in a memory box in the loft but I thought maybe I could post them here too. 77 more words

February 2017

The phenomenon of birth stories

Stories are fascinating, and I’m not just talking about fiction here. The method of handing down knowledge from one generation to the other began with oral recitation long before the printed word and perhaps this primal desire is the reason why women invariably feel the need to share their birth stories. 754 more words


The Birth of Gideon Scott

I am pleased to begin offering the birth stories of my clients from time to time. I believe writing about your birth is therapeutic and powerful for both the writer and reader. 1,606 more words


Baby Louis Arrives

I just wanted to tell you that we had a healthy baby boy last Monday. He was 2 weeks early but completely healthy and doing great. 344 more words


Waffle Quaffing Birth Ideas - pre birth

Newly Pregnant Outlandish Thoughts.

Back when I had a life, in late 2013, when my hobbies included quaffing posh drinks in over priced bars, eating mouse sized portions of food that had been (somehow) filled with gas by ingenious methods other than farting, in the same down the nose joints, and where the majority of my money was spent on A – holidaying to exotic locations, B – doing my house up or C- collecting vintage sequin dresses from around the world, which later proved to be a sizable bank account for when life went tits up, I actually had some pretty radical ideas on birth. 1,265 more words