January birthdays 4016

For Amara Dalisay this year means big things – she will be moving up to high school and is finally allowed to hang out at the youth center downtown. 488 more words

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November & December birthdays 4015

After finding out she’s miraculously pregnantagainAda Cousland had seen no reason not to make things official with Simon, who’s going to be the father of her two youngest children, after all. 777 more words

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July & August birthdays 4015

The summer has reached its peak in Barchester and Levi Lind celebrates his first birthday ever right in the middle of a heat wave. 299 more words

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April & May birthdays 4015

Thom and Kiera Hiller welcome their fifth child on a rainy spring day. It’s a little boy and they decide to name him Tobin.

Everything goes smoothly and for a brief moment there in the delivery room when everything’s over, Kiera can… 1,097 more words

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February & March birthdays 4015

Kent Hansen celebrates his 59th birthday a bit differently. When they found out Emily was pregnant again after their miscarriage they decided to get married right away, at the first available date. 407 more words

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January birthdays 4015

January 4015

This is a big year for Joanna Cox who turns 5 whole years old and will be starting school. She’s her parents’ last child so they’re both a bit sentimental when they think about this fact. 149 more words

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All is calm, all is bright (Christmas 4014)

December 4014

The holidays has seemed unimportant this year when they’re waiting for something much bigger than a few days off work and good food. 694 more words

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