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A [for Aeris]


One of two and going on four,

Full of energy and never bored.

The younger reflection but still your own,

You used to be so small, held in my arms, now grown; 86 more words


1 Thing You Can Do This Week (To Get Along Better With Others)

1 Thing You Can Do This Week (To Get Along Better With Others)

People don’t remember and when they do remember, they don’t remember well. They tend to recall victories in their lives or times when they looked extremely powerful, and they will have their own rendition of those tales. 275 more words


42 weeks old & working like a pro ;)

And he did his first public access!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

He absolutely smashed it haha. I’m so very proud of him ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s definitely not been all work & no play for this little tyke though, as it was my birthday this week! 75 more words


Today Is The 113th Birth Anniversary of The Man Who Changed The Course of Astronomy.

Karl Jansky an American engineer and pioneer ofย Radio Astronomy was born on 22nd October 1905 in Norman, Okla, United States. Also known as father of radio astronomy; whose discovery of radio waves from an extraterrestrial source inaugurated the development of radio astronomy, a new science that from mid 20th century greatly extended the range of astronomical observations. 814 more words


Mini Chocolate Cake.

A mini chocolate cake topped with Vanilla buttercream with a sprinkle of blueberries.

Perfect for a small bite to eat or as fantastic extras to go with your bespoke creation. 6 more words


Summer Fruits Birthday Cake

A two tier Vanilla sponge, filled with light vanilla buttercream and Strawberry jam. A classic combination, decorated with fresh fruit.


How to join 50 over 50 campaign?

This year I am celebrating my big 50 (five oh) and I want it to be different.

I decided to create a campaign which would celebrate women, who are my age or older, and are still actively performing in our industry. 188 more words