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42 Signs of a Super Man

He lets me take his picture against a laundry heap backdrop. Also, earlier this week during National Night Out, he didn’t mind all the commotion coming from the bounce house. 413 more words

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Birthday and Holiday Wheel

In preparing my next bullet journal and getting ready to move into it, one of the spreads that I wanted to change up was my current birthdays and holidays one. 690 more words


Love All Around

Our Valentine’s Day began at about 6:30 during the evening before, when the kids and I began making several dozen purple heart cookies for Thea’s classroom party the next day. 280 more words

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Groundhog Day and a Reason to Celebrate

Thea’s preschool teacher finds reasons to celebrate. During the run up to Groundhog Day, they discussed sources of light, which objects make a shadow and which ones do not. 237 more words

Birthdays And Holidays

Fun Times

I went shopping with my sister yesterday.  I was going to the bank, and she knows big parking lots make me anxious, so she went with me and then we decided to go to the nearby mall, just for fun.   212 more words

Assassin's Creed (A Movie and a Coffee)

I saw Assassin’s Creed today in theaters.  I play video games about as well and as often as a retarded goldfish, but my sister likes them and I love going to the movies. 209 more words

What I got for Christmas 2016.

Hey Lovelies,

I love reading posts like this, seeing what everyone got from their loved ones from Christmas, it gives me ideas of things I might want to try or get for my self or as a gift for someone else. 973 more words

Birthdays And Holidays