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Everett's trash bash

Last weekend, nestled in with all the holiday activities, we celebrated Everett’s fourth birthday with the most amazing birthday theme ever: TRASH.

I love indulging Ev in his love for garbage trucks, so I felt it was fitting that his birthday party be a reflection of just that. 121 more words


Nightshade Live at Adelaide Hall – Allie and the Manifestation of Hard Work

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Photos by Ziyaad Haniff.

It’s October 18th 2016. We’ve just paid less for entry into a concert than we would to get on the TTC. 669 more words


Carrot (and Pineapple) Cake

I don’t bake much at all, especially since I’ve been trying to get into (a less round) shape, and have been doing a Keto diet for a while. 813 more words

The Story So Far

State of The Union (Abridged)

Section 3 of Article II of the unwritten Constitution governing this blog provides that: “I shall from time to time give to my readers information on the State of the unwanted Union between my brain and the Squatter…”. 577 more words

Health Updates

A Lioness’s Pride

Graham took our little man to the hospital (RVI) yesterday morning for his two-year post-meningitis check-up. Leo’s wonderful, caring and supportive Consultant, Dr A, was absolutely over the moon with Leo’s development. 3,582 more words

Health Updates

Happy first birthday Louis!!!

I’m writing this a week late as my little darlingboth fell ill over the past week so there has been lots of tears, cuddles and calpol at home! 1,351 more words


Noodles is Four

My beautiful rescue pooch, Noodles was four yesterday. ‘Why not tell us yesterday?’ I hear you cry. Well, I’m a terrible dog-parent and I only realised just now……