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Birth Story: A Painless Birth & Hypnobirthing

Elijah was born on the 17th of May 2017, one day past his due date. I practised hypnobirthing and followed the Marie Mongan method which my partner and I attended sessions for early in the year. 1,017 more words


Why I deleted my blog

Or more accurately why I decided to delete my previous posts and start again…

I haven’t posted in my blog for over a year. I told myself this was because I was too busy working full time (I was) or because I didn’t have anything to say (I still don’t) but that’s not the whole truth. 225 more words


Entering the World

Looking back on how my three minions monsters bundles of joy came into the world, I have to laugh.

#1 First Time Mom
After a year and a half of marriage, we tried a whole three months for a baby before we decided to wait on kids. 734 more words


Back to Birth Work

I don’t usually break posts up into multiple episodes, but this one is special (and thus, especially long). With my client’s permission, I am sharing not just one of her birth stories, but all three of them, each a journey and a saga in itself! 1,086 more words

Birth Work

A Labor Day Babe

A Beautiful birth on a beautiful holiday weekend.  We are grateful to work in collaborative and respectful environments.

Birth Stories

No, it's our birth story.

As soon as we found out we were having twins, I thought “I need to write a blog.” Two years later, I’m finally sitting down to do it.

2,416 more words

This little Hippo's speedy entrance to the world earned him a police escort!

How do you think you would manage if your little one made an unexpected entrance into the world? This awesome Mama used her Wise Hippo… 1,730 more words