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The Morning a Child Is Born

Today Little Miss arrived.  She was a few, well, several days late, but that’s according to speculative calculations.  She did seem rather fond of being where she was, and a little coaxing was required.   411 more words


Macro | "Miracle"

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By wjmijer

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How to increase your milk supply in 48 hours!!!

How to Increase your milk supply in 48 hours at 6 months postpartum!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Contrary to popular belief………you can increase your supply at 6 months…you do not have to dry up with out a fight mama’s!!!! 580 more words


What they don't tell you before you become a Mom.

The amount of criticism you will suddenly receive.

Ahhh yes, the “Mommy Wars”…  We’ve heard them, we’ve fallen victim to them and chances are, we’ve probably started them ourselves at one point or another even if it was unintentional. 1,290 more words


Dying as Reverse-Living

Give what you want to receive
Deepak Chopra

I have a gift suggestion.
A gift for EarthTribe.

Let’s rebirth this “permaculture” paradigm,
anchored with Climax Naturally Organic Communities. 147 more words

The pull of the world versus the call of the Centre

Question: Why do we get easily influenced by others?

Speaker: Our entire constitution is like that. Our entire configuration is like that. Everything in nature just lives dependent on everything else. 1,240 more words


Shining Through

Shining Through

Pure love hung shining,
like a chandelier,
a bright branch of stars,
above me, so clear.

Slow spinning prisms
mesmerized my eye,
reflecting colours… 65 more words