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from the minute we are born
we begin to die
there's a cheery thought

Death or birth—choose — Jane Dougherty Writes (Reblog)

The message of the Oracle today was unexpected. I would say she has en election on her mind. Bald as death in the eggspilling dark honey into the light mist-paleare those bitter words (not truth)driven by ambition and greed.

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Testimonies #88

Quicken me after the death blow.
I was tempted bacause of lust and enticed,
Then lust conceived and gave birth to sin,
Sin brought me death; 
Quicken me! 49 more words

I'm an adult...by default

Or so the mirror says, but when I read my words, I don’t feel it,

don’t see it in my actions…

the mere fact that I am still struggling with abuse…addiction… … 1,015 more words


changes... expecting the unexpected

If you’re a parent already, this isn’t news. Life with children rarely turns out the way you expect. Children are unpredictable, and when you make plans involving your children, chances are, you’ll be making some changes along the way. 693 more words


PCOS, pregnancy, birth and motherhood!

Wow, it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog post that I’ve almost forgotten how to do it!!

I have been contemplating writing a blog since April 2019, when I came off birth control and we decided to start trying for a baby, but time went on and I just continued putting it off, for multiple reasons. 3,240 more words


Growing Pains

I did not help to plant you

I just admired your leaves

For you’ve been around years before me

You’ve experienced the sun and rain… 161 more words