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The Birth of Evan Maxwell

My journey into motherhood began in late May of 2011.

I was finally 40 weeks pregnant and anxiously awaiting the birth of my first child. Being the first time mother that I was, I was becoming impatient and starting to feel like I might be pregnant… 979 more words



My oldest son wants to be a doula.

“Can boys be doulas?” he asks me shyly as we’re driving down Main Street in the car one day. 710 more words


Oliver and Parker birth story-twins born 3 days apart

As this blog progresses, and especially if you follow me on instagram, you will hear me (and probably often have) refer to Oliver and Parker’s birth story and the fact that they have different birthdays. 2,986 more words


A Birth, Revisited

I have three children. Three gorgeous, wild, red-headed boys (no, my husband does not have red hair, and yes, I know the low statistical probability of having three red heads when neither parent has red hair). 1,470 more words


One of many hats...

Last-minute maintenance before I go to bed: load dishwasher, brush teeth, wash face… it’s nearing 11:00 when my cell rings. I know who it is even before I look.   1,469 more words


Birth Stories - Water Birth in Fort Worth, TX

Some of our clients enjoy sharing their birth stories and photography in order to encourage and inspire others.  We share these from time to time.  Hope you enjoy! 216 more words


There IS a reason for all that nesting!

I haven’t updated this blog in months. I just didn’t have the heart/stamina/brainpower to process my feelings on my dad’s cancer fight.

I did want to share some happiness and craziness. 1,631 more words