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Supreme Court Justice Roberts has a golden opportunity to depose Obama: Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary:

“Supreme Court Justice Roberts has a golden opportunity to depose Obama” by Chris Farrell

In light of the fact that Chief Justice Roberts has referred the case, (12A606) “Edward Noonan et al., v The Calif. 1,242 more words


Here’s what gets me about these “Birthers”. Hilliary Clinton, probablly one of the most brilliant legal minds in the country had the most to gain if President Obama was not a citizen. 25 more words


Nixon's Watergate Child's Play Compared To Obama's Corruption Scandals

Kuhner:  Arpaio Probe Could Dwarf Watergate – times247.com/articles/


>>>>>>>>> ………Recently, Sheriff Arpaio held a news conference. He said that his team of independent investigators — composed of former law enforcement officials and reporters — have for months meticulously examined the computer-generated birth certificate that Mr. 760 more words


News Media Love Obama's Lies

What do you do when you have proof positive? What do you do when reality smacks you up the backside of your head? Do you stubbornly resist the obvious? 853 more words


Obama’s Fraud To Be Exposed – Tuesday July 17, 2012

Will Obama and his mainstream media crew attempt to upstage Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Investigation Conference with some manufactured crisis news event?

See and Hear Short 3 Minute U-Tube: 565 more words