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No More Streamers

No more streamers littering the floor.

No more shining cachous skittering across counters.

The fairies have packed up their bread and departed.

Saggy, flaccid balloons leer lecherously at disemboweled party poppers, as football and pirate cupcake wrappers tango in mismatched pairs. 217 more words

Speedy Giftlocaluk Official Celtic FC Scarf Piggy Bank A

Fathers Rights groups must tell the public that men and fathers are targeted for destruction and financial rape under the present unconstitutional system for the benefit of the DDVI – which includes the new heralded ‘single mother’ class. 316 more words

A Good Samaritan

I went into the gas station today to fill my gas up. I didn’t really need any gas, I was 3/4 full, but gas was $2.16 today so I thought I’d top off my tank. 290 more words


Nora Elizabeth

It seems like there is always a birthday around these parts. Whether it is one of our kids, our niece or nephews, or family. But yesterday is was our sweet Nora’s very first birthday!!!! 124 more words

Baseball Birthday!

My husband has one of those BIG birthdays on September 6th.  I won’t be specific but these  either end in a 5 or a 0!   Our children, Katherine and Christian planned a day at Cooperstown, New York , at the Baseball Hall of Fame. 359 more words

Guess who made it to 40!!!

me !!! It’s now the stroke of midnight and I made it… In one piece. Looking and feeling healthy. Totally in love and besotted with my new man SS and a day away from going on our first holiday together to the Whitsundays . 16 more words