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Expectant Chronicles: The Name Game

We thought we had it figured out.

And then we weren’t sure.

Many months ago, after I first saw that unbelievable, yet unmistakable second line on the pregnancy test, after I offered Dude a small gift bag for Valentine’s Day containing pee-on-a-stick, we had brainstormed. 702 more words


Olivia's Ballad

They say a person is born alone
into this world, but not you.
We were ready for you
before even you knew.

Your mother provided you… 193 more words

Helping a kid affected by Agent Orange. Vietnam 2015

The Vietnam War has long since ended but the legacy of Agent Orange continues in many children’s lives. Deformed from birth these kids and their parents struggle to make it through a life painted with the spectre of residue from the deadly defoliant. 38 more words

Saying Yes to Love: Natural Family Planning

Birth control pills, condoms, abortion.

What do those all have in common? Death. Well, they kill all chances of bearing life.  Another thing I find in common is that they are unnatural ways to prevent pregnancy/birth.   566 more words

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Website Recommendations: Dr. Sears

I have The Baby Book by Dr. Sears and his wife and have found it to be a great resource.  In addition to the many books they have published, you can check out their… 6 more words

And Babies... Oh My!

First Look At Carrie Underwood's New Baby

Carrie Underwood had her baby a few days ago and here is the first look at the little guy.

He is so adorable!

Tiny hands and tiny feet…God has blessed us with an amazing gift!

16 more words

Website Recommendations: Le Leche League

The Le Leche League meetings really helped me when I was having difficulties nursing my first born.  Their website gives information about local meetings in your area.

And Babies... Oh My!