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Avoiding These 4 Things May Help You Have the Birth You Want - Mothering

Michel Odent says for the safest birth you need “one experienced and silent midwife sitting in a corner.” Sometimes, he says, he adds that the midwife should be knitting and smiling. 13 more words


BODY POSITIVITY: mum tum appreciation

“Motherhood doesnt ruin your sexiness! I have embraced it from day one”

The mum tum, we’ve all got one, and no two are the same. Some of us spring right back in to shape, whilst others wibble wobble for years down the road!

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What's So Amazing About Grace?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word Grace. We’ve all heard the song “Amazing Grace.” Perhaps like me, you’ve known it since you were a tiny human. 720 more words

Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress

Over the last several years that I have been doing birth photography, more than 35% of those photographed were planned c-sections or became a  c-section after mother being diagnosed with “failure to progress.”  The alarming number of cesarean  births has myself and many others concerned. 52 more words

21 Birth Days

Christmas Time

When I say that you need to start thinking about Christmas now, stick with me a moment. I’ve had mothers ask me in December how I make the Christmas story real for my children. 182 more words


Creating a Birth Plan

For those who have never created a birth plan, you may be wondering what the importance of this “birth plan” business is. It does sound a bit “crunchy”, and some of it can be depending on your preferences, but a lot of it is just being prepared to handle certain medical situations that may arise for mom and/or baby. 1,370 more words


What to pack in your hospital bag

A common worry among the parent-to-be crew is what to pack in your hospital bag towards the end of the third trimester, especially if you are fortunate to have no previous experience of a hospital stay. 1,553 more words