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Assassin's Creed (A Movie and a Coffee)

I saw Assassin’s Creed today in theaters.  I play video games about as well and as often as a retarded goldfish, but my sister likes them and I love going to the movies. 209 more words

What I got for Christmas 2016.

Hey Lovelies,

I love reading posts like this, seeing what everyone got from their loved ones from Christmas, it gives me ideas of things I might want to try or get for my self or as a gift for someone else. 973 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

Happy New Year... and Finn & the Three-Legged Pit Bull!

Thea has her own way of playing Candyland. To the left, is the look I got when I suggested starting our pieces at the beginning of the game. 282 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

The Countdown to Our 5:30-Midnight

Our favorite neighbors came over to ring in the new year with us. Our countdown began at 4 p.m. (imaginary 6 p.m.), and the clock advanced 15 minutes per hour until midnight (at 5:30 p.m.). 82 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

Christmas 2016: In with no candy and out with a home bakery

On Tuesday night, Sparkle hopped in a mason jar filled with Thea’s parade candy, and posted a note: “I am holding your candy for 2 days because you talked back to Mommy and slammed doors”. 449 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

"The Elves Are Watching!"

About three weeks ago, I decided that Finn and Thea really each need an elf to watch over them during the run up to Christmas. So we’ve had two elves (Sparkle and Max {aka Ooba Konooba}) living with us this week. 519 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We realized pretty quickly that all of our breakable ornaments needed to be placed at least 3.5 feet up. “Show us how high you can reach, Finn!” 286 more words

Birthdays And Holidays