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The One Where I'm 43...

Today is my birthday. I’m 43. Such an odd number to say AND type. I don’t feel 43. I’ve been told I don’t look 43 either. 178 more words


My Birthday Haul From D

I was very grateful to receive a really great birthday present from my best friend. This blog post has been a long time coming. The past two weeks, I have been having problems with my laptop that is now fixed. 1,095 more words


Detour: Basel

Oh Switzerland, you might hate the French, but this France-living girl loves you. You have quirks, to be sure, like your astronomical prices and quiet hours at night, but you are wonderful. 931 more words

Two the Moon.

Babystar turned two last week. She had been steadily transforming into the ToddlerMonster for the last few months.

She grew several inches and goes down the big slides at the park all by herself. 298 more words


What a Wonderful..

I’ve never been one to think my birthday was the best day of the year. I celebrated it every year since I was little, but it never ended up being as exciting as it was planned to be. 1,058 more words


Don't be sad, Mommy. 

We’ve never had a 3 year old before today. As foster parents we have replayed the first 2 years of life over and over for the last 4 years and today each of us hit a new milestone. 739 more words


My technological birthday wishes...

Yes….It was my birthday last week and usually I don’t plan much since so many years. This year I had a change. This time I planned….yes !!! 368 more words