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Easter 2015

This Easter was one for the books

We kept getting hit by a barrage of left hooks

Bailey got strep throat and was as sick as she’s been… 288 more words

Speaking of Valentines...

As I was tucking Bailey in the night before Valentine’s Day, she gave me a big hug and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom.  Hey! Speaking of Valentines, I love you!” She knows how to make my heart soar. 398 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

Randomness in February

With the anticipation of Christmas, Santa’s elves had to have been communicating with our gas companies.

With each passing week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, gas prices came down a few more cents. 350 more words

Family Life

"It Is what It Is"

Looking back, we should have seen it as an omen.  It all began with Mia who coughed so hard she puked in her car seat (and in my hand) around Sheridan, WY.   731 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

The Christmas Hangover

Please see “EDIT” at the bottom before reading.

While New Year’s hasn’t yet come upon us, Christmas is said and done. Holidays and birthdays are always really hard in this life as a “birthmom.” I imagine that for some adoptees it is as well. 595 more words


Pass It On

As I looked in my Methodist Hymnal last Sunday I looked for one of my favorites. It’s Christmas and this particular hymn stirs my Christmas spirit. 698 more words

Family Life

Good Fences 39

Linking up with Good Fences.

Last week I focused on the red of the season in the country. This week I couldn’t help but notice all the green at this time of year. 143 more words

Birthdays And Holidays