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A Birthday Story

Ever since I can remember, one of my favorite things has been for my mom to tell me my birthday story. This consists of “When you turned 1, we had a carrot cake. 381 more words


Win/Win Kid Birthday Tricks, from a Still-Novice Non-Expert

Conan and I have officially been parents for half of a decade now! In other words, it was Lucia’s 5th birthday this week. Granted, we still don’t have much (any?) parenting wisdom, per se. 1,712 more words

Old Rail Yard in Winter

I consider myself fortunate to live near a couple of old rail yards. One of them, the Tilton Railroad Station, still houses trains and they still come and go on occasion. 363 more words

In My Life

4 Latin American Ways to Honor Birthdays

Thanks to an article in Latina magazine, I can now share with you some of the unique ways in which those of Latin American heritage celebrate birthdays. 300 more words

Birthday Fun Facts

10 Reasons not to work on a birthday

October 6 marked the second anniversary of this blog. Yippee.

It also marked the who knows how many anniversary of me not working on my birthday. 453 more words

Birthday Fun Facts

They Say it's My Birthday!!!

So another September 29th rolls around. The date that always gives me pause when I hear it mentioned by someone in the news, or a school event announcement, or any other place that sets the date for any event. 176 more words

Sweet Home

Day Five: Birthday Traditions 

With our birthdays only days apart we have a tradition of some type of joint celebration. It has been a few years but so happy to be reunited with my girl for lunch today! 33 more words

100 Happy Days