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Honesty Hour: Celebrate good times... come on?

I want to be a party person. This is what I’ve recently decided.

My mother is a party person. She knows how to celebrate with the best of them. 330 more words

Honesty Hour

Birthday Spankings

This is a thing where family members hold down a child on their birthday and hit them on the butt once for every year of how old they are. 40 more words


The Surprise Party

I’ve never had one of these, both due to my well-publicized hatred of surprises and my almost complete lack of friends who like me well enough to go to a place, but it seems like it couldn’t go that well. 28 more words


Birthday Cake

I am not, generally, a fan of cake. I like pie. But every year my mom brings me a cake that ends up thrown away. Birthday cake has a momentum that’s beyond anyone’s personal preferences. 2.7/5


Free Food at Denny's

I thought that this thing from my childhood had completely disappeared, but no, it looks like Denny’s still gives you free food on your birthday. I wonder how closely they keep track of this. 25 more words


Birthday Presents

There’s an age you reach where it’s not worth getting presents if you have to acknowledge you have gotten older. For me that age was about thirty, which coincidentally was also the age I got a job that paid enough that I could buy myself amusements if I wanted them. 36 more words


Birthday traditions all over the world

How do you celebrate your baby’s birthday?? Do you bring a big fat cake, invite family & friends, buy a baby boy birthday dress (or a girl’s dress), and celebrate in the most lavish way? 510 more words

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